Monday, 20 February 2017

Gregory Baum, Raymond Lahey - how many more sodomite perverts are hiding out in the Church in Canada?

A few days ago, the news broke that Gregory Baum, a former Augustinian priest, theologian and peritus at Vatican II is a sodomite. The word "homosexual" is only from the late 19th century. It is a nonsensical word mean man-sex, here we will choose to use the perfectly good biblical word, sodomite. 

The news about Baum was self-revealed in his book, published last November; it seems that nobody really read it until recently that the news should come out. 

Baum engaged in his first perverted behaviour with another man, a fellow priest, in 1964, one year after the end of the Second Vatican Council and four years before he, along with Remi de Roo, brow-beat weak, ineffective and probably effeminate Canadian bishops to dissent against Humanae Vitae and whose reasoning of "conscience" is now used by Bergoglio and his clerical henchmen, to betray the Lord Jesus and the faithful on matters of adultery.

Dissent is all related to matters below the belly button.

Related imageRaymond Lahey was the Bishop of Antigonish, in Nova Scotia. On a trip back from Bangkok; yes, you can ask, "why was a Canadian bishop vacationing in Bangkok, Lahey was arrested and later charged and convicted of having child pornography on his laptop computer. The evidence showed that Lahey used the exploitation and sexual degradation of children for his own masturbatory fantasies. The pervert bishop also engaged in at least a ten-year long sodomitical relationship. He has been defrocked.

This writer is aware of more, many more. 

Auxiliary Bishops.

Seminary professors. 


The Church in Canada is infiltrated at all levels with men who have no love of the true faith and no love of Christ. There goal is to destroy the Church and the faith of the people.

They must be outed. 


Michael said...

I wouldnt be surprised if there were some in southwestern ontario (Diocese of London).I have some suspicions. I pray for the souls of these sodomite perverts in our One, Holy, Catholic, and Apostolic Church.

Dorota Mosiewicz-Patalas said...

Not that long I was shocked every time I heard news of priests and married persons who broke their vows of celibacy and marital fidelity respectively. I imagined they suffered horribly under the weight of their sin.
Then I heard someone going as pope say that most Catholic marriages are invalid, because people don't know what they are vowing when they are. He is so merciful, priests defrocked for pedophilia are returned to priesthood upon a promise that they would refrain from raping children. I ask - Do they know what they are promising?
One can not expect any logic, any consistency from this... pope. Unless one expects a consistent lack of discernment and fidelity to our Lord Jesus Christ.
Has anyone read about that priest Andrea Contin in Padua, Italy, who had sex orgies at the altar which included other priests, women, dogs and horses?
He should promise not to do it any more. Who are we to judge anyway?

Kathleen1031 said...

Estimates are one half of the clergy are sodomites.
We have good reason to suspect sodomites are the source of so much dissension in our church.
We have proof they are the sexual abusers, the priest predators, of little boys and vulnerable young men. (John Jay Study)
Our church has hidden from this scourge too long. Denied it. Played with words by avoiding it and calling it a "pedophile problem", which it is NOT, it is a "Homosexual priest" problem. Pederasty and homosexuality go together, always have. But in our PC culture, no one wants to say this, and clearly, no one in the church is willing to call a spade a spade and actually DO something about it. So we have increasing calls for heresy and we can be sure, boys and young men are being buggered. Surely, seminaries and rectory's may look more like Studio 54 than places for religious formation.
We will never see the real church again, until this rot is identified and removed.

Kathleen1031 said...

Dorota, you may find it difficult, as I do, to know enough about this topic, but not too much. The accompanying behaviors of these perverted people, are so vile, so heinous. I am sure, that if anyone produced a documentary faced on FACTS, people would overcome their PC obsession and end the support for homosexuality. Back in the day we talked about people's privacy, and how it was none of anybody's business. But as we see, these have become public health threats, certainly a perilous danger for boys and young men. The website Massresistance has great information on the many diseases that accompany this disordered behavior.
Everyone, heterosexual or homosexual, deserves to be treated with human dignity and general compassion, but dignity and compassion ends when boys or young men are being destroyed for your pleasures. This has gone on far, far too long in our church.

Anonymous said...

Michael, the diocese of London is chock full of sodomites and effeminates. I spent several years there, and I could guess easily half the clergy are. It is truly a wasteland in southwest Ontario.

Ana Milan said...

As long as the non-sodomite priests stay silent nothing will, or can, be done. It has progressed to such a state because of an unholy fear of disobedience to bad prelates & now a bad pope that they have lost sight of why they actually joined a seminary in the first instance which, hopefully, was to serve God. By their silence they only serve Satan. When will they all waken up?

I hope the poster campaign in Rome continues - it might be the only way for the voice of the laity to be heard. Ridicule this pontificate until they simply cannot continue.

Dorota Mosiewicz-Patalas said...

- When young, I rejected Catholic teaching on contraception.
Now I see that I was wrong.
Human beings have always engaged in base behaviours, such as stealing, gossip, pleasure-seeking. That doesn't mean we should normalize and celebrate low tendencies. Jesus Christ showed us the way. Knowing our weakness, we put our trust and hope in God, who gives us strength.

This new Bergoglian church is celebrating base, sinful tendencies. It talks about mortal sin as a gift to the Church. If physical intimacy or sex is not sinful outside of marriage open to life, there is no reason why sodomites, paedophiles and other seekers of unnatural pleasures should abstain from it. We WILL see normalization/legalization of paedophilia. Advocates of these crimes are using the "I was born this way" pseudo-argument.

I know this is coming, I know it is estimated that at least 30% of the so called elites are paedophiles. Some former CIA agents claim that there are Saudi-owned restaurants in Washington DC, where one can order children from the menu. All if this is not fake media, as Bergoglio would have it. And talking about it is not a disgusting form of sexual deviance he compared it to. But why would he not want to cover it up? - Some of his best friends have brought these special gifts and unique insights to the Church. He also supports the sick UN-promoted sex-ed.

It is wrong and stupid and ungodly to claim that people (of all ages, too!) have sexual rights. It is wrong and stupid to see the horrible consequences of sexual revolution as inevitable and irreversible progress (though I believe the sodomy-pushing Jesuits can no longer see straight, they sincerely see sodomy as a gift to humanity). The fact that we find ourselves trapped (not liberated) in this global Sodom doesn't mean that we should embrace it and promote it.

But it is too late. It will have to get much much worse, before the average, well-meaning, brainwashed person wakes up. I don't think I will see that day.

Anonymous said...

Here in the Diocese of Antigonish there are probably a lot more than the former Bishop that is a sodomite.

Anonymous said...

It may be too late for change in the system. So much tragic damage done the last 50 years and its consequences reaching their culmination. People may soon have to choose sides, and they need to know the rich beauty and truth of the Catholic faith that they were never taught. But perhaps more than ever, there is a great need for prayer and courageous witness before the masses of sheep (and even poorly formed pastors) to help bring about conversion, repentance and ultimately, salvation.
- Brother Anthony

Roseanne said...

As anyone who has fallen from the state of grace into a state of sexual perversion ( adultery,even in the heart), masterbation, homosex,premarital sex, has to admit that they have not been able to change their behavior and mental attitude accompanying it without praying for supernatural help.. and receiving it.As Jesus said to Mary Magdaline, "Go, and sin no more." Sacramental Confession till grace to overcome sin is the best answer.

Vox Cantoris said...

Yes, indeed. Confession every week, every day if necessary. It works for all of us.