Wednesday, 1 February 2017

Here Bergoglio, here is your Luther!

Here Pope Bergoglio, here you can gaze upon the filth of your Luther.

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We Are About To Enter A New World War, Christians Are Going To Suffer The Most Horrific Persecution, Humanity Is About To Enter Its Darkest Moment, A Great Cloud Of Evil Will Flood The Earth, And It Will Create An Ocean Of Blood And Death
By Theodore Shoebat

“I do insist,” Hitler once said, “on the certainty that sooner or later — once we hold power — Christianity will be overcome and the German church established. Yes, the German church, without a Pope and without the Bible, and Luther, if he could be with us, would give us his blessing.”
In these words, we see the ideological link between Luther’s revolution and Nazi thought. In the uprising of Germany, be it in the First World War or the Second World War, we see Luther at the heart of the ideological aspiration of imperialism, Darwinism, and the desire to exterminate and conquer one’s enemies. If Germany ever rises again as an enemy of humanity, Luther will be at the center its despotic reign of terror.
Caution: disturbing images

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Eirene said...

Maybe a trigger alert on the picture of the beheaded person (no doubt a Christian!) would have been a consideration, Vox?! Just saying!