A corporal work of mercy.

A corporal work of mercy.
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Friday 29 July 2016

"How can you not understand that the world is being pulled in an irreversible direction? ... I don't know how to get through to you anymore!"

The Democrats, in convention, have done a lot of mocking of Donald Trump and the potential for a "bromance" with Vladimir Putin. Listening to them one after another is like listening to the drumbeats of war.

Russia is a civilised land of Christian people still trying to rid themselves of the Soviet poison. They are a cultured people. They have given the world some of its greatest architecture, as in St. Petersburg and great poets, composers and authors, philosophers and scientists. They are no longer Marxist, but we have become cultural Marxists.

They try to reverse the scourge of abortion initiated by Lenin, we triple-down on it.

They hold the wall against the insanity of so-called marriage of the same sexes and the homosexualist juggernaut and we embrace it.

1The Consecration of Russia to the Immaculate Heart of Mary has not taken place. Either Sister Lucy was right or she was deluded. If she was deluded then there should be no commemoration of the events of Fatima and Our Lady. There was a "secret." The Church admits it, therefore, she was not deluded. The Popes have disobeyed at their, and our peril.

Our Lady asked for the Consecration of Russia and that through it, Russia would be converted, and the world would be granted a period of peace. If not, then its "errors" would spread throughout the world. 

It is too late, that Russia exists no more, and Russia's errors, the errors of its Soviet past, have spread, they have infected us in the West in terms of cultural Marxism. It is too late. It is done and we are being annihilated with no doubt, literal annihilation to come.

But, what would the Consecration bring about, if done now, after Russia's errors have already spread?

In my view, it would bring a near instant reconciliation between East and West and invigorate the Church. It would lead to a bursting forth of heaven sent grace. It would push back the Islamic hordes and it would be bold enough to convert them, finally, to Our Lord Jesus Christ and His Church. It would be seen as a miracle from God alone that would bring all Christians home to a Catholic Church renewed to evangelise the world. It would be Holy Mother Russia which would rescue the Europe and the West through its rejuvenated Christianity united under Rome.

That is how, in my view, our merciful Lord will use our dereliction and insult to His Holy Mother. But it won't come without a price that we are still yet to pay because of our lack of faith and the disobedience of popes, cardinals, bishops, priests and Catholic faithful.

Russia is not my enemy. Russia is not Canada's enemy. Russia is not Europe's enemy. Russia is not America's enemy. We have a common enemy, we know what it is, and we have a common bond. 

Are we insane? Missiles on our part - NATO, in Romania is to them what Russian missiles in Cuba were to the United States of America.

Vladimir Putin is probably the smartest world leader alive today. 

Russia is not our enemy!


Anonymous said...

Obama and the Democrats have made Putin the bogeyman. Why? Because Putin told gay activists to keep the hell away from Russian children. It is against the law in Russia to parade and promote perversion. Putin despises the pervert plan to indoctrinate children. Barry has no power over a dominant masculine testosterone-fueled man like Putin. To satisfy his own narcissistic rage, Barry would commit the US to war with Russia just to get back at Putin. Barry is as crazy as that.

Ana Milan said...

Russia will be converted but we don't know when or by which Pope - whether in our lifetime or a few generations onwards. France also needs conversion which, God willing, as a result of Fr. Halem's murder & the murders in NIce & Paris may provide the pivotal moment for this to commence.

It would be vital for the American people to know from the proposed Presidential candidates their political intentions regarding the ME & Islam in particular. Past administrations have had a dire effect on that part of the world which has contributed to the rise of IS. It is only proper that you should demand to know where you taxes are going to be spent - war or peace, and what plans they have in conjunction with Europe to stem the flow of young male Arab jihadists intent on destroying our Catholic/Christian heritage.

Anonymous said...

Very well said Vox. There are very few even among traditional Catholics to state this plain truth.

Anonymous said...


Joy313 said...

I dont know. i get your point, but Russians still abort close to 50% of their children and close to 50% of the population is atheist (if I am not mistaken, which I may be). I'm not quite feeling the love for Russia.

Vox Cantoris said...

Yes, you are correct. Abortion was a practical sacrament to the Soviets. It is reversing but it takes time. Rates are down, childbirth is starting to turn the corner. Recent news was of talks between Putin and the Patriarch about how to go further. As for Atheist, that was the official policy, it can't be undone in just a few decades. The fact, is, church property is being restored. churches are being rebuilt or re-opened. monasteries are growing.

As for abortion rates, we in Canada and the United States are not ones to talk.

Barnum said...

My recollection is that the consecration was supposed to take place in the late 50's during the time of John XXIII. It didn't happen. Would any consecration now have efficacy? The Church can try. But is the current Pope the one to get the ball rolling?

B flat said...

Your analysis is very good and very moving. In my view it is flawed by your perspective as a Roman Catholic. Please do not be offended by this assertion. That you view the Church as synonymous with the Roman Catholic Church, is only natural for you, but it is not so for the Orthodox, including Orthodox Russians.

In view of this, a consecration of Russia by the Roman Catholic hierarchy (ie an alien church) to the Mother of God would an affront to the Russians' self-respect as a nation. At the time it should have been done to fulfil the requirements of Our Lady's apparition at Fatima (the early 1960s) Russia was a part of the Soviet Union and under a militantly atheist government. The Papacy was intent on thawing relations (ostpolitik) with the Communist bloc, and any such Consecration would have severely imperilled Vatican policy on both political and ecumenical outreach, so successive Popes declined to obey the instruction. The politics of the Vicar of Christ trumped the wishes and instructions of Our Lady. As you say, it is too late now to remedy this neglect, which was followed by so many other lapses in the Church since 1962.

God works in His Church, primarily through the Sacraments administered by men. The Roman Catholic Church has always consistently taught that the sacraments in the Orthodox Church are true and valid Sacraments. Their priests are true priests, and their bishops are true successors of the Apostles; the Body and blood of Christ are truly received in Holy Communion at the Divine Liturgy. The Orthodox Divine Liturgy (known as Mass to Catholics) is the bloodless renewal of the Sacrifice of Calvary, offered daily in Thanksgiving for and Memorial of God's saving action for mankind and the world He has brought into being by creating it out of nothing. That description will resonate with lovers of the Mass of the Ages, and be unacceptable to VATII Catholics.
The call of Jesus at the start of His ministry, as of His precursor, John the Baptist, was "Repent, for the Kingdom of Heaven is at hand." Repentance is an individual, personal act.
Individual conversion is from sin to union with God in Christ. That is what more and more Russians are doing. Which is why monasteries have grown from a dozen to many hundreds in one generation. dioceses and parishes likewise. And they find all the Grace they need for salvation in the Orthodox Church. They are in a better position than most Catholics in the Americas or Western Europe, where churches and religious houses are empty, and many parishes and monasteries are being closed. See the difficulties of very many Traditional Catholics in the West described over decades in these blogs in finding what they know they need to survive, let alone grow, spiritually.

Seriously, how can you imagine any Orthodox believer even considering for a moment "conversion" to the Catholic Church as it looks today, when bishops do not now generally show any signs of awareness of their exalted calling to be the Good Shepherd, and the Pope himself acts more as a worrying predator of the flock than pastor.
You write that union would invigorate the Church. Of course, because the vigour is in the Orthodox Church, not Roman Catholicism. But how you imagine this vigour would remain in a "rejuvenated Christianity united under Rome"? Rome itself has shown over the last 50 plus years that its own belief in Papal primacy leads eventually to the deChristianised mess that the new FrancisChurch represents in the world. It is a parody of the One Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church, which the Orthodox Church has always been from the time it was founded by Christ, in Jerusalem, and confirmed in Jerusalem by the Holy Spirit, whence it spread throughout the world.

Victor said...

Mr Putin can speak all he wants about how untrustworthy the West is. But his actions in Crimea and Ukraine show otherwise, and the former Soviet satellites know full well how imperialistic Russia has been and still continues to be under Mr Putin, welcoming any Western defence system on their territory.
The Russian Orthodox Church is itself imperialistic, and fairly self-righteous, not being particularly interested in unity as was seen by her actions in the recent pan-Orthodox council.
Russians are still fairly traditional in their ethics, such as regarding homosexuality, and Mr Putin plays to this only to keep his power.

