Thursday, 23 February 2017

James Martin EssJay - the Trans Lying Jesuit or is that a Lying Trans Jesuit?

Not a day passes now without one of these demonic disciples of Satan, these of the once great and holy Jesuit Order, foaming off at the mouth lies and heresy and leading souls to Hell.

Yesterday, it was Arturo Sosa, EssJay, the newly elected Superior General who declares Jesus's words to be an afterthought and unclear, after all, there were no recorders back then, eh? What a filthy and heretical and perverted mind to conjure up such blasphemous bile.

Once again now, we have James Martin, EssJay, a man whom Michael Voris has been recently asking, if he is a "homosexual." 

This filthy malefactor cares more about political issues and ideology and his own agenda, than about saving souls for Christ, he is so deranged, so obviously unfit for the holy priesthood. These men have no faith except in the god of sodomy, they do not believe anymore in the supernatural. They are worse than modernists, as if that were even possible.

Yes, so-called "trans students" endure and suffer. They suffer at the hands of men like Martin who lie to them, who affirm them in their delusion. These people are now owed affirmation, they are owed the truth. They are not owed radical surgery and chemical alterations, they are owed love, compassion an spiritual and psychiatric therapy.

James Martin is a liar. He does not love trans people.

He actually hates them.

And he even hates himself.

Today is the Feast of St. Peter Damian according to the only calendar that counts.

I've read this and I highly recommend his, Book of Gomorrah.

“Tell us, you unmanly and effeminate man, what do you seek in another male that you do not find in yourself?”
“For God’s sake, why do you damnable sodomites pursue the heights of ecclesiastical dignity with such fiery ambition?”
“By what right or by what law can one bind or loose the other when he is constrained by the bonds of evil deeds common to them both?”
“Who can expect the flock to prosper when its shepherd has sunk so deep into the bowels of the devil?”
“Who, by his lust, will consign a son whom he spiritually begotten for God to slavery under the iron law of Satanic tyranny?”
“This utterly diseased queen of Sodom renders him who obeys the laws of her tyranny infamous to men and odious to God.”
“Without fail, [the vice of sodomy] brings death to the body and destruction to the soul. It pollutes the flesh, extinguishes the light of the mind, expels the Holy Spirit from the temple of the human heart, and gives entrance to the devil, the stimulator of lust.”
”[The vice of sodomy] leads to error, totally removes truth from the deluded mind . . . It opens up Hell and closes the gates of Paradise.”
”[The vice of sodomy] is this vice that violates temperance, slays modesty, strangles chastity, and slaughters virginity.”
[The vice of sodomy] defiles all things, sullies all things, pollutes all things.”
“Who will make a mistress of a cleric, or a woman of a man?”
“It is not sinners, but the wicked who should despair; it is not the magnitude of one’s crime, but contempt of God that dashes one’s hopes.”

Collect of the Mass of St. Peter Damian:


O Almighty God, grant that we may follow the teaching and example of Your blessed confessor bishop Peter, and turn away from the things of earth that we may attain the joys of heaven.


Dorota Mosiewicz-Patalas said...

I hear the CNN attacked a man whose young daughter was exposed to male genitalia of a poor marginalized person in a public restroom, and dared to feel violated. Apparently her allegedly bigoted response was her father's fault.
A little girl's feelings and rights mean nothing to those loving, all-tolerant sodomites.
The only thing they refuse to tolerate is truth.

Anonymous said...

James Martin is a Homosexual. He will not answer the question. If he does he will out himself. James Martin is a liar and he has no crediblity as a Priest. He leads souls to Hell. He will always be a Reprobate !

Anonymous said...

Don says

This person is truly a piece of garbage. I would not let my children near him

Anonymous said...

Well there you go that's coming straight out of the horses ass mouth.We can no doubt conclude that he really is a perverted poofter..

Johnno said...

Many women have already been hurt by this stupidity with criminal arrests made.

But it's typical of homosexuals and trans who hate women for their beauty and being what they they cannot be.

Rather than reinterpret Christ's words in our context, we should interpret James Martin's words in Christ's context - those of a viper clinging to a dead fruitless tree spitting venom. Only good for being burnt.

Barnum said...

Except for the Polish, and even then, we might as well write off the Jesuits as an institution. Maybe the ones that are still Catholic can find each other, find a licit way to separate themselves from Bergoglio and Sosa, and renew the order. If Christ's words need reinterpretation for this day and age, what does that say for Loyola's?

GMUA said...

A faggot layman in clerics garb.

Dan said...

The stuff that is happening in the Church makes me think that it is all one big gay club...

Anonymous said...

Oh No. It doesn't hurt anybody... Until some pervert pretending to be "trans" uses the women's washroom in order to prey on his next victim.

How many young girls and women, will have to be raped before this insanity is stopped? One child, one woman placed in such a vulnerable position is one too many.

And children that think they are "trans" must be taught the TRUTH! We must pray that these people affected by this illness, and it is an illness, are released from the bondage of this LIE with which satan is infecting humanity.

How can people put their children in such vulnerable positions? And how can a so called priest endorse this mandate?

SICK! They need our prayers.

Kathleen1031 said...

Children are already greatly suffering from this trans madness. There are parents who seem to want to be on the front lines of this insanity, and gain approval from the culture. I've seen children who are allowed to wear clothing and hair cuts that indicate they are the opposite sex. You've probably seen them too. Children may have some confusion about who and what they are, but they need sensitive parents who help them understand the sex they actually are, and get them counseling to help. Of course the fans of sodomy do not want that, and it can be illegal to counsel children in this regard. Amazing we are there. But isn't it the AMA who now says it is "child abuse" to perpetuate a child in this misunderstanding? Because most children grow out of this confusion and come to realize the sex they are is the right one for them. Now if in the meantime, they are affirmed in their confusion, or God forbid, endured a sexual encounter with the same sex, this can harm them for a lifetime. This is one reason fans of sodomy want access to children, for their own selfish pleasures, and to "recruit" them. These evil people, instead of being criticized by the culture, are now celebrated.
Fr. James Martin is not a priest. As a woman, I do not want biological males in the restroom with me, nor with children in my care. Fr. Martin does not care at all about my feelings, or the feelings of children. For his own selfish pleasures and beliefs, this is what he cares about. Again, Fr. James Martin is not a priest. He is a scourge on the Body of Christ.