Thursday, 14 July 2016

Cardinal Pell sidelined by Bergoglio and the cabal - financial corruption is the name of the game at the Vatican - have the Know-Nothings been right all these years?

"My house shall be called a house of prayer, but you have turned it into a den of thieves" says the Lord.

Why break a pattern, right?

Lutheranism in Evangelii Gaudium.

Moral corruption in Amoris Laetitia.

Liturgical disorientation.

Heresy spouted on a regular basis.

Insults from the Vicar of Christ.

At least these enemies of Our Lord and His Church are consistent.

They have disgraced the Church. They have sullied their garments. They have fornicated with the world. 

They have the buildings. We have the Faith.

Jorge Bergoglio is responsible. 

From Phil Lawler.


GMUA said...

According to you, who are the "know-nothings"?

Peter Lamb said...

"They have the buildings. We have the Faith."

That is exactly correct and sums it up in a nut shell.
What more can they do to tell us who they are; what they are trying to do and why?

Bergoglio wears the torch over the templar cross over his heart - the insignia of the Patriarch of the World. The highest judeo-mason on Earth. He is a member of the Trinity of Lucifer. He is the right hand man of the devil, as were his conciliar predecessors. Just let that sink in for a moment. If you doubt that, read the symbolism of masonry, which is freely available on the internet. The evidence is there for all to see. Our Lady warned us, Popes have warned us, Saints have warned us, Catholic doctrine has warned us and numerous heresies have demonstrated to us.

Despite all the evidence, many still call him Pope. They call him the Vicar of our Blessed Lord and Savior Jesus. They wish to pray with him; they seek union and recognition with and from him; they petition him to change his ways as the scorpion petitioned the frog. The wilfully blind aid and abet him thus leading their brethren to the abyss. Their face will be that of the poor soul entering eternal reality whom Vox recently illustrated - the dreadful moment of comprehension.

Ana Milan said...

The responsibility does lie with PF, and there cannot be much more time left to him to rectify the scandals he has caused. He looks a pathetic figure and no wonder, tied down by Lucifer's friends at St. Gallen Group (Mafia) with nowhere to go but an infernally hot place if he continues the path he's on. Both PF & PB need to clear their consciences before they pass on. Revealing the Third Secret of Fatima would be a start &, of course, following up with the Consecration of Russia. Will the REAL POPE step forward please and fulfil Our Lady's wishes & then properly step down?