Sunday, 3 July 2016

Pope Francis to move forward against the will of "ultra-conservative" but promises not to follow the pattern of Mohammed

When people use the words "ultra-conservative" or "radical traditionalist" to describe faithful Catholics they actually reveal themselves for what are:




Take this writer for example, I follow the Catholic faith which I was taught by my mother and father. Growing up in the 1960's I was taught the faith in school by good Catholic Sisters of St. Joseph and faithful priests. That faith, is what I continue to practice.

Yet, it is that faith that these dissenters, modernists and heretics condemn as "ultra-conservative" and other such insults and epithets. 

According to Inés San Martín , Pope Francis has vowed in a new interview that he won’t be slowed down by resistance from “ultra-conservatives” in the Church who “say no to everything,” insisting, “I’m going ahead without looking over my shoulder.”

The pontiff also suggested he has no intention of launching a crackdown on the opposition, saying, “I don’t cut off heads. That was never my style. I’ve never liked doing that.”

Thank you, Pope Bergoglio, for not following the paths of the Mohammedan practice.

Severed skulls of the Saint Antonio Primaldi and Companions of Otranto


TLM said...

Well, Dear Pontiff, the 'opposition' will fight ferociously for Christ in His TRUE CHURCH and eventually will WIN! We may be YOUR opposition, but YOU are Christ's opposition!!!!!....and He is NOT ABOUT to let you win.

philipjohnson said...

If the Heretical apology for a Pope wants a fight then,by God,we will give him one-and win!!

Ana Milan said...

By his demoting & promoting he certainly does euphemistically cut off heads as we have witnessed by his outbursts in Casa Santa Marta. Most of the signees on the letter of the Cardinals to PF at the time of the Synod on the Family supports our worst fears and there will be more to come, I'm sure.

Mark Thomas said...

"According to Inés San Martín , Pope Francis has vowed in a new interview that he won’t be slowed down by resistance from “ultra-conservatives” in the Church who “say no to everything,” insisting, “I’m going ahead without looking over my shoulder.”

In other words, he will continue down the path of reform that was initiated in earnest by Pope Venerable Pius XII. It is was he who, in major fashion, initiated the reform of the Church in what would be regarded as "liberal" fashion.

Pope Venerable Pius XII insisted that the Church must conform Herself in various ways to modern man and modern times. He made that clear, in particular, in regard to liturgical matters.

Vox, on May 3, 2016 A.D., you offered a story about Monsignor Joseph Fenton. Monsignor Fenton was a great theologian. During Vatican II, he served Cardinal Ottaviani as a peritus.

In the article that you offered about him, it was noted that during Vatican II, he had written the following in his diary:

"Since the death of [Pope] St. Pius X the Church has been directed by weak and liberal popes, who have flooded the hierarchy with unworthy and stupid men. This present conciliar set-up makes this all the more apparent."

There isn't any question that Pope Venerable Pius XII, particularly in regard to liturgy and ecumenism, had steered the Church into liberalism.

However, Monsignor Fenton insisted that from the days of Pope Benedict XV (1914 A.D.) to the final Pope of his time, Pope Blessed Paul VI, the Popes were "weak", "liberal", and had "flooded the hierarchy with unworthy and stupid men".

At any rate, certainly since the days of Pope Venerable Pius XII, if not from 1914 A.D. to date, our Popes have moved forward with radical change...nobody has stopped them...who will?

That said, I believe that our Popes in question are/were holy men. I also will say the following for His Holiness Pope Francis: Vox, as was reported in your post today, Pope Francis is not a man who destroys his opposition.

As noted today in your post: "The pontiff also suggested he has no intention of launching a crackdown on the opposition, saying, “I don’t cut off heads. That was never my style. I’ve never liked doing that."

That is why, for example, he has, since his days in Argentina, been a great friend to the SSPX. Those who may disagree vehemently with him are not subject to reprisals from Pope Francis. Throughout his Pontificate, Pope Francis has permitted the TLM to thrive. Pope Francis has permitted his critics to swing at him. He is a holy and generous man.

Anyway, he will continue the Papal practice, which has prevailed since the days of Pope Venerable Pius XII, if not since 1914 A.D. (according to Monsignor Fenton) of mixing liberal reforms with Holy Tradition. That process has not benefitted Holy Mother Church. However, that has been Rome's practice for decades.


Mark Thomas

Anonymous said...

