A corporal work of mercy.

A corporal work of mercy.
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Wednesday 13 July 2016

Free yourself - get out of the bastard rite! The Reform of the Reform is dead!

Sooner or later friend, you are going to do it.

You are going to wake up one morning and realise you cannot do it anymore. You cannot fool yourself. 

Leave it. Leave the "serviettes" - the girl altar boys, and extraordinary ministers of Holy Communion. Leave the horizontal man-centred, sorry "person- centred" liturgy, leave the banality. Leave the distortion, the happy-clappy priest in tie-dye polyester. Leave the guitars and bongos. Leave the bad homilies, the heresy and the stupid, bad-behaving Catholics who do not care about their own souls or yours because we're all going to heaven anyway. Leave the protestantism, the bad music and the effeminate, sodomite priests and lesbian nuns and feminazi parish organisers. 

Leave it. Get out of the Novus Ordo liturgy. 

Free yourself.

Get to the traditional Latin Mass.


Get there.

Louie Verrecchio nails the bastards and their bastard rite to the wall in the "instructive" revelation and humiliation of Cardinal Sarah.  

The good news?

They've already lost and are desperate and that is why they are doing it.

Even kids know how it's done!

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Joseph Shaw of the LMS in England has performed a valiant exercise in documenting the death of the Reform of the Reform and the 1965 Missal. My recollection, as a young boy, was that the 1965 Missal was the "New Mass" and the "Mass of Vatican II." There was no indication to the people in the pew (from my acquired knowledge) that there was another liturgy coming. However the changes were continuous but in the manner of boiling a frog. When the bastard liturgy was enacted there was no Missal or Chant book until 1974. By then, the wheels had already fallen off the cart and it was too late. 

Dr. Shaw's commentary is right on the mark.








Unknown said...


Ana Milan said...

I don't at the moment have the facility to attend a Traditional Mass as there are none available because NO Bishops won't allow them in their Dioceses. I am waiting with baited breath to hear the outcome of the talks between the SSPX & CDF, but am not too hopeful.Staying at home is not an option as I believe in public worship & fulfilling our Sunday duty.

Vox Cantoris said...

Is the SSPX near you, Ana? If not, then go to the best N.O. you can find, maybe even with no music. Offer it up and read the real Missal. That's probably the best you can do.

I hate to ask, but have you tried to get a stable group to the Bishop under Summorum Pontificum?

Anonymous said...

Whenever I go to the Novus Ordo...I bring my 1962 layman's missal. I read the PATFOTA before mass begins so I can pray the confiteor since it's mostly not used in the NO. I read the old offertory prayers, other private prayers of the priests, the last gospel, and the Leonine Prayers. It works for me. I also focus on the crucifix and tabernacle whenever a lay lector is reading and don't even bother looking at the EMHC and the dreaded communion in the hand. I only go to the NO for daily mass pending on the work schedule. I always go the the TLM on Sunday's and holydays.

Sandpiper said...

I'm in a similar situation. As bad as it is I must go to the Novus Ordo to give God His due and receive Holy Communion.

The Bear said...

Bear's parish is not too bad, except for Father's lazy and annoying homilies, and no other options inside of a four-hour round trip. The Bear still has his foot nailed to the floor in front of his favorite pew and hopes to die in the same church where he was baptized, married, and attends. He is not blind to the problems, but he has already bolted for Orthodoxy - twice. Now he's going nowhere. For him, his Bearish stubbornness (and Benedictine stability) makes him stay put. Although Bears are not terribly territorial, that is *his* church, and will be darned if anyone is going to run him out of it. He punches his ticket, annoys his enemies, has been known to walk out of homilies or interject comments, and gets spiritual nourishment on his own: Bible, Divine Office, rosary, Rule of St. Benedict. (And if left for some nice cozy traditionalist church, his blogging might loss its ursine edge.) But good, thought-provoking article, as always!

Peter Lamb said...

