Thursday, 9 February 2017

Washington Post publishes a screed calling upon Francis to rid the Church of Cardinal Burke and other "enablers of neo-facisim"

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A disgusting anti-Catholic and Marxist screed.

I highly doubt that this arrogant, so-called, journalist, would write such a critical piece on Islam. 

What is happening here is a realization that Francis is in jeopardy, a jeopardy of his own making. There is going to be a massive schism and it will be caused by Francis. This article is a plant and part of a wider plan to defend Bergoglio from the outcry of faithful Catholics.

This woman is using Alinsky tactics to target and assassinate Cardinal Burke, if she could do so literally, I have no doubt that she would. The evil that flows from the keyboard of this Symons and the recent piece in the New York Times is so obvious to see. 

They will all come crashing down and will fall like snowflakes in to Hell.

May Our Blessed LORD continue to guide Cardinal Burke and may St. Michael protect him from these enemies. Amen.

Image result for Emma-Kate SymonsEmma-Kate Symons is a Washington-based journalist and former Paris correspondent. Her work has been published in Foreign Policy, Women in the World in association with the New York Times, Quartz, the Atlantic, the Wall Street Journal and the Australian Financial Review.

Pope Francis needs to take tougher action against the United States’ most influential Catholic in Rome, Cardinal Raymond “Breitbart” Burke. The renegade cleric is not only undermining Francis’s reformist, compassionate papacy, and gospel teaching as it applies to refugees and Muslims, but the rebel prince of the church is also using his position within the walls of the Vatican to legitimize extremist forces that want to bring down Western liberal democracy, Stephen K. Bannon-style. Simply put, the Vatican is facing a political war between the modernizing Pope Francis and a conservative wing that wants to reassert white Christian dominance.

Burke was reduced to a ceremonial patron role at the Knights of Malta after a power struggle at the ancient chivalric order, won by the pope last month, following a spat over its humanitarian wing’s alleged distribution of condoms. Losing the leadership battle and prestige at the secretive society headquartered in Rome — Francis is appointing his own special delegate above Burke — was seen as a papal rap on the knuckles for the cardinal leading the charge against Francis’s writings on communion for divorcees.  But the virulently anti-Islam (“capitulating to Islam would be the death of Christianity”), migrant-phobic,  Donald Trump-defending, Vladimir Putin-excusing Burke is unrepentant and even defiant, continuing to preside over a far-right, neo-fascist-normalizing cheer squad out of the Holy See.

This Vatican operation, called Dignitatis Humanae, or the Institute for Human Dignity, whose advisory board includes two of the four cardinals openly challenging Francis on marriage and sexuality, is slavishly promoting Burke’s favorite American white Catholic nationalist, Bannon, with star billing on its home page. The institute’s top office-bearers, Burke and his henchman, the media-savvy Breitbart contributor Benjamin Harnwell, are also encouraging Benito Mussolini fan Matteo Salvini, of Italy’s Northern League, and Muslim-baiting far-right Catholic poster girl Marion Le Pen, the National Front “rising star” niece of party leader Marine Le Pen in France.

As the Italian press first revealed, Burke held a long meeting last week at his Vatican home with Salvini, a fierce critic of the pope who wants to push refugees back into the sea and close all mosques in Italy. It was a flagrant political intervention on the side of the extreme-right racist grouping ahead of the Italian elections. Mysterious posters also appeared around the Vatican decrying a sinister-looking pope’s “decapitation” of the Malta Knights order.

The situation facing the Catholic Church raises alarming parallels with the ideological warfare that split the Vatican in the 1930s when ethnic nationalism was sweeping Europe under Mussolini and Hitler and when fascist forces infiltrated the highest echelons of the church. In 1937, Pope Pius XI published an encyclical in German denouncing the Nazi regime and its racism. The diatribe infuriated Hitler, but the focus was more on Nazi persecution of Catholics than laws targeting Jews.

In Italy, the Vatican had long made accommodations with Mussolini for its own geopolitical gains, and Pius XI failed to quell widespread institutional anti-Semitism in the church before it was too late. When Mussolini decreed in 1938 that Italian Jews were to suffer a legal fate similar to those in Germany, Pius XI tried to prepare a fresh encyclical deploring anti-Semitism and racism, as revealed in historian David Kertzer’s book “The Pope and Mussolini,” he was double-crossed by pro-fascist forces in the Vatican working in tandem with Il Duce. Senior figures in the French Catholic Church also collaborated with fascism in France, where the Vichy regime aided the Nazis in deporting about 80,000 Jews to the death camps.