He does not chop off heads? Well not literally but why does he even use that phrase? Why does it come to his mind as the thing to say? Because he in fact does quite ruthlessly depose "traditional" bishops, as well as blatantly favoring the most progressive.

At one spot in the interview the pope states "with a wide grin" that he can "tap on the head of a nail" until it relents, or simply wait for conservative bishops to retire and replace them with modernists.

We have seen the nail technique now with 9 bishops (in addition to FFI, FM College, and other "trad" people), and the passive approach with several more ordinaries plus a few cardinals.

My own archbishop is no "trad" but does offer and appreciate the TLM. We are not a high-profile diocese, rather remote, so our archbishop may not be up on the pope's "hit list."

Michael F Poulin said...

Franciscan Friars of the Immaculate would disagree about the "cutting off heads" remark. That makes Francis a ... what's the term? -- LIAR!

Anonymous said...

God does not change to suit the times ,He is perfect therefore He can not progress ,to claim that His laws can change from era to era is to say He can improve ,which would mean ,He is not perfect .The Truth does not change .when Christ came He said "I have not come to change the Law ,but in order that the Law be fulfilled".So who is this liberal progressive God that contradicts his own words that is inspiring the demolition of the Catholic Faith for a one world ,doesn't matter what you believe in new religion.

mazara said...

susan said...

What a simply and profoundly OUTSTANDING are getting better and better Vox.

Brian said...


Bergogolio won't be held back by unltra-conservatives! In other words, he will not let Catholicism get in his way. At-a-boy Jorge, drink some more conciliar hemlock.

Eugene said...

Reply to Mark Thomas:
with all due respect, you constantly bring up the point that Pius XII, started the liberalizing trends in the church, so what? He never ever uttered heresy unlike PF, he never called priests animals, he never equated the Muslim religion to Christianity, he never ridiculed people praying for him via the most Holy Rosary...I could go on and on but its just makes more upset, Mark T stop trying to divert the conversation we have a huge mess on our hands thanks to Francis and what are we going to do about it now...your revisionist view of history DOES NOTHING to deal with the present disaster.
Final thought, I used to get such consolation from listening to the previous Popes, now I GET NOTHING...thank you St Gallen "mafia"

Anonymous said...

As an elderly Augustinian professor priest said to me in a monastery decades ago..."the whole fabric of our civilization has deteriorated".
I will add the rejoinder...and the church as well.
The Remnant newspaper and Remnant Television by Michael Matt if traditional Catholic family home school Minnesota fame gives lots of leadership and hope that the Sense of the Faithful will prevail.

Mark Thomas said...

Eugene, we have to confront the roots of the liturgical/ecumenical/liberal reforms that have engulfed the Church from the time of Pope Venerable Pius XII to date. If we fail to do so, then we render it impossible to discuss intelligently, as well as offer solutions, to the disaster at hand.

It is impossible to separate the following from Pope Venerable Pius XII: Vatican II, ecumenism, the liturgical reform (which he launched in radical fashion), as well as additional liberal reforms, such as those related to fasting and the Church's relationship with the "modern world".

(Example: Vatican II's "liberal" document, The Church in the Modern World, is peppered with 22 footnote references to Pope Venerable Pius XII's social teachings.)

It is imperative that we explore the crisis of faith (as well as solutions to said crisis) in which the Church, beginning with Rome, is engulfed. That said, Pope Venerable Pius XII's liberalism doesn't cast aspersions upon his personal sanctity, which, it is clear, was first-rate.


Mark Thomas

Eugene said...

Mark Thomas that is a nice academic discussion but what would it lead to. After re-reading the words by PF Re: conservatives I am more disgusted than ever. Never in my life did I think would hear such words from a man who is supposed to be the Vicar of Christ.
O Lord only you can save us.

Mark Thomas said...

Eugene, what would it lead to? It would shed important light upon the origin and goals of the liturgical reform and overall liberal revolution launched by Pope Venerable Pius XII. By studying Pope Venerable Pius XII's reforms, we could determine whether Popes Saint John XIII, Blessed Paul VI, Saint John Paul II, Benedict XVI, and Francis have remained true to the course paved by Pope Venerable Pius XII.

Eugene, in particular regard to the liturgical reform, it is vital to study Pope Venerable Pius XII's liturgical reform as his successors have tied their liturgical reforms to his liturgical reform.

That is, the legitimacy of Novus Ordoism very much rests upon whether Pope Venerable Pius XII's successors have remained true to the Pian plan, which they have insisted is the case.

