Tuesday, 21 February 2017

The George Axis - Bergoglio and Soros

When I wrote this a few days ago on the coming Antichrist being a pacifist, ecologist and ecumenist and the Meeting of Popular Movements, I had no idea that the group to which the Bishop of Rome wrote was a Soros project.

This letter by Bergoglio is a disgusting and blatant interference in the political discourse of the United States of America.

He shows himself to be a globalist and a Marxist.

He needs to focus on Christ and the salvation of souls. The fact that he does not discloses him.

False Prophet or Antichrist?


Pope Francis Praises Soros-Funded Organization; Encourages “Resistance”

On 17 February, Pope Francis released a letter written for those gathered for the World Meeting of Popular Movements held in California from 16-19 February — a meeting organized by the Vatican. Such meetings regularly take place in the Vatican and are initiated by Pope Francis himself in his attempt to work together with a variety of grassroots movements world-wide.


Eirene said...

My question (rhetorical probably) is this - why would Francis attempt to work together with grass-roots movements world-wide (better known to us as NGO's which attempt to pull down and destroy society and governments!)? Doesn't he have enough work to do as the Head of the Roman Catholic Church without dabbling in movements that pretend to be apolitical but are actually funded by the NWO master-mind George Soros
and his cohorts? And, just en passant, WHEN is news of the Formal Correction EVER going to come to light or is this just an imagined scene out of the life of the Roman Catholic church 2017 movie - take 2,000?! Is there NO ONE who can answer this question about the Formal Correction?

Ana Milan said...

The formal correction seems to be dead wood & with Cardinal Burke heading to Guam it doesn't seem likely the other three Cardinals are going to commence the action. False obedience to a false pope who is only there to conform to the NWO, not to God, is a terrible mistake. Who ever heard of a true Pope/Cardinal/Bishop using strong-arm tactics to get anyone to sin & sin gravely as has happened in Malta? It just isn't in keeping with the Gospel. PF shows no wish or interest to comply with the Word of God only with the word of Soros. He is unworthy of the Papal Office & probably didn't meet the requirements for such an appointment which would, IMO, make it simpler to remove him.

The Hierarchy is full of sodomites or enablers as are the episcopates worldwide. Divine intervention is the only way of confounding them. The faithful but silent clergy must collectively speak now to assure us that we shall have their ministry & commitment no matter what ensues. They have power we don't have & must openly & strongly oppose this papacy!

Michael Dowd said...

Thanks Vox. To paraphrase Émile Coué de la Châtaigneraie: "Every day in every way the Bergoglio situation gets a little bit worse."

And Eirene wonders about our Pope answering the dubia. Forgetaboutit Eirene. Our dear Pope more important things to do such as described in Vox's post.

Kathleen1031 said...

Eirene. We've got some tough truths to face. God bless you.

Dorota Mosiewicz-Patalas said...

@ Eirene

It seems as though we get to see some things only to be desensitized, so that a new level of unbelievable and wrong can be introduced. This is gradualism. A gradual and steady fundamental transformation of good into evil, and evil into good.

It was suggested on 1P5 that Cardinal Burke may have corrected Jorge Bergoglio privately already. It makes sense. What doesn't seem right, is for our shepherd to leave us waiting, not providing any information of new developments. It is as though we didn't exist and suffer. One explanation could be blackmail.

Wolverine said...

It makes one wonder how dense the fumes of sulfur must get before faithful Cardinals, Bishops, Priests and laity remove the entity emitting such filth?

It's looking more and more like an invalid resignation by Benedict will be the only way of preserving a semblance of the Catholic doctrine on the Papacy.

susan said...

The one on the right is the Biblical false-prophet; the one on the left is the anti-christ. pretty obvious at this point.

Anonymous said...

I cannot see him neither as the Anti-chist (with capital A) nore false prophet.

I see him as a perverted man (another anti-christ, with small a) whose greatest god seems to be himself and his "cool" (mundane) ideas.

He will pass into history as a disastrous pontiff, but he will be remembered, and I think he would love to be remembered.


susan said...

Mary, one of the premioer signs of the anti-christ is that he will see himself as 'god'.

Secondly, he is of a whole different order from a 'disastrous pope'...a disastrous pope is on a plane with Alexander VI, or John XXII; a moral reprobate, or a misguided, single-issue heresy postulator who repents of his error, but NOT one who tries to change the Deposit of Faith and set up a NWR. It is absolutely impossible for a true Vicar of Christ, possessing the Holy Spirit's Charism of Truth promised by Jesus Christ, to do and say and teach the things that bergoglio has done. Impossible.