Vox Cantoris said...

Dear B Flat,

Thank you for your comment.

I am not offended by your assertion. In fact, I agree; the vigour would indeed come from the Orthodox, I see Russia as the vehicle that God will now use to infuse the Western Church with what it has lost.

Anonymous said...

he is an atheist, russia is magog, LEFT
allied with iran, syria, china..etc RED FLAG.


LEFT IS ALWAYS FROM THE DEVIL. of course he will look to be an idol, "like good person", he is also from soviet union, coommunism, worked for kgb, an evil person... do i have to explain what the soviet union did?

Vox Cantoris said...

No YELLING, on my blog.

Putin attends Divine Liturgy, is he still an atheist? Was he ever? Does he attend for show.

Russia is most certainly, NOT, Magog as recorded by the Prophet Ezechiel.

The error of the “Magog is Russia” theory arose from the Scofield Study Bible, which identifies Mesheck and Tubal with the modern Russian cities of Moscow and Tobolsk later to be popularized by Tim LaHaye and Hal Lindsey’s Late Great Planet Earth. The only basis for this interpretation is the somewhat similar sound of the two words; thus, Meshech sounds like Moscow, and Tubal sounds like Tobolsk. This is according to Walid Shoebat, a former Islamist and Palestinian terrorist and now a Christian.

In fact, Magog is in Asia Minor which is Turkey.

The Soviet union is dead. A century ago, there was no Ukraine and Crimea was transferred on a map. These were always, Russia!

Tell me friend, why did we in the West subvert the elected government of Ukraine? Why did we foment a revolution on Russia's doorstep?

Russia is not our enemy!

Johnno said...

Victor, what are you talking about?

If you bought into the hilarious Western propaganda about the Ukraine and Crimes, then please stop watching mainstream media and get your facts straight.

The Ukraine was destabilized by Soros funded color revolution outlets who created the context for a violent coup by crazed neo nazi radical thugs who shot at both protestors and the police. The embarassed US who lost control then decided to make the most of it and recognize these unelected coup de tat criminals as the legitimate government in exchange for Nato and IMF expansion and plunder. This crazed government, holdovers from a time when Ukraine sided with Nazi Germany against Soviet Russia, then threatened the ethnic Russians who were migrated to Ukraine by Stalin to populate the Ukraine with Russians loyal to Russia. The majority of those were in Crimea, once part of Russia originally who were as a soviet state placed under Ukranian control and remained there when the Soviet Union collapsed.

These Crimeans wanted out and VOTED to secede and return to Russia and thus escape the botched situation that is the Ukraine today, with civil conflicts, resources sold to the highest bidders abroad for pennies to pay back the in unpayable interest rising IMF loans and the Ukraine is far worse off today than before.

Anonymous said...

Blogger Vox Cantoris said...
No YELLING, on my blog.

absolutely WRONG. magog meaning comes in a physical, all allied for left, since the begining. so you can find it also as iran, venezuela... all nation with the red spirit, the red dragon... who invade at the end of a generation,

russia is the fount, of the red spirit for the world... thats why the Virgin said clearly that word. not your distornioted "studies"

putin attends all religions, he declared he believes in THE MAN.

he support all the delinquents, as chavez, cristina in argentina, evo morales, iran..etc,etc

i warned you clear for the things you are promoting about russia and putin.


remember this conversation..

c matt said...

and all your women are BELONG to us. I take it "Engrish" is not your first language.

Whether or not Putin is sincere, is somewhat beside the point. The actions he is taking are far more reasonable than what our pathetic leaders in the West have been doing (or have failed to do). On the question of US belligerence bringing about WWIII, he is correct.

Anonymous said...

While I agree we should work with Russia in the Middle East that is as far as it should go. They are one of the most corrupt countries in the world. They lie, cheat and steal. Look what they did to investors in Yukos. The Olympics. It is disgusting and they cheat at anything they think they can get away with. Russia needs to root out corruption first.

Victor said...

