Monday, 27 February 2017

Bergoglio's gross insult to the real "Anglican" Catholics of the Ordinariate

Pope Benedict XVI made it possible, in Anglicanorum Coetibus, for those Anglican who wanted to come home to the Catholic Church to do so whilst maintaining a liturgical patrimony particular to them. That has been produced in their Missal, Divine Worship. It is essentially the ancient Roman Mass with the New Lectionary. It's first options are the traditional Offertory and the Roman Canon. 

Catholics fed up with the disaster of the Novus Ordo and not ready to take the leap in to the traditional Mass can find a home in the Ordinariate.  

Writing from a Canadian perspective, in reality, the Apostolic Constitution and the Missal were twenty to thirty years too late for any great impact. Those Anglicans distressed about what was happening then already converted to the Catholic faith and did so mostly through RCIA and have been absorbed in to the Novus Ordo or attend the traditional Latin Mass where it is available. The Ordinariate, whilst a blessing, is small in Canada. 

Yesterday, the Bishop of Rome visited an Anglican Church in Rome. This false oecumenism is an insult to those Catholics who came into the Church through the Ordinariate. He plays with these people, leaving them in their delusions, particularly the Arch-layman of Canterbury. At least the Lutherites don't profess to have apostolic succession. 

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I can tell you from personal experience, those in Canada coming in to he Ordinariate were made to grovel at the feet of Roman arrogance. They were humiliated and insulted in the process. They accepted everything in the Catechism in a manner that cradle Catholics do not even accept. They were challenged in a manner that badly catechised pewsitters are not, and yet, they are typically more faithful.

They did it because they followed the prompting of the Holy Spirit and came home to the one true Church. Now, they sit and watch the Bishop of Rome do to the true Church, what they witnessed and suffered in the Anglican dis-communion over the last thirty years. 

Yes, go to the peripheries, find the lost sheep, But this is not what Bergoglio does. He does not say to these Anglicans of Rome, "Come home, I will give you a church building and you have Anglicanorum Coetibus." No, instead he leaves them in schism and heresy and apostasy from the Truth. 

He prefers to wallow in the mire rather than bring the lost out of it; and while he reaches out to the peripheries, he abandons the sheep already in the fold.

We know what that is.

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Ana Milan said...

The false ecumenism expounded by the 'spirit' of VII has led to this wantonly anti-Catholic sitting on the Throne of Peter. He hasn't stopped insulting Traditional Catholics since he got elected by the enablers of the Sankt Gallen Group (Mafia) who effectively 'got their man' in order to promote a NWO religion without God in line with NWO government promulgated by George Soros (Swartz).

None of them are card-carrying Catholics (probably never were) & most studied under those communists who were placed in seminaries during the 1930-40s by Bella Dodd. They are now all old men who have led immoral & corrupted lives who wish to make names for themselves in abolishing all God-centred religious belief before they depart from this world. They are Satan's minions to the core & while many true Catholic Cardinals, Bishops & Priests realise this, such is the intense belief in obedience to the Pope, even a rogue one, that they are quite unable to action his public outing & call for an Imperfect Council.

While it is thoroughly regrettable that Anglican Catholics are now the target of this man's wrath, it must be said that we generational Traditional Catholics who have kept the True Faith through thick & thin down the ages despite everything thrown at us by anti-Catholic civil governments & overlords, see it as the Devil's Work & it won't get any better until Russia is consecrated to the Immaculate Heart of Mary & the Third Secret of Fatima is finally revealed. Cardinal Burke from wherever you are in Guam please speak to us.

Eirene said...

PS Cardinal Burke - GET BACK from Guam and speak to us - NOW!!!!!

"Psalm 70: Make haste O GOD to deliver me, make haste to help me O LORD! Let them be ashamed and confounded who seek my life; let them be turned back and confused who desire my hurt. Let them be turned back because of their shame, who say "Aha, aha!"
Let all those who seek YOU rejoice and be glad in YOU; and let those who love Your salvation say continually "Let GOD be magnified!".
But I am poor and needy; make haste to me O GOD! You are my help and my deliverer O LORD, do not delay. Amen, Alleluia"
Psalm 63 - Last line:
"But the mouth of those who speak lies shall be stopped".

May a most profound and bitter repentance be visited upon Francis and his cohorts before they end their lives. Through the Intercession of the Holy Archangel St. Michael! Amen!

