Saturday, 18 February 2017

With the revelation of Baum's sodomitical life the Canadian Bishops more than ever must condemn the Winnipeg Statement!

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To the Bishops of Canada!  

  • Gregory Baum was one of Canada's "experts" at the Second Vatican Council. Upon his return, the then set out to influence your predecessors against Humanae Vitae and to declare their dissent and create de facto schism from the Church in the Winnipeg Statement. Those words then are now used by the Bishop of Rome and others to justify their scandalous plan to dismiss mortal sin and the Sixth Commandment and to defame the Holy Eucharist.
  • Gregory Baum admits to having a sodomitical relationship with another man around 1964, just after the conclusion of the Second Vatican Council and prior to the Winnipeg Statement. No doubt, Baum knew quite well at Vatican II that he was already a sodomite in thought, if not in action.
  • Baum dissented from the Church's teaching and broke his vows to the Church and his Augustinian Order. Later, he continued by leaving his Order, and marrying a woman without even being laicised and then breaking whatever vows he made to her be engaging in degrading and perverted sexual behaviour with other men.
  • Yet, to this day, the Winnipeg Statement on which Gregory Baum was a major influence, still stands notwithstanding various attempts, to clarify current thinking, nor will one rarely hear from the pulpit, the rightness of Humane Vitae.
  • Baum's entire life has been a lie. The man has engaged in deception for decades and admits it in his book.

Given now the clear revelations from this man directly that he was a dissenter and a betrayer of Christ and His Church, his vows and nature itself, will you know do your duty?

Will you now rise up and condemn the Winnipeg Statement!

Will you now cause all - yourselves and all Canadian priests, religious and faithful to do public penance and reparation in our churches for this error?

Or, objectively speaking, will you burn in Hell along with the filthy pervert Baum so praised on the Salt + Light program Witness by Tom Rosica, which you support and encourage with the money from the Catholic faithful?

Imagine that, eh? You, dear bishop, in Hell with Gregory Baum looking back at you and laughing at you for all eternity, along with "Normand."


mike said...

A priest friend of mine was in the room when the Canadian Bishops at the time answered St JP2 on Humanae vitae in Winnipeg. JP2 was so angry when the Pope asked them to proclaim H>V>when the Bishops said we will take it back to our laity to find out if it is acceptable. Of course Remi de Ruin was front and center

Dorota Mosiewicz-Patalas said...

A different take on the matter:

He was ahead of his time. As the man explains, he did not, could not reveal his noble sexual appetites and activities, because he wanted to remain an influential theologian.
It was a heroic, selfless stance, to remain in the closet, when one knew one was his contemporaries' superior. Instead of openly engaging in sodomy while a priest married to a nun (who was very supportive), and reaping the praise he was deserving of as a liberated, anal recipient of love, he showed concern for the sensibilities of the weak-minded, the hateful, the backward and the rigid. Instead of scandalising them, he boiled them like frogs, by slowly yet steadily increasing the temperature of the ambient atmosphere.

It could not have been done any other way. He was brilliant, forward-thinking, courageously, cleverly and anally making the way for the celebration of the special gifts and insights brought into the Church by sodomy, when I was a newborn. 53 years into my bigoted life I am still misguided by talk of the the vengeance of Heaven.

Barnum said...

One more thing, Vox: in thse days, we have hierarchy and clergy always apologizing for some supposed evil or other the Church committed in the remote past, most of them imagined. Well, here is a golden opportunity, an empty netter if you will, for the Canadian bishops to right an evil.

After they get their skating legs in shape by doing this, maybe they can move on the rampant sexual and financial corruption.

What are the chances?

Anonymous said...

In the 80s and 90s, Baum was often lauded by members of the Catholic academic (theological) establishment in Toronto. It was enough to refer to "Gregory", and everyone knew who was being cited. When he spoke to groups of young, impressionable priests and nuns in training or those doing theological studies, emcees went out of the way to defiantly and publicly introduce him as a "Catholic theologian." MANY theological educators used his writings in their courses.

