Saturday, 18 February 2017

Pope Francis as pacifist, ecologist and ecumenist

Bishop of Rome Bergoglio has issued a bulletin to the Meeting of Popular Movements meeting in Modesto, California. It is ironic considering that he previously equated the populism that elected Donald J. Trump as President of the United States with the national socialism of Adolf Hitler, but gives a warm statement to these populists. Clearly, Bergoglio does not oppose populism, only the populism that doesn't agree with his form of Peronist-Marxist populism. Reading the diatribe, one clearly sees it as just one more poorly veiled attack on the American President. 

The whole bulletin, a diatribe of leftist excrement that could have been written by George Soros,  can be read on the Vatican web page. He also states in this Marxist social justice essay that, "Muslim terrorism does not exist." Tell that to the people who have suffered from Muslim terrorism. 

I know that you have committed yourselves to fight for social justice, to defend our Sister Mother Earth and to stand alongside migrants. I want to reaffirm your choice and share two reflections in this regard. 
First, the ecological crisis is real. “A very solid scientific consensus indicates that we are presently witnessing a disturbing warming of the climatic system.”  Science is not the only form of knowledge, it is true. It is also true that science is not necessarily “neutral”—many times it conceals ideological views or economic interests. However, we also know what happens when we deny science and disregard the voice of Nature. I make my own everything that concerns us as Catholics. Let us not fall into denial. Time is running out. Let us act. I ask you again—all of you, people of all backgrounds including native people, pastors, political leaders—to defend Creation.

The Bishop of Rome cannot compel you, he cannot compel me to believe junk science. There is strong evidence that the world has been cooling for nearly a decade due to sun spot activity. It is a geological fact that fossils of ferns and palms exist in Greenland and northern Alberta indicating that at another time in history, the earth was warmer than it is now. Climate changes, period.

He cannot compel you he cannot compel me to refuse to state that millions of Muslims are terrorists or support terrorism. There are 1.5 billion in the world, if 1% support terrorism, that is 15,000,000 and there is more than 1%. But there are no Muslim terrorists.

Now, to the real matter at hand.

How sad, how distressing that Holy Mother Church has sold out to the world. How much of a betrayal that the very Bishop of Rome himself, should buy in to false oecumenism, junk environmental science and misplaced pacifism while Christians, and in fact, many Muslims, lose their peace, their property and their lives to radical Islamic terrorists.

Nearly ten years ago, on March 1, 2007, John Henry Westen of LifeSiteNews penned a story about the Lenten retreat of Pope Benedict XVI and the invited retreat master, the retired Archbishop of Bologna, Giacommo Biffi. 

We wrote previously about Cardinal Biffi, at this link, and about a subject dear to him, the Russian, Vladimir Sergeevic Soloviev and his writings on the Antichrist. 

Weston writes:
This year’s selection when it became known created a stir since Cardinal Biffi, while he is known for orthodox faith and frank words, is most well known, at least in the secular media, for his preaching on the Antichrist.  In fact, the Times of London reported in 2004 that the Cardinal described the Antichrist as "walking among us".
The Lenten retreat did not disappoint.  Cardinal Biffi picked up on his oft repeated theme of the Antichrist, basing his remarks on the works of Vladimir Soloviev, a Russian religious philosopher who has received praise from Pope Benedict prior to his elevation to the pontificate.
Image result for antichrist art
Quoting Soloviev, the Cardinal said "the Antichrist presents himself as pacifist, ecologist and ecumenist."
"He will convoke an ecumenical council and will seek the consensus of all the Christian confessions, granting something to each one. The masses will follow him, with the exception of small groups of Catholics, Orthodox and Protestants," he said according to a Zenit translation of a Vatican Radio summary here: (no longer there)
In his "Tale of the Antichrist" Solovyov foresees that a small group of Catholics, Orthodox and Protestants will resist and will say to the Antichrist: "You give us everything, except what interests us, Jesus Christ".   For Cardinal Biffi, this narrative is a warning: "Today, in fact, we run the risk of having a Christianity which puts aside Jesus with his cross and resurrection."
The 78-year-old cardinal added that if Christians "limited themselves to speaking of shared values they would be more accepted on television programs and in social groups. But in this way, they will have renounced Jesus, the overwhelming reality of the resurrection."
Cardinal Biffi affirmed that "if Christianity—on opening itself to the world and dialoguing with all—dilutes the salvific event, it closes itself to a personal relationship with Jesus and places itself on the side of the Antichrist."

Let the reader discern.


GMUA said...

Stop typing "pope" before his moniker.

Dorota Mosiewicz-Patalas said...

You talk about Holy Mother Church, he talks about Sister Mother Earth. Surreal.

Yes, yes... As his pro-abort grandma pal Hillary Clinton is saying - the future is female. We can clearly see that the not so distant future religion is worship of sister mother earth. I wonder, is Bergoglio going to align himself with this pay-back for evil patriarchy under God the Father, by transitioning into one of the superior genders, as Bruce Jenner did?

Anonymous said...

JayJay said...

