Saturday, 11 February 2017

Vagina Hat wearing priest, William R. Lugger, praises racist eugenicist Margaret Sanger

William R. Lugger, the parish priest of St. Casimir's in the Diocese of Lansing, in Michigan, is at it again. The so-called, priest, who mistook a pussy hat for a biretta during Mass, has now praised on his Facebook, Margaret Sanger, the racist, eugenicist, murderous founder of Planned Parenthood, the world's largest provider of abortion. 

In addition to Sanger, one finds a prominent pro-abortion American Senator and radical abortion and anti-Catholic Supreme Court Judge.

Mahound's Paradise has the story.

A quick peruse around this pathetic man's Facebook page reveals that he spends too much time in silly games and posts and not enough praying his Office, hearing Confessions or feeding the poor.

William R. Lugger should never been ordained. He is a diabolical narcissist and a man in the service of Satan, not Jesus Christ.

Enough of these effeminate, filthy priests.


Kathleen1031 said...

Well this man's "Catholicism" is not Catholicism. Yet we see there are some skipping down the road to hell following after these false leaders. They will decimate the Church, because this effeminate Church does not have the truth, and not having the truth, only middle-aged to old ladies are unfortunately attracted to it. I myself am in that demographic, and sad as I am to say it, many of my peers seem all too easily taken in. But there will not be families with many children, and men will vanish from the pews.An effeminate, "Broadway" Church will only be interesting for so long, then, one may as well just stay home. Without actual worship, these dog and pony shows become boring and tiresome. They cannot possibly compete with the rest of the world, which they are trying to do, so people lose interest fairly quickly.
Man of the World! By encouraging sin, by encouraging abortion, by encouraging lies, and misleading your flock, the souls YOU are accountable for, you are on your way to Hell. Repent! Repent before it is too late.

Ana Milan said...

His Bishop, Earl Boyea, should now be encouraged by all Catholics via email & letter, to dismiss this man from CC ministry. Bishops & Cardinals are not taking their consecrated duty to deal with such malefactors & the laity must therefore step into the breach. All the rot is coming to the surface. Fr. Fulton Sheen predicted these days so we should be ready to take whatever steps are necessary to rid ourselves of such bad clerics.

Anonymous said...

On Traveler----
It's amazing how unashamed these radical Leftwing malefactors are! Ordained to destroy the Church, or something!

I remember once in Silicon Valley quizzing a couple of Paulist Priests fresh from the harvest of Brazil if they were in fact "Liberation Theology" enthusiasts including all the murder and mayhem that Lib Theology included. They did not deny it, and were happily for it, bringing it to the hoi polloi of the Peninsula south of San Francisco.

Michael said...

A quick look through this man's Facebook page reveals that he's not a faithful Catholic. A few posts earlier than the one you shared suggests he is supportive of homosexual activity (go figure, his own mannerisms are apparent even in still pictures).

Anonymous said...

This is a Homosexual Priest that never should have ever been ordained and the lunatic Bishop that ordained this fraud should be defrocked and will have to pay for it in the next life!

Dorota Mosiewicz-Patalas said...

He is flexible not rigid.
He understand how divisive doctrines are, so instead of bothering with them, he lets Bergolio's spirit move him.

Barnum said...

Nice vase and ceramic knickknack collection in the background of Fr. Lugger's photo.

JMoore said...

Its nearly impossible to imagine this "preist" is not a total sodomite grids-faggot.

Mike said...

I can't help thinking that these type of "priests" - ordained in the doubtful/invalid 1968 rite of Holy Orders of Paul VI no less - are all a bunch of shameless poofters.