Can you help Chris O'Leary? Click the photo for the story and to find out how. God bless you.

Can you help Chris O'Leary? Click the photo for the story and to find out how. God bless you.

Wednesday, 2 December 2015

Others are noticing, why does Pope Bergoglio not genuflect before God?

Image result for pope francis jewish leaderThe first time I saw Pope Francis celebrate Mass was the day after his election from the Sistine Chapel on EWTN. I gasped when after the elevation of the Body and then again at the Precious Blood of Our Lord Jesus Christ, he bowed and did not genuflect. Okay, maybe he has a physical problem. Yet, he did it again and again. Then we saw him, that first regrettable Holy Thursday, grovel on the floor to wash the feet of laity, Catholic and heathen, male and female.

Yet, he bows before Jewish leaders. He bows before Schismatic Patriarchs, he now has bowed to the Kabah in Mecca.

Image result for pope francis washes feetImage result for pope francis bows to jewAntonio Socci now reveals, as published at Rorate, that he did not kneel in prayer as customary upon the opening of the Holy Door whilst in Africa. We note that in his frailty and pain a few years before his death, John Paul II did kneel and did genuflect. He humbly submitted himself to be assisted in this process by those around him. 

What can we draw from this?

Why does the Bishop of Rome acknowledge the Real Presence of Our Lord Jesus Christ, "'tis God, the very God" in the same way as he acknowledges men or the false god of Mahomet or bows before sodomitical and homosexualist advocating priests or to in a questionable "charismatic" charade that borders on protestantism?

Image result for pope bows at massThis is not a matter of "hating the Pope" or "hating Francis." I don't hate the Pope, I don't hate Jorge Bergoglio. I hate what he is doing. I hate that he does not speak with clarity but confusion. I hate that he gives credence to heresiarchs and condemns faithful Catholics as "fundamentalist" as if that is a bad thing which it must be because he says they are "evil." I hate his insults and what appears to be an embarrassment of all things Catholic. I detest his actions in every one of those pictures, the bowing before men in some false humility. I despise his failure to genuflect after the elevation giving adoration and acknowledgement to the Lord's Presence. As with the dispensing of rubrics on Holy Thursday, what kind of example does that set? 

Clearly, there is no problem with his ability to kneel and bow as can be seen with these pictures.

He may call me a "calumniator" but as the then, not Saint, Peter Damian called out the corruption of his day, even in letters to the Pope himself, we must do the same. 

To say that as laymen and laywoman we have no right to speak up and express our concerns is a clericalist lie.


Brian said...


Remember, (last year?) when Jorge didn't like the manner, in which, that altar boy's hands were folded? Reverently folded hands disturb his comfort zone. Bergoglio is deeply marinated in the novelty intoxicated Lex Orandi of conciliar Catholicism, truly worthy, of the age of Aquarius. Reverent genuflecting and kneeling are simply not necessary rubrics in his liturgical operating system. I think that he actually hates historical Catholicism. And anything that "smacks" of tradition sends shivers down his spine. In years of teaching, I worked with numerous educators, lay and cleric, just like Francis, who would go radioactive when confronted with anything traditional. Any chance that Francis gets to denigrate, by word, action or inaction, beliefs and practices he despises, he will grab it. We have come to expect this from the CEO of Modernism Inc. Lots more coming I'm afraid. Familiaris Consortio, is all but a dead letter, is it not? How long before Inter Insigniores and Ordinatio Sacerdotalis begin to suffer the same fate? Why not? Everything is up for grabs. This destroyer has barely begun.........

TheGoat said...

Even if his knees were bad or something or it was frailty, how hard would it be to get two altar boys or priests or deacons or whomever to hold him from either side to help him to kneel at the proper moments? Is that not allowed or something?

Leonard Wessell said...

The most sacred duty obligating and yet realizing my very being is, cognitively and behaviorally, for me to correspond to the way things ARE. Truth as self-conscious cognition IS only insofar as my judgments do correspond to BEING -- a task quite difficult. In philosophy (my profession) one can find in relativists, such as Richard Rorty, the thesis that there is no truth, only actions, and this truly is absolutely so. One cannot deny truth (correspondence to what is) without claiming that one's assertion corresponds to what is, namely, that what is is not knowable -- and that is an absolute contention, one of infinite application because it applies to all things that are, yesterday, today and tomorrow. Pope Francis is playing tricks. He knows what he wants and he holds it to be what should be. This "holding" is nothing other than an asserted truth of absoluteness (has no exceptions). The man is not honest. He has an agenda and disqualifies anyone who disagree, and this is philosophically dishonest. This is disturbing to my sense of truth.

Anonymous said...

'Every knee shall bend, and every tongue proclaim, on the earth and in the heavens, that Jesus Christ is Lord.'

Lynda said...

He doesn't kneel before God because he doesn't worship God. His religion is opposed to the Catholic Faith. The constant evil emanating from his mouth and acts are scandalous to souls and the greatest offence to God. Reparation!

J Mason said...

It's not difficult to understand.
He simply doesn't believe.

Anonymous said...

"Call me Jorge" he said openly some months I do. IF he was a TRUE POPE I wouldn't dare write as I have already. Jorge Mario Bergoglio IS the False Prophet, foretold. Only a blind and dumb person within the Catholic Faith, and by that I mean a solid Catholic, would not recognize this impostor. The Book of Revelation explains pretty clearly the role of this False Prophet and how he works secretly, subtly and craftily with the person of The Antichrist. The man of Satan. The Catholic CHurch is under fierce attack from within the hierarchy as we all would have noticed these past few years. Ecclesiastical Masonry is diabolical. RUN people while you still can and hold on tightly to Church Teaching and Tradition.

FRLBJ said...

Totally agree with your post-everything in it. May God convert the Pope. I sound like a protestant fundamentalist, but what else can one say?

GraceofGod said...

He is the False Prophet of Revelation. Pray for his soul and his conversion but never his intentions.

May said...

You said it ALL RIGHT!!!

Willy Zarco said...

According to the Lord Jesus, there are "many" false prophets and false teachers in our present day that will "deceive MANY people" (Mt. 24:11).Though these false prophets might claim to know and communicate God's truth, they are spreading lies (Jer. 14:14). According to the loving Lord Jesus, false prophets are really hungry, dangerous, ferocious wolves dressed in sheep's clothing (Mt. 7:15). Hence, they can be as spiritually deadly and dangerous to Christians (sheep -- Jn. 10:27) as a concealed, savage wolf is among a flock of sheep!

Their teaching will spread like gangrene. Among them are Hymenaeus and Philetus, who have wandered away from the truth. They say that the resurrection has already taken place, and they destroy the faith of some. (2 Tim 2:17,18)