Assisting at an "una cum" Mass is not pleasing to God. Catholics do not pray in union with heretics. Here is a good explanation as to why this is so:


Leah said...

Peter Lamb. I could not open the pdf, but I could not agree with you more when you say that Catholics do not pray in union with heretics. That is not being judgmental, not when the heresies are plain to see. Giving communion to protestants for the purpose of fundraising I am not going to support even on other days of the week. There are countries like Japan and China where the faithful have to go without Mass and communion, and they are probably better Catholics than those of us who have the privilege, because they have to drill down to the core.

Unknown said...

Haha - so true! On the Solemnity of the Immaculate Conception in 2014, I walked into church for Mass and saw the guy strumming his guitar and realized I just couldn't take it any more...

Peter Lamb said...

Dear Leah, I only recently put down my pencil and entered the computer age, so me no fundi, but if you copy the link on the comment page in the ordinary way, then open a new tab, then paste the link on the top bar and then click on the blue lined link - the pdf opens on the new tab. :) Try to get it open, because it's worth the read. If you don't succeed, ask any six year old for help. My grand kids always save the day! :)

Ever mindful said...

Four reasons to go, rejoicing , to Mass...


Mark Thomas said...

Why is the "reform of the reform" dead? Cardinal Sarah said:

"Indeed, I can say that when I was received in audience by the Holy Father last April, Pope Francis asked me to study the question of a reform of a reform and of how to enrich the two forms of the Roman rite.

"This will be a delicate work and I ask for your patience and prayers. But if we are to implement Sacrosanctum Concilium more faithfully, if we are to achieve what the Council desired, this is a serious question which must be carefully studied and acted on with the necessary clarity and prudence." Also, as Cardinal Sarah made clear, the "mutual enrichment" process involves the TLM.

The "reform of the reform" is alive. The plan to "enrich" the TLM is alive.


Mark Thomas

Vox Cantoris said...

What "enrichments" Mark,could possibly be a benefit to the traditional rite that would not cause even more distress? Do you think that would actually be a prudent thing? Benedict XVI spoke of Saints, fine. Prefaces too, I see no need for that other than novelty.

I conduct it every week and chant all the Mass. I fail to see how it needs any enriching.

Lynne said...

I went to the diocesan TLM for a couple of years (they let have a handful of TLMs in the Archdiocese of Boston), witnessing a few strange things here and there, listening to lipid homilies, appeals for contributions to CCHD. Finally, I went to the SSPX chapel 8 miles from my house. I should have done it years earlier.

Anonymous said...


Mark Thomas said...

Vox, what the "enriched" TLM will look like is beyond me. But Pope Benedict XVI made it clear that the Traditional Roman Liturgy would be subjected to "enrichments".

In regard to your having noted Saints...in his letter to bishops, Pope Benedict XVI said that "...the two Forms of the usage of the Roman Rite can be mutually enriching: new Saints and some of the new Prefaces can and should be inserted in the old Missal."

Note the phrase "can and should be inserted in the old Missal."

Cardinal Sarah made it clear during his address at the recent Sacra Liturgica conference that Vatican II's Constitution of the Sacred Liturgy is very much alive and that reforms to the Roman Liturgy are unstoppable.

Cardinal Sarah is an enthusiastic promoter of liturgical vernacularization, which, as he noted during his address, was underway years prior to Vatican II. The vernacularization of the Traditional Roman Liturgy is very much pre-Vatican II.

Vox, I don't think that there's any question that the "enriched" TLM will incorporate the vernacular...in particular, during the Mass of the Catechumens.

Cardinal Sarah said of the use of vernacular:

"For many years before the Council, in missionary countries and also in the more developed ones, there had been much discussion about the possibility of increasing the use of the vernacular languages in the liturgy, principally for the readings from Sacred Scripture, also for some of the other parts of the first part of the Mass (which we now call the “Liturgy of the Word”) and for liturgical singing.

