Wednesday, 15 February 2017

Is Bergoglio about to force WomenDeaconettes on the Church?

Did you, good reader, happen to catch that little moment of profound homiletical wisdom emanating as sweet frankenonsense from the mouth of Bergoglio at the Vatican Motel, the one about women?

I will quote all of it so that you can get the context and lest we ever be accused of manipulating the words of the Bishop of Rome:

“When women are not there, harmony is missing. We might say: But this is a society with a strong masculine attitude, and this is the case, no? The woman is missing. ‘Yes, yes: the woman is there to wash the dishes, to do things…’ No, no, no! The woman is there to bring harmony. Without the woman there is no harmony. They are not equal; one is not superior to the other: no. It’s just that the man does not bring harmony. It’s her. It is she who brings that harmony that teaches us to caress, to love with tenderness; and who makes the world a beautiful place.”
“And they looked at me, they looked me in the eyes – I’ll never forget those eyes, eh? – then they turned and they told me, both together: ‘We are in love.’ After 60 years, this means ‘one flesh.’ And this is what the woman brings: the capacity to love one another. Harmony for the world. Often we hear: ‘No, it is necessary in this society, in this institution, that here there should be a woman because she does this, she does these things.’ No, no, no, no! Functionality is not the purpose of women. It is true that women should do things, to do things as we all do. The purpose of women is to make harmony, and without women there is no harmony in the world. Exploiting persons is a crime of ‘lèse-humanité’: it’s true. But exploiting a woman is even more serious: it is destroying the harmony that God has chosen to give to the world. It is to destroy.
This is the great gift of God: He has given us woman. And in the Gospel, we have heard what a woman is capable of, eh? She is courageous, that one, eh? She went forward with courage. But there is more, so much more. A woman is harmony, is poetry, is beauty. Without her the world would not be so beautiful, it would not be harmonious. And I like to think – but this is a personal thing – that God created women so that we would all have a mother.

What do you think he is talking about?

When I read this last week, I said to myself, "he is setting us up." He is turning the Church upside down and he is telling us the intends to have womynpriests, b
ut you see, before there can be womynpriests, there need to be womyndeacons.

And look belowe, courtesy of Hilary White, what we have found.

And as I've written previously, do not be surprised if Bergoglio calls a Council. That's right, Vatican III, to enshrine his heresy and "split the Church," just as he promised.

Remember, this is the Vicar of Christ who spoke about people who "eat shit," you know, magiare merda or manger de la merde, or comer meirda; (pardon the bluntness, but that his what he said) coprophagia, and derive sexual stimulation for from it, coprophilia.

Eat shit from the mouth of the "Pope."

Yeah, a true Vicar of Jesus Christ.

And I have some ice to sell today to our Inuit, 'cause Eskimo is so politically incorrect.

Image result for pope francis angry

(bear with the computer translation, no time to clean it up)

"Drafts Part III: the big" renovations "of Bergoglio" Fra Cristoforo
I'll tell you a story. Last Thursday, in one of the Bar present in front of the Porta S. Anna (front of the Vatican State), go out for coffee a Monsignor (very near Bergoglio), in his fifties, and a layman. 
The discussion falls on "dubia". The Monsignor, with making "sufficient" says: "The Pope will never answer to" dubia "of the 4 cardinal. She will never fall to their level. Francis has much bigger projects, which do not stop 
to Italy. The only hitch in this period was the election of Trump ".
To the layman he responded: "And what does Trump with the Amoris Laetitia?". "Got to do and how," he replied the Monsignor, continuing: "The intent was to support the Clinton, because Francis had 
a special relationship. Often they feel. And the goal to be reached was that the Catholic Church should have some clear principles of "non-negotiable", so soft, so that even the Vatican had 
a strong global political support, which in this time of need, especially for large maneuvers that will come. "
On this we must give an account to the great Assange..leggete here ) .... 
The increasingly secular amazed: "And such maneuvers must arrive"? The Monsignor sips the last drop of coffee and says, "but you have not yet realized that the vision that you have of the Church is outdated? Do not you understand that the Pope today is a world leader? That if he stayed Ratzinger we all failed. Do you know what the next maneuver? Just the diaconate to women. Because it is the only way to show our concrete closeness to the Lutherans and Anglicans. And you'll see that by November we will also have the diaconate to women. Maybe not equal to what you think. But it will approach a lot. " "WITHIN November".
Here it is. So. Papal Papal what was said by Monsignor of SDS (Secretary of State), in a "state" confidential. 
Now we pause to reflect. Piazza San Pietro is almost always empty (and TV in 2000 still frames that group of people massed in front of the window). What does it matter to Bergoglio of the faithful? From the content of this conversation it shows that the Argentine has far broader evangelization projects. Often he said that evangelization is a form of proselytism that is not good. Recently also he said that he cares if some congregations there are many vocations.
Here it is. He seeks only himself. Try to concentrate on if the spotlight, and not step on the streets to anyone because he is the LEADER. And of Jesus Christ it does not matter a damn. Other than St. Paul. The Apostle of the Gentiles said "We are considered the garbage of the world" (1 Cor 4.9 to 13).Just because he put evangelization first. Instead Bergoglio at the expense of Christ and the salvation of souls, you want him in the first place. Dear readers, this is the reality. And this week there will be more terrifying news.But I leave the earlier press releases.
The sense of my anonymity is just that. I am a priest, but I HAVE to stay anonymous. Otherwise I would not have any chance to write these things.I've thought a lot in recent months. But still I can not "come out" publicly.However, I consider important that the faithful "know" the dynamics that evolve in the See of Peter. And these discussions as "bar" for me are extremely relevant. And in conscience, to communicate.
among Cristoforo


TLM said...