How did this one man rise to such prominence that he could come to have such an influence in the Canadian Catholic Church during Vatican II and afterward, despite his lack of theological acumen in certain key areas? Who was pulling the strings that enabled him to affect the thinking of so many?

Baum was just one of many of modernist thinking who rose to prominence and whose ideas swept through the Church and its affiliated schools of theology and left an unrecognized twisted intellectual wreckage in its wake. There are so many smug Catholics today who still follow and parrot the works of theological Pied Pipers whose writings and pronouncements do NOT maintain continuity with Tradition. They affirm one another in their shared derision for those who would adhere to what the Church has always taught. And while so many of them do not know or believe what the Church teaches, they are nevertheless deferred to as "experts" in faith development and pastoral practice. They often speak some truth with a lot of fluff and little depth, and at times are so far out of their depth, not really knowing what they are talking about, and no one seems to know enough or have courage enough to step forward out of the comfortable safety of conformist thinking to shut them down. They themselves and those who follow them are wandering sheep who desire what's good, but are often blinded and unknowingly following a broken moral compass.

Let us pray more than ever for one another, because the fallout of this creeping, quickening global apostasy has not yet reached its final act. We must pray for the Body of Christ, especially at Mass; pray the Rosary, and ask the Holy Spirit to open the eyes of the faithful to the apostasy germinating from seeds sown the past century and into this one.

These pieces below by Msgr Vincent Foy provide a window into Gregory Baum's influence. I can't imagine the derision Msgr Foy suffered. But now, as the thinly plastered façade of swaggering self-aggrandizing rhetoric of our theological establishment starts to crumble through, revealing its empty blindness and moral lapses that have become gaping moral holes, time is proving him right. May Christ reward him with a crown reserved for those who step forward to defend the faith in tumultuous times.

- Brother Anthony

Christoph Rebner said...

nonwithstanding the valor of your research one could and should have seen the spiritual value Baum's utterances as the bible urges us to not even believe angels who deviate from the apostles

Unknown said...

This is a waste of time. These men don't believe in divine law, natural law, or the final judgement. Go to one of their seminaries and you would know that.

Anonymous said...

It's not a waste of time to the victims nor to the good faithful who have been scandalized by his words and actions.

Kathleen1031 said...

The sodomites have all but taken over. It is estimated one quarter to one half of Catholic priests are sodomites. Sodomites and heresy go hand in hand, along with the buggering of little boys and young, vulnerable men. Our church, the one we love, has looked the other way during all these decades while the lives of boys and young men have been ruined. We all knew about some of it, heck, my brother-in-law, who is 82, remembers a priest at his Catholic school for whom the boys had to set up a lookout in the boy's bathroom for one of his regular "look sees". This diabolical plague is not our fault, it is THEIR fault, the popes, the Cardinals, the Bishops, the Religious Ed nuns and directors of seminarians. These people allowed these vile perverts numbers to grow and multiply, not only allowing active sodomites to thrive in seminary, but as we all well know, suppressing or eliminating the good men with a heterosexual orientation from getting through seminary! But frankly, we have not insisted on the elimination of these men from seminary, even when the "sexual abuse scandals" (homosexual molestation of boys) has happened on our watch.
So now we can just enjoy the view under the peeled back veneer, that we no longer enjoy looking at! Underneath is a festering wound on the Body of Christ. It is a cancer, and we have allowed it be ignored.
Now it may be terminal. We are not entirely blameless, but they are primarily responsible.

Barnum said...

Guess my first thing is lost in cyberspace, so let me say this:
that fact that communist Baum ultimately became peritus Fr. Baum support Bella Dodd's reports of communist infiltration of the Catholic Church and is another indicator that the rot was in before Vatican II. Baum couldn't have become a priest, much less a peritus, without insider help in Canada, the Vatican, and who knows where else?

Barnum said...

Just read Br. Anthony's comments. Thanks for saying it so much better than I and being able to report as a witness, which I am not.

Eirene said...

I find the picture of this man quite repulsive! Is that a discernment of the Spirit?