"The Holy See had already given many permissions for the use of the vernacular in the administration of the sacraments. This is the context in which the Fathers of the Council spoke of the possible positive ecumenical or missionary effects of liturgical reform.

"It is true that the vernacular has a positive place in the liturgy."

The TLM will be subjected to various "enrichments"...new Saints, new Prefaces, use of the vernacular...


Mark Thomas

Anonymous said...

Lynne I had the exact same experience. After putting up with the same crap as you, and the constantly disrespectful congregation at my diocesan TLM I finally made the jump and started attending the SSPX. My only regret is not doing that years earlier.

Ana Milan said...

Vox: The SSPX & Traditional Orders are banned by our NO Bishops. I have tried so many times to get a response from them but did eventually make contact (through another poster) with one of their priests who traveled from Fatima home to Poland stopping at a couple of places on route to say TLM. These places were too far for me to travel to and the times of Holy Mass not always consistent, so really only served the local people. I also have been in contact with a Diocesan priest (well known in Catholic media circles) & he confirmed that south of Madrid (Malaga region in particular) was about the worst place on earth for TLM. He is in Oviedo which is in Northern Spain & there is also some TLM offered in Catalonia. Cardinal Antonio Cañizares also offers TLM but again in Valencia. These are all great distances away but I have got on planes to other countries in order to get my Confession heard - that is how bad it is.

Some years ago there was a group of more than sufficient numbers in Malaga who approached the Bishop re TLM but he wouldn't allow it. One Church in centre of Malaga that started it was stamped upon. Una Voce gave outlets on their website that hadn't been updated in 2/3 years and, of course, they also had been banned. There is always some-one ready to inform the Bishop! One priest from such a church in Marbella feigned surprise when I enquired about it - you'd think I had uttered an expletive so taken aback he appeared to be.

On Sundays we go to a Church dedicated to Our Lady of Mt.Carmel where you feel immediately that you have entered a Catholic Church - the tabernacle in central position, statues & holy pictures, seminarians & altar boys in attendance and the priest is very "hands on". He has introduced a kneeler for those that wish to avail of it for receiving Holy Communion which I, along with a large proportion on that side of the church also do. Maybe more will be available in the future. The only drawback is that he has people coming from all over the Diocese & they very often overflow into the street, so it is hard to get Confession with the same locals always taking-up prime position. As he only hears for 20-30 minutes before Holy Mass & there's always a queue people are put off. Considering there is not this opportunity to be had in other CCs, he would need to have regular times on Saturdays or mid-week to cater for them. He has had to extend the church to enable 400 people to be seated with the aisles & steps also full.

My local 'ecumenical' church has the tabernacle hidden on the side - can't be seen on entering, so as not to offend the Protestants who share the church. People enter chattering & allow children to run wild about the place. At a Vigil Mass recently at which the priest was instructing children prior to making their First Holy Communion he, in unison with them, read a prayer which thanked God for the meal they had received (Post Communion Prayer). I felt it my duty to correct him & to point out the necessity of telling the children & their parents where the tabernacle was placed & that Jesus was always present to them there. I'm glad to say he took the correction & spent time in informing the children & parents that Jesus was REALLY present in the Sacred Host which should be received with reverence. I have since seen people & children/grandchildren making their way over to say a prayer before the start of Mass which didn't happen previously, and the conduct of the congregation has also improved.

I can only offer up this cruel denial of the Old Rite into which I was baptised & confirmed & for my son's confirmation to be denied him until he reaches 50 years of age. I know it's hard to believe, but that's the case here. I think it's the same more or less throughout Europe also.

Anonymous said...


He can't be confirmed until he's 50???? WHY???

Sorry for shouting - I'm just shocked.

In the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church, we are baptized and confirmed as babies. (Confirmation immediately follows Baptism in our Church.).

Your poor son! O God, have mercy on him! May He have mercy on you also, Ana.

In Christ the King,