 The lesson of history has not been lost on Francis. After President Trump’s inauguration, he warned that rising populism could produce a new Hitler. But now, as Europe faces historic elections that could bring extreme-right nationalists back into power across the continent for the first time since World War II, he must act. The bellicose anti-Islam invective being marshaled by figures such as Burke shares much in common with the vicious anti-Semitism many Catholic clerics adhered to in the 1930s, when they saw Jews as a danger to the Christian West whose rights must be restricted.

Burke, like Bannon, who says Islam is “the most radical” religion in the world, makes no distinction in his clash-of-civilizations frenzy between the Muslim faith’s diverse currents and interpretations, and violent jihadist movements derived mostly from Saudi-style Salafism. Unsurprisingly, Burke says he is “very satisfied” with Russian autocrat Putin’s “defense of life and family” and believes he may have “converted” since his KGB days. Yet, just as godless Communism posed an existential threat in the past, the Catholic Church has nothing to gain and everything to lose from cozying up to far-right extremists from the United States to Europe. They distort Christianity into an exclusionary ideology in defense of nation and race, and unite a new support base of Muslim-haters with historically anti-Semitic movements such as the National Front that are anything but Christian, and often neo-pagan.

The options open to the pope in dealing with Burke are limited. Excommunication isn’t in the cards; Burke is not a heretic denying the Catholic faith. Nor is Burke refusing to submit to the pontiff like French archbishop Marcel Lefebvre, who was cast out by John Paul II after his ultra-conservative Society of Saint Pius X ordained its own bishops rather than take directions from the Vatican.

However, Francis, who has full authority over his cardinals, could fully remove Burke from his remaining sinecure with Knights of Malta, call him in for a pastoral correction on the issue of his unacceptable political interventions, investigate Dignitatis Humanae with a view to shutting it down for its subversive politicking, and send the rebel cardinal back home to the United States. As Burke tries to run an insurgency and rebukes the pope for his doctrinal “ambiguities,” with the backing of thousands of priests, Francis could seize the agenda. In time-honored papal tradition, he could write an encyclical on the burning questions of populism and nationalism, with specific reference to migrants, Muslims and Jews, so priests including Burke know they are in breach of church teaching when they try to act as power brokers for the international extreme right.

The stakes could hardly be higher, especially as the pope seems on a collision course with a Trump-Bannon White House that has imposed a form of a Muslim ban and disparaged him during the election campaign for daring to suggest that building a wall on the United States’ southern border was un-Christian. If the pope doesn’t put the reactionary elements such as Burke and his cronies back in their place, they could force a real schism during his papacy and leave the church open to justifiable accusations it failed to stand up to enablers of extremism and neo-fascism within its ranks.


Anonymous said...

If i have to guess this came from one of Jorges henchmen and a letter or encyclica is in polishing stage.


BillyHW said...

Cardinal Burke is a modern day St. Athanasius. It's him against the world.

Kathleen1031 said...

These people on the far Left see that their plans are in jeopardy, and they are doing everything in their power to retain their power. Nothing is off the table. We see in the US the Ninth Circuit Court has just taken for itself authority only a president has, as the Democrats implement their "scorched earth policy" in order to punish their enemies and regain influence and power. In the church the Modernists see that Cardinal Burke is the hope of Traditionalist Catholics, we are pinning a lot on him, and they will want to end the punishment, and just eliminate him altogether. There are no other men willing to go to the wall to defend Christ. It is down to him. Eliminating your enemy is natural to tyrants, censor him, punish him, persecute him, and if that doesn't work, make him disappear however you must. These are thoroughly repugnant people.

Eirene said...

Just to see the words Washington Post followed by New York Times followed by every single leftist, Marxist publication in the world (especially the Australian Financial Review which, being an Australian, I know what I am talking about - a filthy rag!)we know immediately who the paymasters behind this tirade are! Thus, we need pay ABSOLUTELY NO ATTENTION to it and certainly not frame any kind of response to it!
Cockroaches are best exterminated on sight! This Fake News is just that! These people are fearful! Good! Almighty God will sort out their hash!

Anonymous said...

"0" wonderful it’s interesting that this donkey called C. Burke a "rebel prince" Jesus was called a rebel prince as well. Cardinal Burke is in great company, with, through and in Jesus. It does seem however old Jorgeeeee is not, his fan club are just as oblivious to the catholic faith as he is. Yes indeed by their fruit you will know them.

Barnum said...

Wow. Just wow.

