Tuesday, 14 February 2017

Bergoglio's puppy Cocco, can't even show up at his own heretical book launch presser? DUBIA MUST BE ANSWERED BY BERGOGLIO!

Using an excuse about a "diary clash," Berogoglio lapdog Coccopalmerio, an alleged Cardinal and Prince of the Holy Roman Church, has skipped out on his presser to reveal his book.

The book, allegedly the answer to the Dubia of Father Bergoglio from the four Cardinals, and I dare say, millions of faithful, is not an acceptable answer from the Bishop of Rome. 

Excerpts from the book clearly reveal that the provision of Holy Communion and Penance for unrepentant adulterers is to be the norm. 
“The divorced and remarried, de facto couples, those cohabitating, are certainly not models of unions in sync with Catholic Doctrine, but the Church cannot look the other way. Therefore, the sacraments of Reconciliation and Communion should be given even to those so-called wounded families and to however many who, despite living in situations not in line with traditional matrimonial canons, express the sincere desire to approach the sacraments after an appropriate period of discernment.”
Nothing is said about sodomites, child rapists, pornography aficionados are priests who bugger little boys, but if it's okay to receive Holy Communion after you've fornicated with whores against your wife, or rakes against your husband, why not those priests who use their power to bugger, fellate, felch and gerbil little boys?

How about to murderers or embezzlers? Maybe extortionists and slave traders? You see, where does it end? Either it is mortal sin or it isn't?

Oh, I just couldn't help myself!

Coccopalmerio is a filthy heretic. A heresiarch that should be pummeled with the Catechism and sent off to a monastery and he can take along the Bishop of Rome with him.

Sorry for the bluntness but the reality is sometimes necessary.

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How proud is this peacock, eh?

Thanks Papa Ratzinger. Another sound decision on your part.

Coccopalmerio is a flaming heretic.

So is his Bergoglio.

More to come ...


Ana Milan said...

Did no-one consult Cardinal Coccopalmerio about the presser, or have they at last got the message that only PF's respnse to the Dubia will suffice as it was addressed to him ,the signatory of AL?

Perhaps the four Cardinals should now hold their own presser at short notice & publicly state that the Formal Correction has been made & has been received with the same disinterest so they are proceeding as already stated & calling an Imperfect Council to alert us not to follow PF, etc. That would really put the cat among the pigeons!

Kathleen1031 said...

Well at least it's an indication they do comprehend the agitation over this is building and patience is running out. We have a right to expect a YES or NO on the dubia. The Cardinals extended it, but it represents the expectation of the faithful, the sheep, that the man who sits in the Chair of Peter will answer it, and no one else. Do not send a man to talk about his book, we do not want to hear from him. We want to hear from YOU.
I keep reading "Are you ready for the pope to answer the dubia?", but I have a question, how can we go on without an answer? We are living with the faith held over the flames, tauntingly pulled back then advanced once again. How long can this confusion go on? Right now there is growing Eucharistic sacrilege, which is only going to grow every day that this heresy is unaddressed. People are becoming comfortable in adultery and other sinful behaviors, "because the pope now says it's ok". How can we not have an answer?
I do not believe this man is going to answer the dubia, because he cannot. He will not now, after digging in with his pride, capitulate to do his job, suppress his immense pride, demonstrate a modicum of humility, and answer the dubia. He will not simply admit heresy, but of course he is teaching heresy, so what good will waiting do for us? If we are to schism, then let's get to it, so that the sheep and the goats can divide accordingly and openly. It will be bad. It will be terrible, the stuff of nightmares, but, God will be with us.

I simply cannot imagine him doing anything but, a long-winded meandering and deceptive explanation as we have already heard, that answers nothing, or, silence, because he cannot answer the dubia.
I hope the Cardinals do something very soon. It is not even tolerable to play cat and mouse games such as the one that just was played on us. This imposter on the throne talks incessantly, you can't shut him up, now, he coyly peeks at us, playing games, he has nothing to say. The Catholics who are paying attention already know, but this deserves every possible consideration we can give it. Yet even this has a limit.
Jesus, help us. Our Lady, pray for us.

Johnno said...

The Mouth of Sauron doesn't even show up to parley? So much for meeting the peoples where they are and dialogue... I was looking forward to a good round of accompaniment...

jim norwood said...

Too bad we didn't have the internet 50 years ago!

