Wednesday, 8 February 2017

Rev. Peter M.J. Stravinskas, you need to concern yourself more with the errors of your priest brothers in the Novus Ordo!

Image result for Rev. Peter M.J. StravinskasI am sure you have seen this.

I was going to write an essay but I can't add anything any better than these erudite responses, other than, I would support a fixed Advent proper as in Lent.

Father Hunwicke called Stavinskas' work "immensely silly." He was being far too charibable.

I would call it an immensely stupid, untimely, arrogant and ridiculous screed!

Get your tinkering, modernist, uneducated, liturgically incompetent silly little brain off the the Holy Mass and concentrate on saving your souls and your flocks!

Have I said it plainly enough Father Stravinskas?


Michael said...

I met Fr. Stravinskas once, many years ago. I have never met a more bitter, arrogant priest.

Anonymous said...

Your spiteful and priest-disrespectful comment is a good illustration of WHY
MANY Catholics do not want anything to do with you-arrogant traddies.

Will you have enough humility to publish my comment?

Vox Cantoris said...

And your cowardly anonymous spiteful comment disrespectful to me is one reason why I do this.

You call me an arrogant traddie?

What are you but an arrogant modernist?

Do you have enough humility to identify yourself? Coward!

c matt said...

The proof is in the pudding - since the introduction of the Nervous Order, the Church has gone into complete collapse. So who are you going to believe, some anonymous commenter, or your own lying eyes?

For the first 45 years of my life, I knew nothing about traditional (i.e., true) Catholicism. TGII - thank God for the internet. Upon awakening, my first reaction was to be really p.o.ed - it is criminal, diabolical and every other horrible "-al" of what we have been robbed. There must be a very special circle of hell awaiting those who did this. Admittedly, it is not easy to get over once you realize what has been done to you (like finding out your wife of 10 years was formerly male).

Now, still a little ticked, but more just feel pity for those stuck in Nervous Order la-la-land.

jzreparatrix said...

Gentlemen, charity please.

t said...

Whatever happened to 'New Mass' and 'Traditional Mass' or 'Tridentine Mass' etc? I know where those terms come from, but they drive me nuts.

Dan said...

Light shows, we need light shows.

Michael said...

"Your spiteful and priest-disrespectful comment is a good illustration of WHY MANY Catholics do not want anything to do with you-arrogant traddies."

Fr. Stravinskas was far more disrespectful in person than the owner of this blog has ever been online. We are not paying the owner of this blog and listening to him berate us in return. That is exactly what happened when Fr. Stravinskas came to talk at a parish near me.
The little blue collar town couldn't fill an auditorium for him, and some of us showed up dressed like what we were- factory workers and farmers. Just the same, it was a speaking engagement- a chance to speak about love of Christ and His Church, and their check was as good as anyone else's would have been. I've heard much more prominent speakers speak to much smaller, much less "important" crowds without such arrogance- and they weren't even priests. So sorry we weren't good enough for Father Peter Stravinskas.

Dorota Mosiewicz-Patalas said...

I am with Vox.
Hate sanctimonious bullies. Hypocrites who demand respect for priests because they are priests, and will attack anyone who dares to express an honest, well-informed opinion.
Priests who abuse children were able to do it in many different parishes again and again, thanks to this kind of righteousness.

Anonymous said...

One charitable priest friend summed him up for me......"He's a flamer."

Unknown said...

Mike you are so correct, I had him for a Philosophy course at college. He is a straight asshole and bitter as hell. He believes that he is entitled to disrespect people.