Tuesday, 12 July 2016

Well that was a quick switch - Michael Coren is reported to be relieved

Well they've done it again, the Anglican "Church" of Canada has become ever more irrelevant.  Amidst charges that the vote was not taken fairly they voted again and now they will "bless/marry" sodomites and lesbians.

It's okay Michael, you don't have to leave. 

You can stay there and go to Hell along with the rest of them. 

Canadian Anglicans vote not to "bless" so-called marriages of the same sex - what will Michael Coren do now?
Of course, it is because of bullying that the vote was very, very narrowly defeated.


Hello Michael? Where to now, bro?

Bye the way, Mike, I loved that CBC interview with Wendy Mesley. What will be your next "Epiphany"?


Jonah said...

Dig deep Mikey. You'll find a pagan in there somewhere. No problem with sodomy. That's where Calvin will lead you, anyway.

Unknown said...

The Church of Coren is the only infallible church.

My Blog said...
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Antony said...

Time to go church shopping like the Protestants say....

TheGoat said...

What a hideous troll he is.


Eugene said...

What a great headline Vox!