Saturday, 12 December 2015

G--spot Papacy

You just can't make this stuff up.

Secrets of the G-spot unravelled… by the Vatican: Catholic university overseen by the Church to host conference about the secrets of the female body

  • Augustinian Patristic Institute will host meeting of aesthetic gynaecologists
  • The society's president is world renowned surgeon Dr Alexandros Bader
  • He claims to be able to enhance women's G-spots, improve their sex life
  • Conference delegates will also be greeted to audience with Pope Francis
A Catholic university linked to the Vatican will host a conference of gynaecologists who claim to be able to 'amplify' women's G-spots to kickstart their sex lives.
The Augustinian Patristic Institute, near St Peter's Square in Rome, will host the first meeting of the European Society of Aesthetic Gynaecology in April next year.
The society is headed up by Dr Alexandros Bader, a world renowned surgeon, who boast of being able to 'enhance' a woman's G-spot on his website.

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Brian said...


Francis, the Vatican's chief carnival barker, is, along with all his admirers, lay and cleric, in desperate need, of some heavy duty theological and spiritual rehab. Of course, like anyone in need of such treatment, there has to be an admission that help is needed. Is Jorge capable of such soul searching?! Is there a Modernists anonymous anywhere? Ouch!! Such an organization would involve reading and praying with the Roman Catechism, or even, heaven forbid, studying Denzinger, that tome recently trashed, by Bergoglio sycophant, Canadian Archbishop Durocher.

Deliver us O LORD from the negligence of the bishops.

Ana Milan said...

The fact that such universities can use the name "Catholic" in their description is tragic as, of course, they are anything but. Who gives them the right to do so? If the CC has given over these bodies to the state then they should insist the term "Catholic" be dropped. If they are still being run by the CC they should be immediately investigated.

George Brenner said...

Catholic Universities in name only like Notre Dame were encouraged by Clerics in the era of VCII to explain modern man to God and not God to man. Their demise and loss of faith save a minority of true practicing Catholics at each location was encouraged and promoted from Rome and permitted to run amok by the local bishops. The silence of the few paper clerics that could have acted was and remains an abomination.

Anonymous said...

The secrets in the Vatican would be a lot more interesting specially in Martha's,think they've discovered just about everything there is to discover about the male and female body ,at this stage its getting boring.Their probably looking for the fifth and sixth dimension at this point.

Lynda said...

The diabolic activity grows more and more perverse. Moral chaos reigns - satan reigns. Motus in fine Velocior.

Anonymous said...

Years ago, moral theologian Beatrice Jung did a case study on the clitoris. It was a great example of casuistry, but I just couldn't believe what I was reading. She naturally made a case for female masturbation, citing the clitoris' only purpose as being for sexual pleasure.

She is not an orthodox theologian. Anyway, for some reason, this reminds me of that, because I don't see any reason why this would even be necessary for the Vatican to be involved in. It's just odd.

Anonymous said...

The Vatican Circus Maximus makes Twin Peaks look like Sesame Street and the Muppets.