Friday, 15 July 2016

Islam did this. Now, 84 dead, 10 of them children - it is not a religion, it is an diabolical political system and our feckless and effeminate leaders are to blame for destroying their countries and letting this barbaric filth into our lands!




Ana Milan said...

Socialist, Secularist, Modernist France please turn back to Christ. It is the ONLY WAY. Over two centuries of denial has led you to where you find yourselves to-day. We all have been let down by our political & religious leaders who have been infiltrated with the Modernist ideology (another form of Satanism) & it only leads to despair. Jesus & his Blessed Mother are still waiting patiently in the shadows, but for how long? Our Lady has said that the arm of Her Son is getting too heavy to continue to hold up much longer. In the name of the Triune God I pray that you will denounce this ideology & join with those of us calling for a positive change in Papal leadership & for Christian principals to be adopted throughout the world. Satan confuses, God liberates.

Dan said...

Unlike you rigid neo-pelagians, us enlightened and accepting individuals would feel a bit like a hypocrite pushing the acceptance of the LGBT lifestyle on others while not accepting the cultures and lifestyles of those wanting to kill us.

Kathleen said...

God is allowing the DEMONICALLY inspired followers of Muḥammad to scourge what is left of Christendom and in particular the Eldest Daughter of the Church, France.

First the Bataclan massacre that took place while the crowd was singing and dancing to songs of adoration of the DEVIL.

Now, 7/15/16, we find out Bataclan was NOT just a massacre, it was a horrifying scene of mass torture.

The Bataclan coverup report is at the following link. WARNING TRULY HORRIFYING. ****NOT**** SUITABLE FOR CHILDREN OR SENSITIVE.

Then this second attack, that took place while the anniversary of the DEMONICALLY inspired French Revolution is being celebrated.

The DEMONICALLY inspired revolutionaries have had the Eldest daughter under the heel ever since.

But we're at the end of that road now, either she must reject and denounce the revolutionaries or she will continue to be scourged with them by the Islamic servants of the DEVIL.

Anonymous said...

France needs to humble itself and consecrate itself to the Sacred Heart of Jesus - which Our Lord wanted Louis XIV to do.

Our Lord has been patiently waiting for France since 1689. He will have France, whether they like it or not.

Anonymous said...

The Islamic cult is evil and 84 dead hundreds maimed is horrible.
Looking to the homeland it's always instructive to remember that Saturdays in the United States (probably Canada as well) is the busiest day of the week at the hundreds of In Utero Baby Genocide Compounds around the so-called Christian civilization of America.
The Islamic cult murders non Islamic people while the west in north America, Europe and Australia specializes in Moloch`s favorite...violent dismembering and beheading of In Utero Babies the most innocent and defenseless people.
So while it is always a distraction to condemn evil Islam...look to see the 84 murdered in France and the 10 children multiplied exponentially just today Saturday around our so-called Christian Western democracies.
The enemy is within our own culture now.
It's endemic and ubiquitous.
In fact Islamic evil is both a punishment and a result of the rejection of Christ by The so-called Christian West.
With societies blessing In Utero Baby murder will murder and behead ten babies in the first half hour of business today in California alone.
Ted Cruz called for round the clock carpet bombing of Isis and al-Qaeda areas...that's a start.
But, what about the majority of Americans who endorse our Abortion Genocide of Babies?
Oh, that's somehow different? Oh, I see...hypocrisy abounds in America and the church.
If the baby genocide is really Nazi Germany then where's the Eisenhower soldiers freeing the Death Camps here?
Yes, it's an indulgence to beat up evil old Islamic world but look at your own Yankee doodle dandy, Apple pie, baseball bread and circuses Moloch State while you condemn godless people in Islam.