Friday, 22 July 2016

Senator Tim Kaine - an apostate Catholic as Clinton's Vice-President pick

U.S. Senator Tim Kaine has been selected by the malefactor, Hilary Clinton, as the Vice-Presidential running mate.

Kaine is a Jesuit-educated Catholic.

He spins the yarn about being a "traditional Catholic," and adopts the Kennedy position.

Tim Kaine is a malefactor. An apostate Catholic. 

Mike Pence, the Veep selection by Donald J. Trump is also an "apostate Catholic" as he left the Church for evangelical protestantism. I recall reading that the former Catholics are the largest "denomination," in the United States.

What is the difference? 

Pence does not pretend to be a Catholic. This Kaine character does and calls himself "devout" and "traditional." That is hypocrisy.

Frankly, Mike Pence is a descent man. A truly, devout Christian. He is pro-life on record and in action. Of the four of them, he is the best of them. 

May the LORD lead Mike Pence back home and convert Tim Kaine.

God help America.

John Corapi said it best. 

"It is not morally possible for any Catholic to support abortion, euthanasia, fetal stem cell research, human cloning, or same-sex marriage. There are no ways around this, no justifications whatever. Why? For the simple reason that the Church holds these things to be intrinsically evil. They are evil in themselves, and no circumstances or subjective conditions can ever change that."People try to say they are pro-choice and Catholic... I'll give you one, I've heard some so called Catholic politicians say this.. we may as well talk about the truth .. Some say, I'm a good catholic , but I'm pro-choice ...'Well Happy horse manure, "There ain't no such thing, You can't be pro-choice and Catholic ... "Period!" .. You can't.... That is Impossible! ... Man, wake up, and smell the roses, you mean to tell me that you can condone killing the most innocent that would, should be the safest place in the universe for them, in their own mother's womb .. You're saying you can condone that, support that, promote that, and be a good Catholic, 'you are out of your mind'. ~Fr. Corapi


Anonymous said...

Vox, if you call Kaine an apostate (and I'm not saying you're wrong?), I do wonder how you might classify Mike Pence?

Do you know he and his wife both rejected the Church for the evangelical megachurch? But they are at least sincere Christians and stringently pro-life.

Mark Thomas said...

We need to pray for Tim Kaine. May God enlighten Tim Kaine to the fact that the "I'm opposed personally to abortion...but I'm pro-choice" approach favors the Culture of Death.

Senator Tim Kaine has received 100 percent approval ratings from the National Abortion Rights Action League (NARAL). Senator Kaine has received a 100 percent approval rating from Planned Parenthood.

NARAL Statement on Tim Kaine as Vice President

Ilyse Hogue, president of NARAL Pro-Choice America, released the following statement in response to Hillary Clinton's selection of Tim Kaine as her running mate:

"Secretary Clinton’s selection of Senator Kaine provides some much needed sanity to the out-of-control fire that was the Republican convention this week.

"The hate-filled lies, dangerous rhetoric, and mob mentality of the last four days was shocking, and today’s pick reminds us that there are adults in the room who hold American values dear and are committed to governing towards a future of inclusion and unity.

"While Senator Kaine has been open about his personal reservations about abortion, he’s maintained a 100% pro-choice voting record in the U.S. Senate.

"He voted against dangerous abortion bans, he has fought against efforts to defund Planned Parenthood, and he voted to strengthen clinic security by establishing a federal fund for it.

"In the wake of clinic closures around the country due to deceptive TRAP laws, Senator Kaine has co-sponsored the Women’s Health Protection Act, a bill that gives federal assurances that women will be able to access their constitutional right to abortion care regardless of what zip code they live in.

"In this country, we know that the vast majority of voters - 7 in 10 - believe abortion should be legal. Some of those voters are like Senator Tim Kaine - personally opposed to abortion but also strongly believe that this is a personal issue and not one for politicians to meddle in. This is core part of what it means to be pro-choice – supporting everyone’s individual decision making.

"When he was Governor, Tim Kaine took positions we disagreed with and actively campaigned against. We’re pleased that since then, his votes and public statements have been consistently in favor of trusting women to make our own decisions. And as with all of our allies, we weren’t afraid to voice disagreement with him then and we will not be afraid to disagree, if needed, with him as Vice President.

"The adoption of a Republican Party platform that will rob women - half the population - of our fundamental rights and freedoms is a clear window into the frightening agenda that will make the Trump-Pence misogyny all too real for Americans.

"Secretary Clinton’s record as a champion on abortion access, reproductive freedom and policies that support women and families could not be more stellar. She has laid out a clear agenda of expanding fundamental freedoms through repeal of the Hyde and Helms amendments and has strongly advocated for women through expanded family planning and access to contraception, providing paid family leave and assuring robust pregnancy nondiscrimination.

"We trust Secretary Clinton would not select Senator Kaine, and Senator Kaine would not accept the position, if he could not fully support Secretary Clinton’s robust agenda when it comes to preserving and expanding reproductive freedom and justice."
NARAL Pro-Choice America and its network of state affiliates are dedicated to protecting and expanding reproductive freedom for all Americans.


Mark Thomas

Mark Thomas said...

Religion News Service

By Kimberly Winston | 5 hours ago

Here are five faith facts about the new vice presidential candidate.

1. "He and his wife attend St. Elizabeth Catholic Church in Richmond, Va., which has a predominantly African-American congregation. He co-founded a men’s study group there."

2. "Kaine says he separates the personal from the political. Kaine is personally against abortion and the death penalty...he has upheld Roe v. Wade and told Chuck Todd of “Meet the Press”: “I have taken the position, which is quite common among Catholics — I have got a personal feeling about abortion, but the right rule for government is to let women make their own decisions.”

"He was fairly late to supporting same-sex marriage, saying in 2013, “I believe all people, regardless of sexual orientation, should be guaranteed the full rights to the legal benefits and responsibilities of marriage under the Constitution.”

"And while Kaine opposed gay adoption in 2005 — also in line with Catholic Church teaching — by 2012 he had reversed his position."
3. "He favors allowing women to become priests. When Pope Francis visited Washington, D.C., in September 2015, Kaine attended the pontiff’s historic address to Congress. Before the speech, he issued a statement. “If women are not accorded equal place in the leadership of the Catholic Church and the other great world religions, they will always be treated as inferiors in earthly matters as well,” Kaine said. “There is nothing this Pope could do that would improve the world as much as putting the Church on a path to ordain women.”

4. "Kaine is a fan of Pope Francis’ “Laudato Si’.” Not all Catholics thought the pontiff should write an encyclical on a secular issue such as global warming, but Kaine agrees with Francis’ framing of the issue as one of faith.

5. Kaine speaks openly about his faith.

“My faith is central to everything I do,” he once told the website Patch. “My faith position is a Good Samaritan position of trying to watch out for the other person.” And in a recent C-SPAN interview he said: “I do what I do for spiritual reasons. I’m always thinking about the momentary reality but also how it connects with bigger matters of what’s important in life.”


Mark Thomas

Mark Thomas said...

Vox, if I may follow up on my post about Religion News Service's Five Faith Facts About Senator Tim Kaine...

Fact 4: "Kaine is a fan of Pope Francis’ “Laudato Si’.”

Therefore, Senator Kaine should be a fan of the following from Laudato Si:

-- "Pope Francis blasts abortion, population control in new encyclical"

Vatican City, Jun 18, 2015 / 04:05 am (CNA/EWTN News).- In his new encyclical on the environment, Pope Francis slams attacks against human life such as abortion, embryonic experimentation and population control – saying that respect for creation and human dignity go hand in hand.

-- Pope Francis Slams Abortion and Population Control in New Environmental Encyclical


Mark Thomas

Mark Thomas said...

Senator Tim Kaine has expressed his high regard for His Holiness Pope Francis. Senator Kaine, in 2015 A.D., for example, expressed excitement for Pope Francis in the following story about Pope Francis' then-upcoming address to Congress:

If Senator Kaine holds Pope Francis in high regard, then Mr. Kaine should pay close attention to the following exhortation to protect human life that Pope Francis offered to Congress:

-- Pope Francis Tells Congress to “Defend Life at Every Stage of Development”

LifeNews: "Pope Francis brought a consistent pro-life message to the nation’s leaders today and admonished members of Congress in a speech today to “defend life at every stage of development.”

Pope Francis: “The Golden Rule also reminds us of our responsibility to protect and defend human life at every stage of its development.”

We need to pray that Senator Kaine will take to heart the above words that Pope Francis declared to Congress.


Mark Thomas

Mark Thomas said...

As a Catholic, Senator Tim Kaine must adhere to the following in regard to his "I'm opposed personally to abortion, but defend a woman's right to choose" approach to abortion.

