Monday, 18 July 2016

Balloon Cardinal Schönborn to CDF? is reporting that Bishop or Rome, Jorge Bergoglio intends to remove Cardinal Muller as Prefect of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith and replace him with this, Modernist.

How wonderful.

There will be so much more to blog about.


Ana Milan said...

Although we have been expecting something like this to happen since Cardinal Schönborn was given the task of explaining AL to the press, it might just backfire & burst the Modernist bubble, for if AL is now going to be legitimised without the unacceptable parts removed, there will be a split. Either the Hierarchy will be forced to call a Council to clear up PF's Papal Exhortation or remove him from Office. Cardinal Müller should have shown more public resolve to put this into effect prior to his being ousted. These demotions & censuring of Cardinals not wholly in step with PF will continue if PF et al are not stopped. Something must be decided upon soon. Cardinals Burke, Müller & Sarah should now become much more vocal & tell us what exactly is going on, as they have nothing more to lose, having lost their 'Cabinet' positions.

Mark Thomas said...

Vox, if certain Traditionalists are to be believed, then the "demotion" of Cardinal Müller should be welcomed by Traditionalists. (That doesn't mean that they would support Cardinal Schönborn to the CDF.)

Many Traditionalists denounced Pope Benedict XVI's promotion of Cardinal Müller to the CDF. They portrayed Cardinal Müller as a "heretic".

Here are some Rorate Caeli posts that questioned Cardinal Müller's writings on the Perpetual Virginity of the Most Blessed Virgin Mary, Real Presence, Liberation Theology, Protestantism, and unicity and salvific universality of Our Lord Jesus Christ:

On July 3, 2012 A.D., The Remnant published the following horrific claims against Cardinal Müller:

Excerpt: "The unthinkable happened at noon today. It appears we now have a Prefect of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, Archbishop Gerhard Müller who himself publicly dissents from certain Doctrines of the Faith.

"He does not believe in Our Lady's Virginity in partu, contrary to the teaching of Vatican II (Lumen Gentium: 57 and the Popes, Councils and Doctors cited in support of that doctrine in the accompanying footnote 10)."

"Even more astonishingly, Abp. Müller also apparently holds a doctrine of Christ's presence in the Eucharist that is Lutheran (at best):"


Mark Thomas

Mark Thomas said...

Vox, the removal of Cardinal Müller from the CDF would benefit likely the SSPX.

His Holiness Pope Francis said that there are Churchmen around him whose hearts and minds he must change in regard to their (the Churchmen) opposition to the SSPX. Based upon his past hardcore, unfavorable statements in regard to the SSPX, is it likely that Cardinal Müller is among the Churchmen in question?

Pope Francis has been a far greater friend to the SSPX than has Cardinal Müller.

Back in May, The Remnant reported the following:

Cardinal Muller to SSPX: Acceptance of Vatican II is as Essential as Accepting Resurrection

Written by Chris Jackson

"Cardinal Gerhard Müller has said he expects the Society of St. Pius X, which has always opposed the Second Vatican Council's declarations on religious freedom and ecumenism, to “unreservedly recognize” freedom of religion as a human right, and an obligation to ecumenism."

"But Cardinal Müller, whose insistence on the SSPX adhering to the Council's teaching is clearly more pronounced than that of the Holy Father..."


Mark Thomas

Anonymous said...

Cardinal Muller has, on occasion, put out his "corrections" of the crazy things that Pope Francis has said or written. I guess we won't be seeing any more corrections. Quite the opposite. It should be interesting to see how far the modernists will go. Maybe this will force other Cardinals or bishops to try to correct Pope Francis. Or maybe not. We can hope, anyway.

Unknown said...

One moderate modernist leaves his place to one another modernist, the latter turbo modernist. That's all.

Anonymous said...

Mark, you actually make a good point about Cardinal Muller in regards to the SSPX. Muller has always been far harder on them, especially about accepting all the VII b.s., than churchmen more liberal than he is, like Francis. However, Schonborn may not be much better in that regard and he will certainly be far worse overall as the head of the CDF. Given that Muller was one of the last checks on the extreme heresies of Francis and his cronies, this will lead to the utter ruin of the Church for the next several decades, unless God intervenes.

