Wednesday, 8 February 2017

We are in the presence of a creeping schism

Image result for nicola buxQuestion - The Remnant: hat do you think the ultimate consequences of this situation could be, if it is not resolved?

Answer - Msgr. Nicola Bux: It has been said by far more authoritative clergy that we are in the presence of a creeping schism: a non-Catholic thought has entered the Catholic Church, a thought which considers the Mass only as a banquet rather than primarily as a sacrifice, marriage as a human act and not as an indissoluble sacrament, talking of sin and grace as by now outdated, a thought preaching morals of mercy irrespective of conversion and penance, and so on. Isn’t it a way to liquidate the Church? The work of the Church in the world is the victory over evil and death; We must fear not primarily those who kill the body, but those who damn the souls to eternal punishment.


Dorota Mosiewicz-Patalas said...

This is what intelligent Catholics talk like.

Anonymous said...

Is there a way to remove a heretical pope? Or must the Church suffer this abuse until his retirement? Why prolong this misery and continue placing the laity in ever increasing confusion and distress?

Anonymous said...

Marxist Mercy ,indulge the body ,and damn the Soul.

Ana Milan said...

Of course they want to liquify the CC - that was the Agenda from the outset. Since VII all popes & hierarchies have been infiltrated by Marxist/Masonic/Modernism and no-one in authority has ever publicly condemned their heresies, prevented them from speaking at or conducting meetings (in the name of the CC) which have nothing to do with the Catholic faith but principally on NWO political affairs. Who can follow a pope who calls Emma Bonino, an unrepentant abortionist, one of the nation's forgotten greats? Did anyone ever consider it possible that Paul Ehrlich, the pro abort population alarmist would be invited to speak at the Vatican's Biological Extinction conference or that Huang Jiefu the Chinese ex Health Minister would also be invited to speak at the Vatican Summit on Organ Trafficking & Transplant talks?

Leonardo Boff recently stated in an interview @onepeterfive "You know, as far as I understand, the center of his interest is not any more the Church – and certainly not the internal operation of the Church – but, rather, the survival of humanity, the future of the earth." He also declared that Card.Kasper told him PF had many surprises to unfold.

Public heretics should always be exposed & publicly excommunicated, no matter what title or position they hold. If this is not done their poison spreads rapidly & engulfs everyone, particularly the innocent. How can anyone claim we must show them Christian charity - they don't even know the meaning of the word Christian.

Anonymous said...

Vox, I have a little story I'd like to share. About 15 years ago I was discerning a possible vocation to the NO priesthood. I was in pre seminary formation in the Altoona Johnstown diocese in Pennsylvania. I was a college student and also attended all of the retreats and seminary live-in weekends with the diocesan seminarians. Little by little, I began to feel as though something was not quite right. In my spare time I studied the early church fathers, the great mystics and saints. The seminarians treated V2 as though it were their be all and end all. I grew tired of many things on my visits to the seminary, the effeminate acting men, praying vespers in Spanish because we didnt have even a slight Spanish demographic, the celebrity cult following of JPII, and many other things. When the time came to apply to the seminary, I backed out. I told a priest I wanted to examine other options and schools that were better suited to my views on Catholicism. I was told, "you'll never mature into a man if you don't go to this school." (The seminary I had visited) I never went back. I stayed away from the Church for about 2 years thereafter. I wrestled with guilt about whether or not I had thrown a genuine vocation out the window. I prayed everyday that God would help me find peace in my decision to leave. Since then, my diocese has been rocked by scandal after scandal dealing with sexual abuse. There were few holy priests that stood up to the bishop and they were defrocked or suspended. The attorney general in PA ripped the mask off this NO diocese exposing another grave scandal involving many, many priests and payouts to families of victims. The funny thing is that i had a little old nun tell me before this happened, not to give any money to the annual Catholic appeal that the diocese takes a collection for. She said, "I know where that money is going and its not good." Through a deeper prayer life and the discovery of true Catholicism, I have now come to defeat my scrupulousity and doubts. Actually, I take no credit. I put that in God's hands and he took that cross from me. Today, i am a married man, father of two, blue collar worker, who believes in traditional Catholicism. I have no traditional Mass near me, but i attend a NO Mass celebrated by a good, holy, and reverent priest. I try my hardest to instruct my children in the true faith. God willing, someday I will be able to move us closer to a traditional parish. And as for the possibility of a schism, it's coming. We, however, the ones who seek to guard traditional thinking and practice, will be seen as the enemy by the world. Thank you for posting my little story! For those interested in learning about the steady decline of my diocese, its just a google search away. Please pray for men to serve The Lord and his people through traditional means and sound Catholic doctrine. Mother of God, pray for us! Saint John Vianney,pray for us!

Vox Cantoris said...

Thank you for your comment. I have some posts on the sad situation in your diocese.

I've said it before, if one cannot get to the traditional Mass, then find the most prayerful, faithful priest and the quietest most reverent Novus Ordo one can find.

Brother, you have found your true vocation and it is to raise children to love the Lord and restore the Faith.

God bless you.

Anonymous said...

God Bless you too, Vox. Thank you again for posting my story. Keep up the tremendous work you are doing. Someday you will be rewarded for your labors and your genuine love of God!

Michael Dowd said...

"Msgr. Nicola Bux: It has been said by far more authoritative clergy that we are in the presence of a creeping schism:"

The question is why is Nicola Bux speaking up now as Vatican II initiated the creeping schism 50 years ago? Our Lady has talked about it, other saints have talked about it, various seers today proclaim it. This is not news.

Michael Dowd said...

Perhaps the real "news" of Msgr Nicola Bux is the fact that more clergy are recognizing the schism and speaking up. 'bout time. Deo gratias.

Anonymous said...

@ Paul Morphy

Pope Benedict spoke of time when the Church will be smaller. If Schism did occur the Church in the short term would be smaller of course.

The truth faith began with 12 men in an upstairs loft in a house in Jerusalem 2,000 years ago. From little acorns grow great oaks.

The victory has already been sealed by Jesus Christ 2,000 years ago.

Dorota Mosiewicz-Patalas said...

@ Anon 1:06

I can imagine the rolling of the eyes and the mockery at your proclamation of victory.

Clearly, millions (or billions) of souls seem to be lost forever, if we are to believe what we have always been taught. If our family are lost forever, forever suffering the unimaginable fires of hell, can we find joy in the victory?

If we had good shepherds and we observed loved ones still rejecting Truth, I would understand... But we have deceivers, wolves clad in false mercy, who now reject the commandments of God, as our guides and teachers.

We have been taught to believe that a pope is the Vicar of Christ!

I would be dishonest, if I said that I experience joy at the thought of the final victory, It must mean unspeakable pain and suffering to so many! God please have mercy on us all.

Anonymous said...

Are you near Aliquippa PA? The city of Aliquippa PA was consecrated to the Sacred Heart of Jesus and the Immaculate Heart of Mary. They have the TLM as well as Byzantine and Ukrainian Greek Catholic churches.

Vox had a post on it last year, and so did the Remnant:


Anonymous said...


Something to make you smile: