Saturday, 23 July 2016

Idiot Bishops - learn your Latin!

Fathers Hunwicke and Zuhlsdorf have written frequently these last two weeks on the mis-translation that bishops are using to smack down the "ad orientem" issue in their dioceses. Father Z covers it again.

If it were not permitted, why is Pope Francis it so?

Just one more reason why the Novus Ordo is a dead letter. It is irreformable. There is no reform of the reform. It is a lost cause. The Novus Ordo Missae, whilst valid, is a deficient liturgy even when celebrated in Latin, ad orientem, with chant as is proper to it, incense, the Confiteor and Roman Canon, and so on. It is deficient because of the Offertory and the changing of ancient Propers and elimination of the historical, 1500 year old Lectionary! It is a bastard rite because of its Offertory and multiplicity of Eucharistic Prayers, none of this authorised or asked for by the glorious Council! 

None of it!

When one takes these deficiencies,combined with priests and bishops who enforce an outdated and incorrect liturgical theology, how can one believe that there is any possibility of reform?

The treatment of Cardinal Sarah was the final straw for me, It happened to coincide with the badly-behaving Catholics at the parish I served at for eight years. Enough! 

No more work in the nervous disorder. Traditional Mass is it.

This is my third Saturday off. Fox and I will enjoy it immensely.

GIRM WARS: Another front opens in Iowa

When the 2000 GIRM was issued (now usually cited as 2002 GIRM because it is in the 2002 Missale Romanum), a question was put to the Congregation for Divine Worship: Can a bishop, in his role as moderator of the Sacred Liturgy in the diocese, forbid ad orientemworship?
On 10 April 2000, the Congregation for Divine Worship issued an official response (Protocol No. 564/00/L) about GIRM 299 (my emphases):


Ana Milan said...

The TLM will be restored in toto when Russia is consecrated to the Immaculate Heart of Mary which Our Lady has stated the Pope? will do but late. Our main priority at the moment should be in getting our Prelates to comply in full with Our Lady's wishes. Their disrespect, disloyalty & ingratitude to the Mother of Our Saviour has shown no bounds & has brought grief & shame on us all. They are predators & their existence in the CC goes back to Communist Russia. We can only believe that this chastisement was meant to happen with such intensity & for as long as it has, but we do have the belief in the words of Jesus when He said He would be with His Church until the end of time. He will guide us to the finish & on to victory & Our Lady's triumph.

We should now start protesting the commemorations in Lund of the 500th anniversary of the Protestant Revolt. I have already written to PF to say that he is not representing me & my family if he goes there. I believe all Catholic families should also make their feelings known, even if he ignores them Jesus & Mary won't. Prayer, sacrifice, penance & PRESSURE will bring victory, but we cannot rely on the Hierarchy anymore. They have lost our trust & it is vital they understand that, even at this late hour.

Anonymous said...

Excellent post, Ana. For those who want to learn more, the Fatima Center has workshops across the US teaching people amongst other things how to talk/write to the Poor, bishops and priests about obeying Our Lady of Fatima.

Everyone:. Please check out for more information.

St. Joseph, come to our aid!

Mark Thomas said...

Vox, you have great gifts and talent from God that, in turn, you have utilized to build up Holy Mother Church. You have blessed your brothers and sisters who worship God via the Novus Ordo. Not everyone who worships via the Novus Ordo is able to switch suddenly, or at all, to the TLM.

Vox, your brothers and sisters who assist at the Novus Ordo need you.


Mark Thomas

Peter Lamb said...

Dear Ana, You are a real soldier of Christ, but petitions etc. will never get anywhere. These guys are judeo-masons on a judeo-masonic mission - to attempt to destroy the Church from within. They know exactly what they are doing and they do it on purpose.

Ana Milan said...

Peter Lamb: Yes, they do it on purpose & they are evil to the core but my object in continuing the pressure (which has caused some to get very irritated & led to blocking Traditional Catholics on websites) is to show our allegiance to God - that we are prepared to go the whole way even if we cannot change anything ourselves. He can & will as He is always with His Church, but this chastisement could, maybe, be brought to a successful conclusion more quickly if we all stood together against these Sodomite/Judeo-Mason/Modernist infiltrators.

The rank & file NO Church is beginning to wake up to the realisation that the CC leadership has turned its back on God & that something has to be done to rescue His Church but they in turn need good leadership as few of them have been catechised or confirmed. Priests who try to keep their churches Catholic are under severe pressure from NO Bishops & should be prayed for. These Modernists don't like bad publicity so let's give it to them. This is not a time for opting out but banding together to show strength of will & perseverance until they are overcome, which we know they will be. I believe God wants us to fight for Him and to laud Him as our King. Everything depends on that.

Peter Lamb said...

What a fighter! Good show Ana, we battle on!!!

Anonymous said...

Since Vatican II, the Catholic Church has gone full retard. After the allowance of Holy Communion to people in the state of mortal sin and with the wacky Cardinal Shoborn about to head the CDF, I'm off to the SSPX. DONE. A chapel is about 15 minutes away. I even bypassed the Franciscan Friars of the Immaculate and the FSSP that are nearby. Also, I was reading comments written by the heretic Martin Luther about how to destroy the Mass and with the Masonic Archbishop Bugini and how he did almost exactly what Luther wanted when he rewrote the Mass, I'm out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Done with the Norvos Ordo with it's protestant foolishness.

Peter Lamb said...

Dear Anonymous @ 5;13 pm, I applaud your sentiments, but there is a snag.
Bishop Fellay has publicly stated that Bergoglio is a "genuine modernist", (i.e.damnable heretic.) However, this provides no insurmountable obstacle, because the SSPX recognise that a Pope formaliter can be a heretic. (In contradiction to the teaching of Vatican I, St. Robert Bellarmine and many others, but no matter.) In fact, according to Vatican I and St. Robert, (who both investigated this matter thoroughly and concluded that there has never been an heretical Pope formaliter in the history of the Church before now), an heretical Pope formaliter is an impossibility. Nevertheless, the SSPX offer the sacrifice of the Mass "in union with" ("una cum") this heretical masonic pope; hang pictures of said heretic in their churches and seek canonical recognition from him, (even though Archbishop Lefebvre publicly stated that the NWO church is not Catholic.) The SSPX also recognise that the days of Catholics submitting to the Pope and the Pope being infallible, by virtue of the Holy Ghost protecting him from teaching erroneous Faith, or Morals, are sadly past and therefore Bp. Fellay has assumed the onerous task of sifting, (vetting), all papal pronouncements, thus ensuring "orthodoxy" among his followers. I must admit all this sounds a bit weird to a Catholic, but that's the way it is.

But, here's the catch: If Bp. Fellay succeeds in joining the NWO church - you will be back where you started! Have you thought of that? One might say that you are jumping out of the fat into the frying pan, don't you think?

Anonymous said...

I keep seeing this Protocol 564/00/L from the Congregation for Divine Worship cited in many articles I've read, but where is it available to read? I can't find it anywhere, except in places where people cite it.

Unknown said...

I try not to get involved in the business of prediction. It's a quick way to look like an idiot. See the link below for more info.