Monday, 13 February 2017

Did Pope Peron demand the minions blood oath?

Have you ever heard of anything so strange? A Pope's special little group of advisers, in this case ten cardinals, make public the fact that they pledged to him their "full support."

Well, it is clearly obvious. 

Bergoglio, who is in all likelihood a manifest heretic, is feeling the heat.


Better that he feels the heat from us and wakes up to his heresy, than he feel it in Hell for all eternity.

Jorge Bergoglio, repent of your heresy.

Repent of your insults to the faithful. 

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Lucifer and the Pope in Hell  Wm Blake


Anil Wang said...

Vox, Cardinal Burke would have no problem declaring his adhesion and loyalty to the figure of the Pope and his Magisterium. He has even stated that the dubia are precisely a demonstration of his faithfulness to the office of the Papacy.

So I my reaction to the declaration is, "Big deal". The Pope is feeling vulnerable because he's being corrected and feels that he needs a public affirmation, even if it is empty.

Anonymous said...

Only ten , wonder when the other 90 percent will get of the fence ,or is it a wall.

Johnno said...

But Vox... we were just told that swearing an "oath is a sign of insecurity and duplicity..."

I believe the Catholic Herald has it right that this news signals trouble coming soon.

That maybe we should expect that not all the Cardinals will be lending Francis any support while his 'Mouth of Sauron', Cardinal Francesco Coccopalmerio, prepares to give Francis' *official* response to the dubia.

Michael Dowd said...

Is this a gambit to show who will not show allegiance to the Pope? We need follow-up on this one.

Kathleen1031 said...

Everything they do has a point, but not ever the obvious one. It's like a big old Vatican Cup Game.

Can I take a moment and thank Vox for this amazing blog?
You work so hard at this blog, and you update frequently. I'm grateful, so very grateful, for all that you do. God bless you, your family, and your work. This crisis is bad, but you inform and console the people, thank you.

Anonymous said...

Cardinal Rodriguez Maradiaga is the leader in the Satanic dogma of Liberation Theology which was condemned by past Popes. This is the Satanist in Red Robes telling the Catholic Faithful the day after the rigged Conclave that Bergoglio was going to turn the Catholic Church upside down. He also stated by the end of Bergoglio's ponticate the Catholic Church would be unrecognizable todays Catholic Church. These are dangerous Communists that have infiltrated the Vatican and are promoting Sin and evil deeds.