On the other hand, maybe someone wrote that for her.

Michael said...

What has Cardinal Burke said that undermines Francis' teachings on these areas? Regardless of my opinions about Pope Francis or Cardinal Burke, I haven't heard anything that would suggest that Cardinal Burke and Pope Francis don't see eye to eye on this issue. I think that loudmouth reporter needs to listen more and talk less.

Women in the World, huh? I wonder if the New York Times has a publication called (Heterosexual) Men in the World.

Eirene said...

And further, this article may well have been written by Soros and Francis, so closely does it parrot the thinking of both of them ! Such an indictment of the leader of the RCC that I should be writing this ! How tragic it is to witness the wholesale undermining and destruction of the former Glory of the Church !

Anonymous said...

Its already in the works .

Sybok said...


kiss my dupa katti-ema

Anonymous said...

I gather that this Symon woman is one of the tribe, am I correct? These people are really pushing it. They seem to want to put their hands around the necks of Christians, especially Catholics. They are attempting, I think, to create a climate of political violence against anyone who notices how much power is in the hands of her people. This is the same vicious, vengeful plan they carried out against German civilians at the end of WW2 (mass rapes etc etc).You won't be as successful here Ms.Symon. We're all not going to roll over for you.

Dorota Mosiewicz-Patalas said...

I would not be surprised at all if it turned out that we have entered the next stage in the war, all orchestrated by the boss and company. Things are really taking up speed.
These pro-Bergoglio articles are popping up everywhere. The woman is probably connected to the CFR or the CIA.

This is real brutal war waged against truth. There are no missiles flying above my head, but I know I am under unrelenting attacks. Like all of you here.

May God grant Cardinal Burke and all of us the strength and courage we need,

Dorota Mosiewicz-Patalas said...

Yes, her work appeared in "Foreign Policy", of course. She loved the women's march on Trump, where no women were presents, only females and some other beings of some other gender, but definitely not men. Unfortunately, there were children marching, too.

Jack said...

I've been wondering how the media would describe us if there was a schism and Francis was deposed.

susan said...

She has NO idea Who and What Christ is.

Spiritually bankrupt; morally reprobate; cognitively other words, bergoglio's kinda gal!

Dan said...

Seems like the media was all for Hillary also. We see how that turned out.

I'm hopeful in my optimistic moments.

Ana Milan said...

This Moroccan born journalist with a Jewish surname is just one more of the Soros inner circle. She doesn't represent womanhood although effeminate men (particularly in the Vatican) think she does, hence women clergy on their agenda. This year will be a turbulent time for us all - Lutheran commemorations, Satan's Last Stand, reported to end in October &, most importantly the Centenary of Our Lady of Fatima apparitions. The four Cardinals & supporters (us all) could make it a defining year for the True Faith by publicly acclaiming God's Word & disassociating IT, themselves & the faithful from the heresies & blasphemies of this Pontificate. Whether they have the will, courage & grace in necessary bundles to do so remains to be seen. Prayer is great but positive action is also an absolute necessity.

Johnno said...

C'mon fellas, the CIA propaganda fidei operation known as the Wapo is simply looking out for their undercover agent in the field. Bergolio can look forward to a nice tomb in Langley when the work is done. Lord knows he himself doesn't want a Catholic tomb inside those fancy luxurious Roman churches. Just pass a message on to them to embalm his body well. We'll want him looking his best for the next cadaver synod.

Anonymous said...

Emma is of the tribe of course.

A proud member of the enablers of neo-fascism. woohoo!

Don Juan said...

I am seeing St. Joan of Arc as the proto-anti-globalist Patron of our battle. Exciting time to be alive. Keep those Rosaries coming.

Anonymous said...

Time to contact Pope Francis directly as I have done . Admonish him for promoting Peo0ple like Weurl. De Kessel, Koch depaglia, Cupich and Farrel who have the Fading RC faith in the dying West on a collision course with Canon Law 915 and vanishing from the western world... Oddly Even Francis and Schonborn of Austria have noticed the Rot destroying the Faith In Germany, Austria ,Belgium , Canada and much of the collapsing as we speak..

Anonymous said...

This just shows the Conclave has been corrupted by Satan. The Communist Marxists have infiltrated the highest place in the Vatican. There is an imposter sitting in the Chair of Peter. We are seeing the mask of deception slowly peeling away to show the evil face of this false prophet, this crude and wicked man who wants to bring Satan into the Church. Even the the most holy people are being fooled by this imposter ! He must be stopped, he must be stopped.