Thursday, 16 February 2017

Communion For All, Catholics and Protestants. Words of Kasper, Or Rather of the Pope

How much do those of us in the English-speaking world owe Sandro Magister. For years now, this blogger has frequently linked and quoted him. He is true in faith and erudite in his analysis. He has suffered for it at the hands of Vatican apparatchiks.

Once again, we see the villains that have taken over Rome

Remain true friend. Do not despair. Pray your Rosary, pray the Divine Office linked to the right above, or if need be, the modern Liturgy of the Hours, also linked above. I cannot stress enough the importance of attending the traditional Rite of the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass. 

16 Feb

Communion For All, Catholics and Protestants. Words of Kasper, Or Rather of the Pope

The obscurity with which Pope Francis loves to speak and write on the most controversial questions is one of the constants of his magisterium, an obscurity that reached its summit in the response that he gave on November 15, 2015 to a Lutheran woman married to a Catholic, who was asking him if she too could receive communion at Mass:


Anonymous said...

What a fool I've been. I left protestantism because I saw it as a lie and not Christ's Church. I should have just stuck around until Francis said I was perfectly fine as a protestant. St Thomas More and St John Fisher died for nothing I suppose.

Michael said...

Often times, when I receive communion, I thank God that I didn't do it until I was Catholic. The first Mass I attended, the priest informed the congregation that non-Catholics could not receive communion, but he then explained that "some of us are trying to change that." I was disappointed at the time, because I wanted to participate fully. I'm not sure why though, because I didn't even believe in God back then. I thank God that the first time I received Our Lord in the Holy Eucharist was when I was freshly-baptized and confirmed, and had spent a great deal of time preparing for such an awesome moment.

I deeply resent that I was not catechized properly on receiving communion on the tongue, even though I have nearly always done so for some reason. I deeply resent that the importance of confession, though I had some understanding of it through self-catechesis, was not impressed upon me by someone who knew me in person, and who was a holy example to me to guide me through my early years of being Catholic. Francis apparently wants the Church to return to what I experienced early on, so I deeply resent him most of all.

Anonymous said...


You are not a fool, nor did St. Thomas More or St. John Fisher (also St. John the Baptist) or any other saint who defended marriage die in vain.

Keep the Faith, friend. Remember: the wheels of Divine Justice grind slowly, but they grind to powder.

Next Sunday is Meatfare Sunday the Sunday of the Last Judgement (Matthew 25: 31-46).

Deacon/Priest: For a Christian, painless, blameless, peaceful end to our life and for a good account before the dread judgement seat of Christ, let us beseech the Lord.

People: Grant it, O Lord.

In Christ the King,


Anonymous said...

This Cardinal Kasper won't be smiling went he gets to Hell ! This corrupted soul of a Cardinal has manipulated everyone in his path except Traditionalists. He even had the gull to manipulate the Conclave to have Bergoglio corruptly elected Pope. Just look at the lime light Cardinal Kasper as become since the Conclave. Bergoglio gives this Prince of Satan anything he wants on a silver platter. Adulters, Sodomites and now Protestants can receive Communion. Next it will be ISIS !

Eirene said...

Francis is simply an "Open Borders" catholic. He is offering the Holy Body and Precious Blood of Our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ to all comers !
Nothing more needed than the desire (maybe even curiousity/rebellious spirit/ignorance) to approach the Sacred Sacrifice without reverence/holy fear/repentance/awe because,after all, our destination is Heaven and by golly we are ALL going there! But then this populist Francis denounces populism in the next breath!
It is NOT President Trump who needs a mental health check up but the "leader" of the Roman Catholic Church who slanders the President with the label "nazi" ! And all the people said "Bravo Francis ", apart from the few faithful, heart broken souls who stand before the Crucifix of Our Beloved Lord and watch His Holy Wounds weep afresh with His Blood. And His Tears fall out of His Holy Eyes like diamonds, in sorrow at this ultimate betrayal from one to whom He entrusted His Beloved Flock! Kyrie Eleison! Repent Francis and cohorts, or be damned forever!