Rorate Caeli has twice during the past few years examined the legitimacy and value of Pope Venerable Pius XII's liturgical revolution. They did so for a second time earlier this year.

From Rorate Caeli: "In the course of recent years, the publication of numerous studies concerning the history of the theological and liturgical debate of the 1950's has cast new light on the formation and the intentions (which were not always openly declared at the time) of those who were the actual composers of certain texts.

"As regards the work of the reform of Holy Week in 1955 and 1956, it is desirable to consider the declarations, finally made public now, of the well-known Lazarist Annibale Bugnini, and of his close collaborator and later secretary of the "Consilium ad reformandam liturgiam" Father Carlo Braga, and of the future-Cardinal Ferdinando Antonelli, in order to establish whether or not their work of liturgical reform corresponds to a wider theological project and in order to analyze the validity of the criteria used and then reproposed in the reforms that followed.

"We shall consider the notes and minutes of the discussions of the preparatory commission, preserved mainly in the archives of the Congregation of Rites and recently published in the monumental work of the liturgical historian Msgr. Nicola Giampietro, which testify to the tenor of the debate.

"...The commission was actually named on May 28, 1948, while the constitutive meeting of the commission was held on June 22 of the same year.

"The Commission worked in secret and under pressure from the central European great was the secrecy that the unexpected and sudden publication of the "Ordo Sabbati Sancti instaurati" ["On the Restored Rite of Holy Saturday”] on March 1, 1951, "came as a surprise to the very officials of the Congregation of Rites," as commission member Annibale Bugnini has stated."

It is imperative to delve into Pope Venerable Pius XII's liberalism if we are to understand as to where we are, how we arrived to this place in Church history, and whether the course liberal reform launched by Pope Venerable Pius XII has merits worth continuing.


Mark Thomas

Mark Thomas said...

Eugene said..."After re-reading the words by PF Re: conservatives I am more disgusted than ever."

I would like to obtain a clear translation of what Pope Francis said supposedly. But again, in regard to "ultra-conservatives", at least since the days of Pope Venerable Pius XII, he did not permit "ultra-conservatives" to block his liberal reforms.

Eugene, one "ultra-conservative" bishop after another was outraged when Pope Venerable Pius XII foisted his radical liturgical reforms upon the Church. Nevertheless, he was not dissuaded in the least in the pursuit of his liberal reforms.

From Tradition in Action:

Pius XII Empowered Progressivists for the Liturgical Reform.

Pius XII: ‘The Reforms Come from the Holy Spirit’

"Pope Pius XII’s address to the participants at the Assisi Congress in 1956 contains a number of unwelcome surprises for those who thought of him as in every way a solidly traditional Pope. Just as the Congress itself had turned out to be a platform for tendentious propaganda, so the Pope’s speech reflected and perpetuated the reformers’ “narrative,” endorsing their message about “active participation” for the faithful in the liturgy."

A Self-Contradictory Liturgical Reform

"With Mediator Dei of 1947, Pius XII had set the stage for “active participation” of the laity."

Eugene, the above illustrates why it is vital to understand the roots of the liberalization of the Church that Pope Venerable Pius XII launched. It is vital to understand that Pope Venerable Pius XII insisted that the liberalization of the Church, beginning with his acceptance of the Ecumenical Movement to his radical liturgical reforms, was inspired by the Holy Ghost.

Each successor of Pope Venerable Pius XII adhered to that claim. That is why from Popes Venerable Pius XII to date, our Popes have refused to permit "ultra-conservatives" to derail the liberalization of the Church.

Popes, Francis, Benedict XVI, Saint John Paul II, (perhaps John Paul I), Blessed Paul VI, Saint John XXIII, and Venerable Pius XII insisted that the reforms in question are "irrevocable".

The liberalization of the Church is irreversible supposedly as the Holy Ghost (according to Popes Venerable Pius XII to Francis) has inspired Rome toward a new understanding of the Church's relationship with her children and the world.

That is why Pope Francis is far from alone among Popes in having refused to permit "ultra-conservatives" to "roll back the clock" within the Church.


Mark Thomas

Eugene said...

Mark Thomas, try as you might, your historical research provides no comfort for me...we are dealing with a bully on the throne of Peter and those who to the completeness and fullness of the Catholic faith are his enemies ( as shown by his words and actions)...he is not fulfilling the primary function of Peter which is to build up the brethren in the faith..his words, his style is that of a destroyer and an openly arrogant one at that as highlighted by his statement on how you remove nails...the morale in the ranks of true bishops and priests these days must be just so high