Tuesday, 7 February 2017

Bergoglio uses secularist terminology "interruption of pregnancy" condemned by St. John Paul II

Not good enough for Pope Francis, eh? 


Lynda said...

This false, manipulative language is diabolic. Evil is good; good is evil.

Dorota Mosiewicz-Patalas said...

It is gradualism, a process of desensitization of a healthy conscience to evil.

I doubt Bergoglio chose this wording out of ignorance. Either he or Spadaro or some other "shrewd Jesuit" decided it was time for another language event, as it was with the synod.

The claim is: We don’t change the doctrine, only the language.

Of course, calling a proud bicycle-pump abortionist "one of Italy's best", inviting rabid population control promoters and pro-abortionists to important Vatican conferences, making abortion a sin as easily forgiveable in confession as any other, and getting rid of the pro-life oath at the Pontifical Academy for Life, all extend far beyond mere wording.

Globalist and environmentalist Bergoglio is increasingly aligning himself with Agenda 2030 - global wealth-redistribution via carbon-tax and mass-migration, and population decrease via contraception, abortion, and homosexuality.

One last thing - he doesn't like rabbits.

Dorota Mosiewicz-Patalas said...

I forgot to add: Just like Catholic marriage is an ideal, not necessarily applicable to real life, so life is ideally not to be interrupted, but... Catholics focus too much on abortion, when there is so much social injustice around.

Anonymous said...

How I pray for an interruption of this papacy--may God rebuke him!

Listen to the whore call for the abolition of the death penalty: "Pope Francis called for a world “free of the death penalty” in a video message supporting the sixth World Congress against capital punishment, currently being held in Oslo, Norway. He said the practice brings no justice to victims, but instead fosters vengeance.
“Indeed, nowadays the death penalty is unacceptable, however grave the crime of the convicted person,” Francis said on the message released on Tuesday.
“It is an offence to the inviolability of life and to the dignity of the human person; it likewise contradicts God’s plan for individuals and society, and his merciful justice,” the pope said...The pontiff defined growing opposition to the practice as a “sign of hope,” saying that it’s not “consonant with any purpose of punishment.”
“It does not render justice to victims, but instead fosters vengeance,” Francis said in Spanish...n the video, Francis also said that the commandment “Thou shalt not kill” applies both for the innocent and to the guilty, adding that the Jubilee of Mercy is an occasion for promoting more evolved forms of respect for the life of each person.
Earlier in the year, he had proposed Catholic government leaders “make a courageous and exemplary gesture by seeking a moratorium on executions during this Holy Year of Mercy.”


Not one member of the Catholic hierarchy has condemned the bloody baby murderer Andrew Cuomo as he crusades to enshrine baby murder in the New York State constitution. Once it's done, voted in by a "Knight of Columbus" (no wonder they fund the pro-death, anti Christ, pro-sodomite & every other perversion rag Croax), Dolly will fly back in to NY to lie, "I was assured it wouldn't happen." [and yet he wonders why no-one will contribute to the support of the pervert country club ADNY]

"What Dennis is referring to is the recent action by two New York State Senators, Joe Addabbo and David Carlucci, who cast crucial votes to pass so-called “gay marriage” in New York. The vote was 33 to 29. Had these two men voted against the bill, it would not have passed. Both men indeed are members of the Knights of Columbus."




How great it will be to see Jesus Christ mete out justice to this lying, perverted, cold blooded, gang of sodomite killers. "Mine eyes have seen the glory of the coming of the Lord; He is trampling out the vintage where the grapes of wrath are stored; He hath loosed the fateful lightning of His terrible swift sword: His truth is marching on." Subito! Subito!

Eirene said...

The man is a Train Wreck and has demolished the structures of the Roman Catholic Church in a short 4 years - with the agreement (through cowardly silence) of the Cardinals, Archbishops and Bishops!

Amos said...

John Paul II helped to bring us Francis. JPII’s scandals and other bizarre incidents cemented in the mind of Bergoglio that things can change. Hence, he has no problem enacting an imprudent and unfortunate canonization of a man who has as many scandalous actions as Francis himself (but don’t worry, Francis will succeed him in short time). The only exception we have is that John Paul the Small did not waver on moral issues, only doctrinal ones. And now, Francis has moved forward on changing moral doctrines, because after all, things can change and evolve and JPII of Unhappy memory was an example of this. JPII tried to implement some of that change regarding the deterioration of the liturgy, an ecumenism/interreligious activity that implied salvation was possible outside the Church, and implementing facets of the New Theology throughout his horrid Pontificate.

And this is why Francis does not care what JPII says or thinks because Francis assumes everything changes and is in constant movement. John Paul II, as well as Paul VI, helped be an example for Bergoglio as he was formed and grew as a priest. And who makes him a bishop and cardinal? Why, JPII of course! And then Francis turns around and canonizes John Paul who he opposes on some issues; but it does not matter because the last 50 years of horrid liturgies, indifferentism, and the New Theology – all shoved down our throats by these “saintly” Popes, has given Francis all the justification and perversion of his mind to try and change everything. Hence, “Saint” is not an appropriate title for John Paul II who helped bring us Francis and who himself did things on the level of Francis’ errors (see Assisi meetings, Ut Unum Sint, liturgical abuses, blasphemous prayer to St, John the Baptist to protect Islam, etc.).

Dan said...

Darota, you forgot about the sins against the environment!

Ana Milan said...

Of course PF uses secularist language because that is what he is - a Marxist/Masonic secularist. He does not belong in the CC much less the Papal Office. Why can't those few faithful Cardinals & Bishops make up their minds to expose him & start the restoration of Christ's Church which is almost defunct as we always knew it. Walking away, as too many have done, is not an option for a true Catholic. Exposing the usurpers, which the Catholic media has done us an wonderful service in so doing, must be followed by concrete action to protect the True Faith & Christ's followers. It is sickening to think this renegade will be representing us at Fatima in May - cannot the four Cardinals see to it that he doesn't?

TLM said...

Ana......I believe you hit the nail squarely on the head. There is an interesting article on the Leptano Institute's website today, headlined in canon 212's website in regard to the 'background' of the freemasons and their centuries long fued with the Knights of Malta. With not specifying DIRECTLY that Bergoglio is tied in with the freemasons, they give very telling and incriminating evidence to his close ties and quite possible direct affiliation with the Masonic Order.

I would encourage you all to hop on over and read the article. The article at the Leptano Institue is called: "The Pope, Freemasonry and the Knights of Malta." They absolutely connect the dots as they are so very masterful at doing. They don't put out Catholic news terribly often, but when they do, their investigative reporting is TOP NOTCH.

Anonymous said...

Interruption of pregnancy???? What a load of S—t, the gutless weak ba-t--d is afraid of calling sin out for what it is, simply because it is not fashionable to speak the truth. Jorge is right into fashion. He thinks he is trending, and that makes me sick seeing an old man behave like a silly immature idiot. Grow up Jorge speak like a wise man of God, you are spineless, without a backbone.

Dorota Mosiewicz-Patalas said...

@ Dan

How right of you to point it out.

Let's say marriage - ideally it should be for life, unless... children should suffer, if it did.

Life - ideally it should not be interrupted, unless... our planet should suffer from it, or unless it should become a burden on the health care system, or unless it should slow the parent's down, prevent them form moving forward...

Ideally a Catholic should be a follower of Jesus Christ, but life is so messy, as Scorsese would point out - sometimes it is more prudent to deny Him and persecute those who follow Him.

As Bergoglio explains, God's commandments are but a poor-quality fabric, which shrinks and constrains movement, when not soaked thoroughly in Bergoglio's holy spirit.