Young fogey emeritus said...

I'm not bent out of shape by the Pope visiting born Anglicans, people acting in good faith. Lending our churches to Anglicans for their services is really pushing it; the early church and the Orthodox wouldn't do that. Looking the other way to let non-Catholic spouses receive Communion is giving the finger to everyone who converted on principle. It's like illegal immigration: you have no right to what belongs to the community without joining the community.

Johnno said...

He's done a lot worse at this event.

Francis ropes Christ, St. Paul and the saints into his ecumenistic errors:

Jesus wants us to just pretend the past never happened. Fagedaboutit!

" In this holy image Jesus, looking, seems to address to us a call, an appeal: "Are you ready to leave something of your past for me? You want to be a messenger of my love, of my mercy? ""

St. Paul would've agreed with the Protestant World Council of Churches that the Catholic Church is equally another beggar without anything to offer. Catholic bread is no different from Protestant bread. A decentralized Church is humble! And de-contextualized quotes from St. Paul prove it!

" Become humble is to decentralize, to leave the center, recognize themselves in need of God, begging for mercy: it is the starting point because it is God at work. A President of the World Council of Churches described Christian evangelism as "a beggar telling another beggar where to find bread" (Dr. DT Niles). I think St. Paul would have approved."

There are non-Catholic saints! St. King Henry VIII, patron of remarried adulterers, ora pro nobis! All possible paths outside the Catholic Church!

" May the saints of every Christian confession, fully united in the Jerusalem above, open for us here below-the-way to all the possible paths of a fraternal and shared Christian journey."

Johnno said...

The hermeneutic of history! Because now our times are different! Just like adultery was different then in Christ's time, so too what was different then is not the same difference now!

" It is true that in history there are bad things everywhere, and "tear a" piece of history and take it like a ' "icon" of [our] relationship is not right. A historical fact is to be read in the hermeneutics of the time, not with another hermeneutics."

Oh no! What did Pope Benedict mean? I... that was probably just the hermeneutic of theologians... ignore those guys! Let's take a walk! Walking together is unity enough!

" Question: His predecessor, Pope Benedict XVI, has warned about the risk, in ecumenical dialogue, to give priority to social action collaboration rather than follow the path more demanding theological agreement. Apparently, she seems to prefer the opposite, ie "walk and work" together to achieve the goal of Christian unity. True?

Pope's answer:
I do not know the context in which Pope Benedict has said this, I do not know, so it is a bit 'hard for me, I'm embarrassed to answer ... He wanted to say this or not ... Perhaps it may have been in a conversation with the theologians ... But I'm not sure. Both these things are important. This certainly. Which of the two has the priority? ... And on the other hand there is the famous line of the Patriarch Athenagoras - which is true, because I asked the question to Patriarch Bartholomew and told me: "That's true" -, when he said to Blessed Pope Paul VI: "we make unity between us, and all theologians put them on an island because they think!". It was a joke, but I was, historically true, because I doubted but Patriarch Bartholomew told me that it is true. But what is the core of this, because I believe that what Pope Benedict said is true: you must look for the theological dialogue to also look for the roots ..., on the Sacraments ... on so many things on which we do not yet agree .. . But this can not be done in the laboratory: you have to make walking along the road. We are on the way and on the way we do these discussions. Theologians do them. But in the meantime we help us, us, with each other, in our need, in our lives, we help spiritually also. For example in twinning it was the fact of studying Scripture together, and help each other in the service of charity, in the service of the poor, in hospitals, wars ... It 's so important, so important that. One can not help ecumenical dialogue still. No. The ecumenical dialogue is done on the way, because the ecumenical dialogue is a journey, and the theological things are discussed on the way. I think this does not betray the mind of Pope Benedict, even the reality of the ecumenical dialogue. So I understand it. If I knew the context in which it was said that expression, perhaps I would say otherwise, but that's what I feel like saying."

Anglican? Catholic? Same difference!

" But there is another experience: in northern Argentina are the Anglican missions with the Aborigines and the Catholic missions with the Aborigines, and the Anglican bishop and a Catholic bishop beyond work together, and teach. And when people can not go on Sunday to the Catholic celebration goes to the Anglican Church, and Anglicans go to the Catholic, because they do not want to spend Sunday without a celebration; and work together. And here the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith knows. And do charity together. And the two bishops are friends, and the two communities have been friends."

All this and Eucharistic creativity and the young here: