Wednesday, 22 February 2017

Is the Bishop of Rome aware of this evil or is he deluded and being used?

Look, there is no more beating around the bush with this. 

The great majority of our cardinals and bishops are pathetic cowards. They are clericalists, effeminates and far, far too comfortable in their chanceries to stand up to this Bishop of Rome to his face and confront him.  

He has previously announced his support for the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

He does not know what they are, said it inappropriately, and at best, is mistaken and at worst, just plain careless.


Either he knows what these are and supports them and is therefore, evil.

Either way, it is not good.

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Voice of the Family is today publishing an in-depth analysis of the United Nations’ Sustainable Developments Goals (SDGs) and their potential impact on the lives and well-being of children and the wider family. The SDGs consist of 17 goals and 169 targets that nations states have committed themselves to achieve by 2030. The analysis also examines the support offered to the UN agenda by Pope Francis and other representatives of the Holy See.


Dorota Mosiewicz-Patalas said...

He is not ignorant of the UN goals, and he supports them. This is why he praises abortionists, calls faithful Catholics rabbits, why he invites discredited scientists-alarmists to work on Church projects. This is why he is pushing for de-chrisitianization of Europe and North America.
Let us not kid ourselves - in response to the posters challenging his alleged mercy, he ordered an investation, when he could have examined his action on his.. inner forum. The man is evil.
While his is entitled to worshipping whatever he chooses and choosing hell rahter tan heaven, he is not entitled to being the pope of the Catholic Church as her #1 enemy.

Ana Milan said...

It is very doubtful that PF is being used against his will. Since VII a Marxist Agenda has been followed at the Vatican which is culminating in a NWO religion & government. They are playing on the Infallibility of the Pope to get their way, not recognising that such Infallibility comes with the responsibility of upholding the Deposit of Faith, Magisterium & Tradition of the One Holy Catholic Apostolic Church of Christ. PF has not spent five minutes upholding Catholic Doctrine - in fact he preaches against it when he says we are all the same, there is no Catholic God, Atheists can get to Heaven by their good deeds, we must open our doors to Islamic migrants (not Christian refugees fleeing Islamic terrorism in their own countries) & allows strong-armed tactics to force priests in Malta to comply with AL, a document he signed but didn't write & is not able to uphold, even though as Pope he should confirm the Brethren in the True Faith. It is baffling how he got elected to the Papal Office as he was well-known in Argentina for being a Liberal Leftie & was allowing sacrilege to be committed there on a regular basis. Even now that fact alone should see him resign immediately, whether the majority of Cardinals like him or not. He simply isn't Catholic & has appointed so many Liberals like himself to important positions in the CC that this could go on for decades unless firm action is taken to remove him & his cronies. They were successful in removing PB, who didn't put up much of a fight, so it is now necessary for PF to be similarly treated.

The four Cardinals will have to speak up in order to keep credibility with the laity who have nowhere else to go. Cardinal Burke has already suffered public humiliation from these deniers of Christ. Seminarians in Malta are being grossly pressured by their own Bishops, Germany & Argentina are going their own way irrespective, so in no time at all the world will be split up into little entities each Diocese having their own catechism. Once this happens we will lose Apostolic Succession like the Orthodox & Protestants who are still disagreeing with each other despite their dislike of the Seat of Peter. It would be better for our Hierarchy to avoid a schism at all costs & if removing PF would prevent such an occurrence they should see to it immediately. There own positions might depend on this outcome.

Eirene said...

Ever since this became news (and this was some time ago as reported by Austin Ruse) I understood that Francis was perfectly aware of what it all entailed! May Almighty God strengthen all Roman Catholics as this wolf seeks to deprive them of their salvation!

Johnno said...

Doubt it. An unwitting fellow would not be afraid of openly saying falsitues if indeed he is misled. Francis' words are too craftily vague and at times when he is called to defend himself he routinely retreats and strategically speaks using the many tongues of others. He does not collaborate with the Vatican staff outside if all the hetetical company he keeps. He is deliberately doing these maneuvers through no little effort because these are the actions of a man well aware of his motives and heresy. He is the enemy.