Thursday, 28 July 2016

Who are the real dissenters?

find it interesting.

When I was a young lad, the dissenters in the Church were all the rage. It was so bad, I eventually left. I never really lost my faith, but the Church was enough of a mess that I lost interest. I was typical of someone growing up in the 1960's.

After a rather hedonistic period of life, I returned to the Church and to the Faith as it was taught to me by my parents and the good priests of my parish. It was a long road of return, including a long period of time in the cafeteria line. I had forgotten about the traditional Mass but came back to it and then became convicted by it for what I had become.

I practice the Faith today as my parents did, and as we did together, as a family.

Today, I am a dissenter.

If I have not changed, and I am the dissenter, what does it say about them?


Mark Thomas said...


Scroll down to the following article on that page: "Silk gehorsam- please!" (Pope Francis wants the SSPX bring back to the bosom of the church. Can it work? A conversation with Guido Pozzo, the competent Archbishop of the Vatican, through unity and the true teaching.)


Mark Thomas

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Ana Milan said...

The True Dissenters are the Modernist/Marxist/Masonic Imposters placed in Catholic seminaries in the '30s & '40s by Bella Dodd & the Communist Party to destabilise & eventually wipe out the Catholic Church. They have done an excellent job but will never know complete success as Christ is still with His Church & will never allow that to happen. Their day is coming to an end & soon we shall see the rising of the CC like a phoenix from the ashes. GOD ALWAYS WINS. Our Lady's Triumph is just around the corner - have faith, pray constantly & support public action to restore the True Faith in all its glory. It will happen, but we can make it happen sooner if we show the necessary determination & resolve to complete the process. Nothing is impossible to God!