Johnno, what are you talking about?
Do you get your news from Pravda, or Russian state run media?
Crimea belonged to the Tatars until imperialistic Russia invaded it, and took from them. The Tatars were sent on mass to Siberia when they tried for independence during the time of that horrible tyrant, Stalin. Finally, when Crimea was given to Ukraine, the Tatars were able to make their culture flourish, until the Russians staged a coup and took it back for themselves from both Ukraine and the Tatars. Now again the russification of Tatar culture is in effect in Crimea.
As for the Russian Orthodox church, they seem to have a problem with what they call the "Uniates", a deregatory term that refers to Catholics of the Eastern rite in communion with the pope. Why should that be of any concern to them when this Eastern Catholic Church is not in Russia but in Ukraine? The Patriarch of Constantinople has no problem with these Eastern Catholics and is rather friendly to them, as opposed to the Moscow church which wants to be the new Constantinople.
No, Russia, the Russian Orthodox church, and Mr Putin are synonyms for one thing: imperialism, and boy do the Russian neighbours know that.

Mark Citadel said...

Mr. Cantoris

As someone with ties to Russia, and indeed an Orthodox Christian myself, I can assure you were are greatly warmed by your reasonable understanding of the geopolitical situation which Russia faces, opposed, harried, and baselessly slandered by the unipolar powers of the United States and its puppet governments in Western Europe.

As an earlier commenter relayed, I am... skeptical Russians would 'convert' to Roman Catholicism. The traditions of Orthodoxy have become very much rooted in our blood and spirit. Even the murderous Communists (many of whom, as I'm sure you know, were not in fact Russians but members of a particularly troublesome ethnic group) could not expunge the anchor of Orthodox spirituality in the Russian people, which is why they are slowly beginning to return to it even after almost a century of atheism. This is a long, and far from painless process. Our beloved nation is riddled with holes, from alcoholism to suicide to still stubbornly high rates of abortion, and of course renewed economic hardship. While Orthodox identification is high, a return to regular observance is slower to materialize, but it is getting there as the upsurge in required churches attests.

However, I believe that our patriarch, charged as he is with the representation of Moscow and all Rus, has not agreed to meet with the head of the Roman Catholics without good reason. If there is one good thing to come from Francis' disasterous pontificate, it will be that at least dialogue is occurring. I would prefer it not be conducted under the auspices of the patriarch in Constantinople who is compromised by the United States, and thankfully the structure of Orthodox authority means that Liberal elements do not get very far. Our Churches should dialogue in the pursuit of truth, not in the pursuit of ecumenical satisfaction for the participants. May God guide us in this effort.

I believe, in the depths of my very soul, that the heart of the Russian people is committed to the Resurrection of Jesus Christ our Lord, His victory over the devil, and the glories of His Kingdom. Thus, while you and I may not agree on the execution of Papal primacy, nor in the Immaculate Conception, nor in our understanding of the procession of the Holy Spirit, we can both confidently declare that the enemy is the satanic force of Liberalism, nay, Modernism, an ideology that birthed both the French Revolutionaries who executed Roman Catholics in the Vendee with not a shred of mercy, and the Bolshevik Revolutionaries who murdered my ancestors. These are not only the enemies of God, but enemies in fact of all Traditional religion. Their leveling, falsehood-ridden and hysteric drive towards a globalist secular state is both terrifying at the same time as it is a motivation for its detractors, who must detract until the bitter end if they are to preserve what remains of Occidental civilization.

A story to leave you with. During the Spanish Civil War, when Bolshevik vermin were desecrating statues of the Holy Theotokos, dissintering the bodies of Catholic nuns for sick photographs, and carrying out horrors that to this day are never mentioned in Western classrooms, even in Spain itself, the Orthodox Romanian rightist movement 'Legion of the Archangel Michael' sent a small contingent to Spain to fight alongside the Catholics against the communist forces. On the battlefields of Majadahonda, Ion Mota and Vasile Marin laid down their lives for a Christian Spain and for their commitment to Christ. For a window into the soul of the east, the heroism of ancient rome, the beauty of the Holy Faith of the apostles, one could find it in the dying breaths of these martyrs.

May God bless your mission against those hidden apostates who have worked tirelessly for over 200 years in the West, to bury Christianity.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Vox,

The following information by Father Robert Fox (who was editor of Immaculate Heart Messenger and often appeared on EWTN), might be of interest to you. God bless you.