Ah yes, the imposter has much 'broader' plans to paganize the Church of Christ. He is one with the globalists who want a 'New Catholic Springtime' as we read about in Wiki leaks during the campaign. This in order to essentially neutralize the Church making it 'one with the world'. No longer the 'Catholic' Church but the 'World' Church. This is the end game, and he's moving faster than the speed of light to make it happen. Meanwhile the faithful Cardinals sit twiddling their thumbs and wringing their hands......while the CHURCH BURNS!!

Sixupman said...

I can well envisage my local bishop [Salford UK] falling in with a strategy for a female diaconate and all that would follow-on from such. Another UK diocese has floated a re-organisation plan to that of Salford and no doubt others in the UK. The English & Welsh Cardinal a St. Gallen man, I think, with his cohorts clinging to his coat-tails.

Michael Dowd said...

It all makes sense. Solves many problems. Makes many happy. Great legacy move. Inspired by the spirit. A true believer in diversity. Marvelous. A man for our times. A saint in the making. Simply wonderful. This would be the view of 90% of Catholics and 99% of everybody else. Things have come to a pretty pass. Prayer and penance please.

Dan said...

Mmmmmm... not just woman deacons I'm sure...

We'll have priestesses and trans-priestesses/priests before long.

Dorota Mosiewicz-Patalas said...

When Jorge Bergoglio talks about women, it doesn't resonate with this woman.
A woman brings harmony, a woman is strong, this one, eh?
Am I to understand that man is weak and brings disharmony?

It is wiser to talk about women and men in terms of complementarity, especially when one is Catholic. Oh, I forgot, Call-Me-Jorge is not. He has evolved beyond the constraints of doctrines and commandments. They keep one stuck, when he wants to move the world forward. I have heard form many sources that the future is female.

It is interesting that when we talked about men under patriarchy, how strong they are and such, we meant humanity. Now we have achieved a gender disharmony and discrimination which the feminists have always desired.

c matt said...

A New World Order needs a World Church, and Bergie wants to be the head of it no doubt - Primus inter pares. No wonder he has such hostility to Trump and populists. However, he would have to move with the speed of light to accomplish it, given his age, and such changes would not come without a price (schism). I still think he would hold the majority of the Church for his "Nuchurch" (70%? 80%), not to mention "gain" a significant chunk of the heretical denominations, at least in a loose "World Church" coalition. I doubt Buddhists, Hindus or Musloids would join, but never underestimate ability of the evil one to charm.

TLM said...

My Cardinal as well (God help us we have CUPICH!) He of course is a bonafide FRANCIS BISHOP. The Chicago Archdiocese will be one of the first to fall in the U.S. when these atrocities are 'legalized'.

M. Prodigal said...

May Our Lady of Fatima please intervene!

mike said...

The half baked idiot has just destroyed his views on same sex marriages etc. There is no harmony in marriage unless it is between a man and a woman.

mike said...

I must laugh at his need for one world church, soi does soros, so do muslims. Will they kill each other off beforethey do us in?

Dorota Mosiewicz-Patalas said...

@ Mike Hurcum

Don't underestimate the wickedness of the idiot.
A marriage of sodomites may not be perfect, but what marriage isn't? We must not exclude anyone, for God is love. Repeat after me (his command during recent homily): God is love.
Who are you to judge?
Stop clinging to unrealistic ideals. A sodomite, though not a perfect woman, is a gift to the Church, one offering her unique gifts and insights. There can not be no harmony in the Church, if we exclude those special gifts. Something would be amiss. Don't be ungrateful for God's special sodomites.

See now? It is easy. Where there is a will, there is a way.

Logic and integrity, intellectual and moral, belong to patriarchy. The future is feminine - so the promoters of the divine feminine preach in today's universities. 2+2=5, if a feminist Marxist Jesuit says so. Do not be rigid. Move forward, go with the flow.

Anonymous said...

Eve brought a lot of harmony into the world ,woman like man is capable of great beautuful acts and great evil acts.

TLM said...

Off topic: Just read a post at 1P5 about Cardinal Burke being sent to Guam. Cardinal Mueller wants him to handle a sex abuse case. (Maybe requested by Francis, maybe not, but I would say absolutely) Steve says this is factual and not just a 'rumor'. Another 'Malta' set up?
No question about it in my mind! Saw a hysterical post over there that was right on: "Raymond, go handle the bad guy!" "Raymond, why were you so hard on the bad guy!" "Shame on you Raymond!"

Johnno said...

And will there be any place for the Queen of Heaven anywhere in this women's diaconate?

Francis should be very afraid when Mother finally decides to show up.

Sybok said...

This is exactly how it goes down.

And before we start calling jesuits marxists, lets remember real marxists, who wouldnt give two damns let alone one for our liberation theology friends, ones like stalin and mao opposed homosexuality and abortion (abortion came after mao in china, literally thanks to UN charm). Shows the sorry state things are in when stalinists can have moral high ground on a subject.

Anonymous said...

Some of the greatest female Saints in the Church secular and religious lived hidden quiet lives in convents or in the home caring for their families,or teaching in schools ,or caring for the sick.The Eucharist and the Priesthood are not things that can be demanded as a right ,to do so is totally opposed to humility.and reeks of pride.

Anonymous said...

Bergoglio will do it. He'll do it just to thumb his hook nose at Traditional Catholics. The false prophet is out of control. It seems Bergoglio and Hillary Clinton are on the same page. It is like a bad dream !