Tuesday, 12 July 2016

Top Papal advisor to John Paul II warns of cabal undermining the Catholic Church from within!

From the file, "Tell us something we didn't already know" and have been saying for years, now it is being said by an 88 year old Monsignor, Michel Schooyans, a former advisor to Pope John Paul II and friend of Benedict XVI.

From LifeSiteNews, he writes:

The active members of this party have ready access to the media; they frequently appear unmasked. They operate with backing from some of the highest authorities in the Church. The main target of these activists is Christian morality, criticized for having a severity incompatible with the "values" of our time. We must find ways which lead the Church to please, by reconciling its moral teaching with human passions. … Through this network, the neo-casuists will be able to hold sway over the wheels of the Church, influence the choice of candidates for high office, forge alliances which imperil the Church’s very existence.

The whole essay by Monsignor Schooyans can be read here.

Circulate it. Make it known on every social media platform you can. Make sure this cabal knows we're on to them and we will fight them to the death. 

Remember this. They have already lost because Christ has already won.

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Ana Milan said...

This article should form part of present-day Catholic catechesis as it precisely covers the heresies this Modernist leadership has brought into effect, despite totally contradicting the Deposit of Faith, Magisterium & Tradition of the CC. The restoration must begin in earnest staring at the very top - PF & most of the Hierarchy.