Monday, 27 February 2017

The popular Pope who tickles the ears and speaks not of Our Lord Jesus Christ

Image result for pope francis university romeSlowly, slowly, people are waking up. Or perhaps I should write, some people are waking up.

Some of us knew right away. That night, nearly four long years ago when this Jorge Bergoglio came out on the loggia the Grand Lodge of Italy's Master said, "nothing will be the same again." Indeed, he was correct. The man who bowed to the people for a "blessing" refused to give on to the journalists the next day. The man who grovels on the ground to wash the feet of people in a prideful, media stunt refuses to genuflect to the King of kings and Lord of lords, in the Host at the Sacrifice of the Mass.

Where our poor Benedict was barred from speaking to a university audience, Francis is welcomed as a rock-star. Papolaters, the whole bloody lot of them.

And what did he say to these purveyors of Berogolian adulation?

Not a word about Jesus Christ! 

How is it even possible?
At Roma Tre Francis did speak, and did he ever, off the cuff and interrupted dozens of times by applause. He spoke about dialogue and multiculturalism, migration and youth unemployment, with what stems from it according to him: “They say that the true statistics about youth suicide are not published; something is published, but not the real statistics.”
But in the 45-minute speech not even once did he utter the words God, Jesus, Church, faith, Christianity.

A Lone Man in Charge, To the Crowd's Acclaim

More adulation, more, more!
Popularity and solitude are the two faces of the current pontificate, contradictory only in appearance.
An umpteenth proof of the popularity of Pope Francis came on February 17 with his visit to the university of Roma Tre, amid the rejoicing of teachers and students (see photo), a spectacular comeback over the ban that in 2008 prevented Benedict XVI from entering and speaking at the other university of Rome, the more noble and storied, that of La Sapienza, for the crime of having wanted to bring God and faith into the inviolable temple of the goddess reason.


Ana Milan said...

Where are the four Cardinals & why aren't they following up on their promise to issue the formal correction? We have a right to know what's going on behind closed doors. Enough of this silence. PF & coterie must be publicly confronted in the name of God & dealt with harshly & immediately. Cardinal Burke said it wasn't about numbers but about Truth - now he has to prove it. The other Cardinals who have issues with AL & this Papacy also have the duty to voice their objections & stand with Christ. The cost of their not doing so will be horrendous.

Kathleen1031 said...

This is the cult of celebrity, nothing more. He is to them, "famous", he has made it into the global public eye, exactly like a Kardashian, so now he is their god. We see it all the time, celebrity worship. He does absolutely nothing to make that untrue, he brings not the Gospel, does not offend them with Christ, nor make them uncomfortable with Christianity. He is as good as his word, leaving them all right where he found them, on their way to wherever. If this is a pope, I am kangaroo.

Ana. The Cardinals are not going to issue anything. I say this because there is absolutely no reason it hasn't been done already. We have all heard enough, seen enough, the Cardinals know it better than anyone. We see unfortunately, nothing but reluctance and cowardice I suppose. I don't know.
I hope I'm wrong. But I don't think so.
Our hope is in the Lord.

Anonymous said...

I don't expect anything to happen until CB comes back from Guam. We do need to keep up the pressure though. The Catholic faithful deserve answers to the dubia.

Anonymous said...

You might say my expectations are too high, but right now, I expect the correction will be done directly by God.

I pray for that.


Dorota Mosiewicz-Patalas said...

Yes Mary,

Catholics (the only ones there are, the so called Traditionalists) have been affected by the poison as well. They refuse to see clearly, always waiting for something to happen and prove that what is happening is not happening.

We are not immune to the great deception. We should stop tolerating and... dialoguing with liars. By this I don't mean anything like a beheading, but only shaking the dust of my footwear and walking away.

As the papa keeps bashing us, we insist he is the papa. As people are being raped, children ripped apart in front of the parents, soldiers trained to eat the infidel enemy, the... merciful one insists there is no such thing as Islamic terrorism. What, has he not read the Koran? He should be institutionalized, but wait... the sane ones are now the insane.

I hope we would not pretend Jesus was not being crucified, when He was. Hasn't He said He was the King? How can it be? I would rather pretend this is not serious, not real.

Either we believe in Church teaching and realize that millions of souls have been sent to hell by liars in charge - as the few remaining shepherds express dubia (after a very long time, too), or we don't.

How can shepherds be excused for taking their time, as so many are lost? - The rational answer is: They should not be. Unless... they don't believe any of what they taught us. In that case they should come out and say so.