Monday, 13 February 2017

Pope writes preface to book by victim of clerical sex abuse except he coddles perverts and collaborates with those who protect them!

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More Bergoglian hypocrisy.  Vatican Radio reports that the Pope has written a preface to a book written by a victim of sexual abuse by a pervert priest, a homosexual.

The facts are nearly all cases of pervert attacks by priests have been on post-pubescent boys between 11 and 17, not little children and not girls, thus proving that the problem is one of admitting to and covering up of sodomites -- homosexuals into the priesthood. Now sodomite should ever be ordained, those that are now priests, should be under strict observation or removed from active ministry. (Yes, this means you dear friend, and you friend, and the other one). 

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Back to the Pope. This is rich, eh? 

That a Pope who collaborated with the pervert protecting heresiarch Danneels would do this.

Or the cover up in Argentina.

Or the Pope who would appoint as Ordinary a man who allegedly witnessed a rape in Chile.

Or who would discount the pervert priest elevator crime in with a rent boy in Ecuador.

Image result for pope francis kisses hand of priestAnd who now wants to take the investigative action into these perverts away from the Congregation of the Doctrine of the Faith and return it to the Congregation of Clergy where it can be covered up, all over again.

There is so much more.

So, who am I too judge?

A man who has no toleration for perversion against children. Something one wishes Bergoglio was man enough to do the same. 

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5 comments: said...

Could be a Novus Ordo Mindwar offensive: Mindrape. The Canonical Criminals who raped boys back then, cover for the rapists after the fact, now write sanctimonious words prefacing the victim's side of the story.

Imagine a rape-victim suffering from PTSD going to seek counseling (success rate not high, by the way). Invited into the office by the counselor having his back momentarily to her, she sits down. Spinning around to greet her is the rapist himself, in collar and stole. - That's an example of Mind rape. Traumatizing the victim after the fact with the details of the crime committed against her.

Mindrape of the visible body of Christ.

Ana Milan said...

Hell doesn't exist for PF so it follows that sin doesn't either. No matter how grave, Jesus loves the sinner. The fact He doesn't love the SIN is glossed over. But then, PF considers the Commandments given to us by God are not for this enlightened day. Luther got it right after all & will probably be canonised soon. It follows that we should argue with God that our sins are His. "He likes it when you get angry and tell him what you feel to his face". It that is so, why does PF blow a fuse when people try to tell him to his face what they feel?

Kathleen1031 said...

As someone pointed out the other day, the sin of corrupting a child or young person is the one sin that Jesus spoke to specifically in terms of a death penalty, ala, the millstone. To corrupt innocence, what could be more heinous. We have had to live with this understanding that the church contains pederasts since Boston was discovered to be ground zero for homosexual predators, who got caught anyway. It's understood. We see the obvious homosexuals in the priesthood, the effeminates, the mincing pastors, but one hates to assume. But regardless, the plain, old ugly truth is, what real effort was made to weed these homosexuals out, out of the priesthood, out of seminaries? The church developed the "Safe Environment" program, which basically meant don't be alone with children. So every CCD teacher, mostly female probably, was put on notice not to be alone with children, when the real and present danger was glossed over, not even discussed much, and no significant changes were made.
So here we are, we find out the church contains not a few likely homosexual priests, but huge, heaping gobs of homosexual priests, and bishops, and Cardinals. I keep thinking, all the Protestants said about us turns out to be TRUE. We can run, but we can't get away from the facts, and those are the facts. We place the feelings of priests far ahead of the danger to little boys and young men, clearly. What we've seen done is lip service to victims, not serious changes made that would help to stop these predators from harming boys and young men. It is a crime that cries out to heaven. It destroys lives. It is very hard to keep supporting an institution that refuses to do something meaningful about this terrible reality. What are all these mincing priests doing in their off hours.

Tancred said...

I doubt Ricca's victim was older than 18.

Anonymous said...

Was not that the excuse the Communist Marxists gave for Pope Benedict resigning as Pope. It is so unbelievable that a Pope resigns and in comes the False Prophet, who is turning the Catholic Church upside down with heresies. Thiswhile the other Pope is held prisoner in the Vatican. Something is not right here and the evil sticks out like a sore thumb !