Anonymous said...

Puppy Coco is a complete heretic writing Apostasy with a zeal to send souls to Hell. This Cardinal is a complete lunatic in red robes. He not a Pince to Christ quite countrary this Cardinal is a prince to Satan.

Anonymous said...

How about this: We print up postcards with the Caption saying "Pope Francis - Answer the Dubia" or the Caption "Pope Francis - I expect you to answer the Dubia" and each and every faithful send a postcard to Rome. We could ask bloggers( to volunteer) to put the postcard on their website where the faithful could download it, print it and send it Rome.The number of downloads could be tallied to get an approximation of the number of postcards...if possible.

IF the pope doesn't respond the next step would ne to send postcards to Cardinals to start the Formal Correction of Pope.

This should be an endeavor from the laity world wide. I soul be glad to make a donation toward the design of the postcard.

Vox - what so think of this idea? Would it be possible to coordinate this with your blogger friends?

The postcard would already have Pope Francis' address at the Vatican. All the laity would have to do is to add a stamp at the minimum and optionally, add a personal respectful message to reinforce the request above that is on the face of the postcard.

TLM said...

If you read Hillary White's piece about his ability to instill FEAR, and some of what they've uncovered about the kind of Cardinal he was in Argentina, it is then understandable what we see going on around him in Rome.

The terrifying part is what you see going on in the American media and other places where they are crucifying Cardinal Burke with their disinformation and out and out lies, saying what an OGRE he is for his picking on poor Pope Francis when he is working hard to bring so much 'good' to the Church and Society at large with his REFORM of the Catholic Church. Hit piece after hit piece in the main stream media! If people can't see by now that the global left wing demons and the Vatican are working hand in glove, I don't know what it will take to open their eyes. Look at the total picture........THEY ARE ON THE SAME TEAM!!!! They are working together to bring down the Church of Christ and eventually Christianity altogether!!

Kathleen1031 said...

lol Johnno, and encounter, don't forget encounter!
TLM, yes, they are on the same team. The rise of Barack Hussein Obama and Bergolio are no coincidence. This has troubled me for years, the deterioration of the church, that cannot ALL be tied of Bergolio, and the noticeable growing strength of Marxism. The concerns about globalists and "One World Government" as the stuff of overly-dramatic imaginings don't seem as far fetched now, they seem very likely. I cannot imagine any other explanation for the sudden American mainstream media persecution of Cardinal Burke, which is still shocking. Why do these media types suddenly CARE about Cardinal Burke? Their increasing use of violent verbal attacks and visuals are indicative of their mental or spiritual states. One man in the Trump administration was just portrayed by the New York Times with his head on a pike, ala, ISIS. The Leftists ooze a vile hatred.

Johnno said...

Forget Francis.

Instead print out your own dubia and send it to every priest you know and nail it to the Church doors and windows and everywhere.

- will you give communion to unrepentant adulterers
- will you accept that the conscience alone absolves one from sin.
- will you accept a new rite of Mass that makes a cosubstantial eucharist?
- what will you do if your bishop forces you to?
- will you follow antipope Francis into hell?

Time to start putting the pressure on your local priests and bishops. Yes, even send it to the good ones. Everywhere! Use guerilla tactics just as what was done in Rome.

I'll work on something.

Johnno said...

Ann barnhardt also had some interesting things to share...

Dorota Mosiewicz-Patalas said...

@ geneticallycatholic

I like the idea, but so far we don't have many in support of it.
Of course, it wouldn't change anything in the Vatican, because Bergoglio and team know about our shock and pain, and have no intention to slow down on the persecution of the Church. Quite the opposite.

Yet this doesn't mean that we should passively accept it. We do what we can, and we should do what we can.

Vox here does a lot. My gratitude to Vox.

Let's see if anyone else responds.

May God bless You.

Unknown said...

Nice: "Pope Francis - Answer the Dubia" or the Caption "Pope Francis - I expect you to answer the Dubia"

Or have a huge banner with those words unfurled in St. Peter's Square.

Anonymous said...


Which article by Hilary White?


Anonymous said...

I look forward to reading what you are working on.

But I still think flooding Pope Francis with postcards is workable and may bring results.

We could make postcards of that poster that was put up in Rome and send that to him...though perhaps they will mot be delivered given what happened to the book "Remaining in the Truth of Christ". ...