Francis of Rome,
You are a certifiable crackpot. Anyone with a lick of sense ignores your mindless ramblings. Were this 600 years earlier you would be run out of Rome by peasants with pitchforks and firebrands. Your future is unenviable.

Anonymous said...

Gigantic Statue of “Pope” Francis comes to Ciudad Juarez, Mexico.

Dorota Mosiewicz-Patalas said...

Oh, talking about surreal - When Jorge Bergoglio, the Vicar of Christ refuses to welcome a gathering of the faithful waiting to see their newly elected pope in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ (there might be non-Christians present, and we have long ago left behind customs of civil society such as "When in Rome, do as Romans do"), Melania Trump opens a (populist, oh no!) rally with the Lord's Prayer.

I don't know whether Trumps are really Christians, or whether it is a stunt.

I DO know that Bergoglio's papacy is a stunt.

franciscanusanglicanus said...

Even those who are not Catholic or even religious, for that matter, are looking at Francis as being a crackpot, delusional, out of touch with the world and, perhaps out of touch with reality. Some are even wondering if he is mentally unstable. I never thought I would see the day when I would feel so negative about the Bishop of Rome. Pope Benedict did a great disservice to
the church by resigning.

Kathleen1031 said...

Dorota, the Trumps are in, stunts, if they happened at all, are pointless now. All indications are, it's for real. His words, actions, and appointments indicate he is a Christian. No wonder he is despised. I'm certain he knows why. For Melania to do that speaks volumes about them. God bless them both, and may He protect and help them. The entire Marxist regime is against them.
This papacy would be a joke if it were funny. A joke.
For what it's worth, that doesn't even sound like him, to me. Oh it's mother earth garbage all right, but it sounds like somebody else's mother earth garbage. I don't think he even writes half the stuff that gets out there. What difference does it make, if it's him or some other heretic. We're all the dumb masses, let us eat cake.

Anonymous said...

They can dialogue to their hearts content about environmental issues ,God has the final Word when it comes to Nature ,He Created it.While a lot of environmental issues are caused by pollution ,testing Atomic bombs in the ocean for instance ,the Earth is saturated with the blood of the innocent ,who are been denied life .They have made themselves masters of life and death ,nature has only one Master.

Anonymous said...

Wonder if jorgeee has ever read the Bible. The Lord's book mentions gates many times, gates are the only entry through a place surrounded by walls. Perhaps Jorge of the jungle is not referring to Trump, he maybe referring to the lord. You never know what that clown is thinking!

Eirene said...

When Francis says we should "defend Creation", does he mean the Creation of man and the world by Almighty God that I heard in a sermon in a Roman Catholic Church some 3 years' ago was "just a theological myth"? Francis is all about defending the propositions of his besties (the NWO and the big end of town)- in fact not just defending them but labelling them as "reality"! Insanity rules within his head and inside the Vatican! The Church has been abused, defaced and severely damaged by this man! I pray he and his cohorts will come to a most bitter repentance before too long! In the meantime I sit back and await the usual guff called the Lenten Message from our Archbishop which (if last year's offering was anything to go by) is about everything BUT Repentance ! Ho, hum, just as well we still have the Word of God and our faithful bloggers, eh?!

Michael Dowd said...

"He will convoke an ecumenical council and will seek the consensus of all the Christian confessions, granting something to each one. The masses will follow him, with the exception of small groups of Catholics, Orthodox and Protestants,"

Is this not the Pope's hinted, partially stated and implied plan right now? We seem to be clearly in the end times.

Dorota Mosiewicz-Patalas said...


I agree.
Mt Trump and his wife, as all of us, are imperfect. Yet I have no good reason to suspect therm of insincerity. I hinted at such suspicion only because I am much criticized for the great hope I have for the USA governed by this man. We all know his success or lack thereof will have an effect on the rest of the world.
May God bless them, protect them and guide them. They DO have my full support. Some of the decisions already made are disappointing, but I will not judge Mr, Trump without knowing the whole context of those decisions.

Kathleen1031 said...

Dorota, that is my thinking as well. Not every decision is going to be one I would agree with, but second guessing this particular presidency would be unfair and foolish. He's up against a formidable entity that never rests. I can't imagine anyone in his prior comfortable life wanting to do all this. My support for him originates in his obvious sincerity for wanting to help America and Americans, to me, a great place to start. I never expect perfection from others when I am so far from it myself. A great deal does rest on this man and his administration. For us and for the world. God writes straight with crooked lines.
Michael, I agree with that. It seems the goal. Destruction of the Church and reformulation into an amalgam of humanism, which he will then lead.

laurelmarycecilia said...

My friends and I are saying the 54 day rosary novena for President and Mrs. Trump's conversion to the one, holy, catholic and apostolic Church. We can think of no greater thank you for what you are doing for the country than that. Join us??? said...

Did Blessed Anna Katharina Emmerick foresee the Lutheranization of the Catholic Church in Our Time? -

Anonymous said...

Caveat lector! That's a sedevacantist website.

Unknown said...

That accusation of the faithful, "You give us everything, except what interests us, Jesus Christ" can be said of nearly every announcement, press release, or official communication of the Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops.