Saturday, 18 February 2017

We have been abandoned by our dad

Understand this.
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Our dad abandoned our mother. He left us to be raised by another. He was a coward for abandoning us and he was selfish. He cares more about his piano and Mozart and his reading and writing than he does about you and me. He walks in a garden and contemplates. We suffer. Some say he was courageous for leaving.  What fools these are. There was nothing courageous about it. We were lied to. He lied to us. We thought he loved us. We thought he was the best darn dad we could ever have. But he betrayed us and our mother. Now, our new dad is a bully. He is abusive and vindictive and does not like us very much. He calls us names and insults us. He tells us to believe unproven science, he demands we let people who would destroy us into our house. He does not like us. He does not like our mother much either. He goes through the motions and often sneers at her for the nice clothes and perfume she wears and the way she has decorated the house. He has moved in to the family house and has taken it over. He is an abusive spouse to our mother we are now his abused and neglected children.

Got it?


Anonymous said...

That is an uncanny resemblance to my own analogy put to story. Mine includes how the counterfeit daddy squanders our inheritance and spends all,his time whoring instead of taking care of the cold, hungry children he was to care for. Meanwhile cowardly daddy soends his days strolling in the gardens, writing poetry and listening to Motzart. All us kids hide from bad daddy. We hole up in a big room of the house with all our uncles and cousins, where we can at least still be the Family we always were while we wait for God deal with the faithless daddies.

Anonymous said...

I understand and sympathize with your apprehension about both Pope Francis and the people he has surrounded himself with. But I would caution you against Ratzinger. We simply don' t know enough about the reasons for his resignation. To judge him as harshly as you and Hilary White have smacks of a lack of charity.

When I see Pope Benedict, I see a great deal of holiness. I suspect he endured a great deal of suffering, but that is only an intuition.

There was an excellent post on Catholic Culture yesterday by Dr. Mirus. I hope all of your readers take the time to reflect on it. Here's the most important part:

But it would be fruitless if suspicion of Pope Francis were to become just another easy way to ignore the beam in our own eyes. When it comes to spiritual growth, our priority must remain our own perfection, not the Pope’s. If his strengths have a dark side, what about our own? How many times have we spoken glowingly of what it means to be a Catholic only to undermine our own words by selfish grumbling, rash judgments, harsh criticism, and a refusal to help? How often do we reflect on our own tendencies in ways that help us not only to see what is good but guard against what is bad? Are we prone to snap judgments or do we accord others the benefit of the doubt? Does our own distress over the problems in the Church make us angry or disgusted or shrill? Or are we able to enjoy a serenity not of our own making—a serenity maintained through our acceptance of the grace of God.

Ana Milan said...

Dr.Mirus forgets that Catholic laity have absolutely no power in the CC - the Pope has absolute power, that is the difference between our sins, which are personal, and theirs which radiate throughout Christendom. We can only send ourselves to Hell through choice & apathy, they can send unsuspecting souls to Hell by 'dutifully' following their teaching, believing the Pope to be infallible at all times, even if that teaching contradicts the Gospels & Ten Commandments which come from God. Infallibility come from teaching the Truth & upholding the precepts & tradition of the CC. If a pope tries to change what God has laid down then he thinks he is greater than God & that can never be acceptable. Such a person must resign as he is not capable of fulfilling the duties bestowed upon hm when taking up the Papal Office.

Leah said...

Let us not forget that Lucifer was enthroned in the Vatican, according to what I have read. He seeks to destroy and his war is universal.

Kathleen said...

As far as "seeing holiness" in Ratzinger...

Ratzinger -- by his OWN testimony -- was and remains a modernist.

His writings confirm this over and over again.

Lest we forget, modernism is a HERESY, not a virtue.


Denying any or all of this because of affection for Ratzinger helps no one -- especially Ratzinger who is in DESPERATE need of prayer and sacrifice if he is to have any hope of avoiding the just punishment for his acts.

Anonymous said...

Listening to Jeff Mirus is bad for the health of your soul. He is far too Neocon.

GMUA said...

He was never our dad to begin with.

Anonymous said...

I do not know if my comment will be posted at "what is up with the synod", but this is what I wrote:

What matters to me about RAT ZINGER is that he supports the brother and sister accommodation that makes a mockery of marital promises and obligations.

If God agrees with him, than I would rather spend eternity separate from such a monstrous being.

I hope I have the courage to tell God off to his face if he agrees with Ratzinger and Wojtyla.

I do not want to worship such a monster.


Anonymous said...

Yep got it!

Anonymous said...

Yes he was. He asked us to pray for him, that he would not flee for fear of the wolves.

I was so happy when PB was elected. I took for granted his love, his homilies which were so full of wisdom, his reverence in offering the Mass,that I neglected to pray for him. Maybe if I prayed for him, God would have touched his heart. I don't know, but we'll all find out on Judgement Day our sins of omission as well as commission.

Kontakion, Tone 1: When You come on earth, O God, in glory,* and the universe trembles,* while the river of fire flows before the seat of judgement,* and the books are opened and all secrets disclosed,* then deliver me from the unquenchable fire,* and count me worthy to stand at Your right hand,* O Judge who are most just.

+O God, be merciful to me, a sinner.
+O God, cleanse me of my sins and have mercy on me.
+I have sinned without number; forgive me, O Lord.


Kathleen1031 said...

Ana Milan's comment is 100%. My sins and mistakes affect primarily myself. When the pope recommends or teaches error, millions of souls are in peril. Papalotry has no place in this discussion, we can't return to quaint ideas on the papal office. Our eyes are now opened and we have all seen and had to process too much. In short, we're corrupted and we are not responsible for it, they are. The construct was fine up to the point we have an active heretic tossing out sacrilege and error like hand grenades. That being the case, we are all struggling to figure out what to do, how to stay Catholic in the new paradigm of a Pope Heretic who happens to be a Catholic hater. That he is, is no longer in doubt, it's just, what to do about it. We can't affect anything in the church, that is God's job and I have no intention, speaking personally, of trying to do God's job. That imposter will be squatting in that Chair not one second longer than God allows.
I have only recently concluded there is no correction, formal or otherwise, coming from the Cardinals. I don't even know if Archbishop Fulton J. Sheen would have issued one if he were alive. These men are a complete, utter, and total disappointment with the exception of a very few of them, and even they have not said the only words that mean anything anymore.
Until those are said, it is all blather.

JayJay said...

It just seems to me that for every error committed by Francis of Rome, Ratzinger, because of shirking his office, is equally responsible. Pius XIII be not far away.

lmpivon said...

Unless we have a video of Pope Benedict XVI, we cannot say for certainty that he supports this papacy. According to Bishop Fellay of the SSPX, according to his one on one interview after the retirement, and we have no reason not to believe him, Pope Benedict said his "power ends there" as he pointed to the door in his room. He also told Bishop Fellay he felt like he was in a "cell".

Now, please, tell me why he has to have Pope Francis' "permission" to leave his residence. Why,why, why. This is what he told Bishop Fellay during that interview. Don't you think it is incredibly interesting that Pope Benedict has never been able to visit his only living brother in Germany? Duh...

Stephen_m said...

Pope Benedict continues to speak through his actions. He has given us the sign of Pope St Celestine. Read our history or read the wicki entry. With Celestine we see his successor Boniface VIII. He imprisoned the saint and undone most of Celestine's acts as Pope. Evil follows good. History interprets the present. Since his retirement, some of Benedict's words seem not to be consistent with his previous teaching. This forces us to look at his teaching. The imprisoned man is not free to speak and write as he sees fit. Benedict contines to point to his writings and teachings in the midst of this confusion by the little exposure he is allowed.. The usurper may have the political power, as did Pilate, but Benedict has the words which will carry forward, since they are the words of God's revelation.

Anonymous said...

Bull! The scumbag RAT ZINGER could walk away any time he wanted.

He IS NOT A PRISONER. He is a life long scum bag who knows how to live a lie with the best of them. He cares NOTHING about any of us. NOTHING!

Open your eyes. The Church is nothing more than a cesspool.


Dan said...

Yep, Benedict's actions and silence is truly mystifying. I think all he would have to do is "leak" one condemnation, and the Francis papacy would crumble.

Interestingly, there are TWO beasts mentioned in Revelations.