Anonymous said...

The much more alarming part of this story, seemingly unremarked on the blogs, is Maradiaga to his own Congregation. Maradiaga will cause a ruckus, that is his raison d'etre.

As for CDF, it has included many of these fellows going back decades in one function or another, Benedict, Levada, Schonborn, Muller, etc. They are all close friends and pretty much interchangeable in terms of doctrine. Labeling them as "modernists" is an oversimplification.

Schonborn will not bring any shocking changes. The changes are well underway with or without him.

Anonymous said...


I highly doubt the removal of Cardinal Mueller would benefit the SSPX. God forbid that it should make it worse.

It doesn't matter if it's Cardinal X or Y, they're still going to insist on the acceptance of VII as a precondition.

I can't post how I feel because it upsets me just thinking about it.


Anonymous said...


susan said...


"And they came to him, and awaked him, saying: Lord, save us, we perish."

Anonymous said...

There is a parallel between the election of Francis to the election of Jimmy Carter.
Both were and are liberals with a green ecology type agenda.
They both appointed liberals and progressives to their "courts" and both followed excellent traditional types...Pope Benedict and Ronald Reagan.
One can think of W.B.Yeats and his poem The Second Coming...Ominous and a powerful sense of foreboding...

Michael Dowd said...

If this were to happen there would be nary a ripple. Our Bishops and Cardinals have shown great willingness to accommodate Pope Francis and his efforts further Protestantize the Church. The only solution to all of this is divine interference. As a priest said to us after we had been meeting for 7 years trying to start a Catholic school and our Archbishop wouldn't give permission, that "if God wanted the school He would have to do something". Turns out He did shortly thereafter. Pope John Paul II made our Archbishop a Cardinal and transferred him to the Vatican and we got permission. And all the necessary funding came along right after that. Yes, if God wants the Church fixed He is going to have to do something. Hopefully soon.

Elizabeth said...

Read this this morning:

Anonymous said...

To Anonymous @ 7:24 am
Pope Francis followed Pope Benedict, but Jimmy Carter was president before Ronald Reagan.

Kathleen1031 said...

Seeing the lackluster manner in which our Bishops and Cardinals have responded to the wholesale destruction of the faith, I agree with you, Michael Dowd. We cannot even call the reactions "weak", they must be called virtually "absent". The few remaining Cardinalic-obstacles to PF's goals are being summarily removed like so many ticks, and soon, he will have no impediments at all. They may as well speak up soon before they are completely sidelined, because if that happens, they may find no media voice at all to cover protestations from the outer limits. The media has a way of not seeing what it does not want to see. (liberal censorship)
What a crushing disappointment, to see that our very church can be dismantled while even the men we trusted limit themselves to barely heard commentary from the sidelines. It has been even perhaps more traumatic than the fact that our pope is a destroyer, and our church filled with homosexuals, predators, and heretics. These were men we counted on to defend the Catholic faith. I'm heartbroken to say they are only paper tigers. One can hardly imagine anything that could counter this aside from divine intervention. Come Lord Jesus!

Mark Thomas said...

Margaret said..."I highly doubt the removal of Cardinal Mueller would benefit the SSPX. God forbid that it should make it worse. It doesn't matter if it's Cardinal X or Y, they're still going to insist on the acceptance of VII as a precondition.
I can't post how I feel because it upsets me just thinking about it."

Margaret, please don't be upset. The good news is that His Holiness Pope Francis and Bishop Fellay are determined to establish lasting peace between Rome and the Society. All signs point to holy success in that regard.

Margaret, wouldn't Cardinal Müller departure (if the reports are true) from the CDF benefit the SSPX? Again, recall that Pope Francis said that he has to deal with folks near him who don't view the SSPX as kindly as does he.

I would think that one such person in question is Cardinal Müller.


Mark Thomas