Unknown said...

Abandoned by Dad

Among other things, your are absolutely right that we were busted by Baum....maybe today the Bishops should be repenting about how they chose Baum over Humane vitae of Paul VI

Here is another voice from Italy:

Fr. Ariel S. Levi di Gualdo, Isola di Patmos

Antonio Socci, who in this historical point in time, has understood, like most of us, that we are dealing with a paterfamilias who is exposing the Holy Bride of Christ, to the hookers and streetwalkers lurking under lampposts; who is bullying the sheep of his own flock and once he is finished kicking and bashing them about, runs along joyously to tell the lost sheep of the flock that they were right to stray away and that they are better off as lost sheep….
The problem of the « bad father », is one we experience each and every day, especially due to the dangerous courtesans and rough characters that surround the father, who acts with all the recklessness which is typical of those of mediocre intelligence and inadequately prepared in the realms of philosophy, history, theology or law, yet still they are clever enough in b control everything without even realized that they are being themselves being handled by the very worst elements imaginable.

The existence of the bad father is a tragic reality, as is the existence of bad sons, but one thing in all cases cannot be denied, which is paternity.

As a pastor of souls, there is one thing I can state in all conscience; I have in and outside of the confessionals men, who sometimes are even in their eighties and who were the sons of the worst men and whose every mean action they remember bitterly; the failure to provide their family, the brutality against the mother, the mistreatment of the children…. Yet for some of these sons despite the painful and disastrous memories of fathers, who are far from being perfects models, they remember one thing as they come to the end of their road,…which they eventually confessed to in the confessional, a few fundamental words that helped to gain peace in their souls. “In his own way, my dad, in spite of all, left me something good. There is one thing I cannot deny, he gave me life, one thing I cannot deny: it was he who gave me life even if I longed to have a much better father, compared to the father I had who was a total disaster…”

Anonymous said...

I do not agree with this judgement. We were warned that this will happened in prophecies of Maria Divine Mercy, at which most of people laughed at. I am in peace, because I know that pope Benedict XVI is a martyr! What the Jesus's disciples had said in the Gethsemane Garden when Jesus got captured??? The same what you just had said in this article!!! Exactly the same...

Now, if you will trust in the fact, that God is ALWAYS warning his people about what is going on, than know this: (first read the prophecies in the "BOOK OF TRUTH")

1. Francis is not only anti-pope, but also apocalyptic FALSE PROPHET...
2. He will not only split the Catholic Church (schism), but destroy it as we know it.
3. He, at the very convenient for him moment (to prove his heresies as heavenly), will be wounded/kill and miraculously "resurrected", so all can believe that he is FROM GOD... (all is planned)
4. He will unite the FALSE UNIVERSAL CHURCH and he will be his head, treated as a saint.
5. The true church of Christ Jesus will be persecuted and live as the Remnant Church, hidden for some time.
6.Francis will excommunicate all bishops and priest who will stand against him...
7. He will destroy our Holy Mass and change the words of Transubstantiation!!! The Mass will be invalid.

You better get ready. All this must happened and has been prophesied by many in the Church before. Pope Benedict is a victim of huge plot against him. He is 90 years old!!! He will be martyred... People who do not believes prophecies of Maria Divine Mercy (MDM) will be suffering like you (double), because you will be on mercy of unknown, on mercy of horrible daily events coming from Vatican... If you know what is GOING TO HAPPEN - BY THE WILL OF GOD (cleaning His church from the weeds + end-time events from the Book of st.John), than instead of clinging to your daily pain, at one moment you will be able to organized the strong defense of what will be needed for surviving in the Remnant Church. (Francis will destroy all crosses, Bibles, devotions, religious articles, etc., all what will be related to the true CATHOLIC CHURCH)... We all have to get ready. The worst is upon us... and priests (who will not betray CHRIST JESUS) will be persecuted. Laity will have to help a LOT!!! Do not disregard lightly prophecies of MDM; all laughed at her when she prophesied Benedict's abdication... and false prophet coming through not canonical conclave... This has happened few years ago. Look at church NOW!!! Get ready, all this must have happened.

Vox Cantoris said...

Francis cannot destroy real faith.