From Pope Francis' Amoris Laetitia:

83. "Here I feel it urgent to state that, if the family is the sanctuary of life, the place where life is conceived and cared for, it is a horrendous contradiction when it becomes a place where life is rejected and destroyed.

"So great is the value of a human life, and so inalienable the right to life of an innocent child growing in the mother’s womb, that

******* "no alleged right to one’s own body" *******

"can justify a decision to terminate that life, which is an end in itself and which can never be considered the “property” of another human being".


Mark Thomas

Vox Cantoris said...

Anonymous at 11:56 PM said...
Vox, if you call Kaine an apostate (and I'm not saying you're wrong?), I do wonder how you might classify Mike Pence?

Do you know he and his wife both rejected the Church for the evangelical megachurch? But they are at least sincere Christians and stringently pro-life.

Dear Anon, 11:56

You are 100% correct and I will add this to my post. Pence also left the true Church for evangelicalism. I recall that the largest "denomination" in the U.S. are former Catholics! The difference is, Mike Pence does not profess to be a "devout" or a "traditional" Catholic. Frankly, of the four of them, Mike Pence is the most descent and the most "Christian!'

Anonymous said...

Pence is a decent bloke...though misguided and for now a protester of Catholics.
John Corapi? Of Montana?

Michael Dowd said...

Thanks Vox. Kaine is there to get the Catholic vote--the majority which is actually Protestant. Besides Mark Thomas he needs to be called out for his abortion position by Pope Francis and his local Bishop. Of course none of this will probably happen Pope Francis is a Democrat at heart and his Bishop most probably is also. But we can surely depend upon Donald's team to do the work of Pope Francis and the local Bishop. Can you imagine it: President Trump who does the work of a Bishop. Marvelous!

Vox Cantoris said...

Then, "Father," John Corapi's statement still stands as true, notwithstanding. I for one, miss him.

Aged parent said...

I wouldn't get terribly enthused over Mike Pence. Just note what happened in Indiana a short time ago.

Indiana passed a religious freedom bill that protected people who find homosexuality a subject for revulsion from being forced to cater to them in their business and personal lives. Pence signed the bill. Then all hell broke loose (and I do mean Hell). Every organization of Poofs came down and demanded - yes, demanded - the bill be eliminated. Then Big Business came in and along with Big Buggery began a campaign of intimidation and threats against Indiana and in one or two days Pence folded like a cheap suit and ordered the bill "revised". This revision basically gutted it. Interestingly, even at the time Trump supported Pence's cowardly act of betrayal.

That is what you can expect from "pro-life" Mike Pence. If the heat turns up he will fold again. And now that Mr Trump, in his acceptance speech, has gone out of his way to court the sex pervert vote I wouldn't expect any great changes to occur in an America gone insane.

Trump may, I say "may" rein in the war mongers, and that at least would be good. But I am doubtful even of that since the AIPAC Lobby, the biggest war mongers on earth, have now made their peace with the Trump campaign. He may appoint a pro-life judge or two, but I will not hold my breath. If Big Business starts the bullying again it is very possible to see Trump too fold.

We shall all see soon anyway.

Anonymous said...

Any wonder why Father John Corapi was silenced!

TLM said...

Regardless of who is the 'better man' Pence or Kaine, the platform of the Democrat Party is PRO DEATH. There is absolutely nothing Catholic about their Marxist platform, and although the Republicans cave when they shouldn't at times, their platform is at least 'better' in every respect. Any faithful Catholic in their right mind, or who has been paying attention who votes Democrat is not voting Catholic. Just the way it is. LOL....had to laugh upon listening to Cruz at the RNC when he told voters to 'vote their conscience.' So many Catholics and Christians don't even come close to having a 'well formed' conscience to vote with! They have bought the left's lie that 'social justice' trumps the life issue. Kind of like Francis who tells us to worship at the feet of the poor.

Johnno said...

Vox, I'm going to make a prediction here.

Are you ready for it?

I'm betting that some time between now and the November elections, Mr. Tim Kaine will be paying a very private, but somehow, public trip to the Vatican. For environmental concerns, you understand?

He will be photographed together shaking hands with a smiling Pope Francis. Who may be privately telling him abortion is a bad things, we will be told by certain folks, even though there'll be no evidence of such a discussion, but it's briefly mentioned in the Pope's writings so it must have come up, amirite?

Photographs of smiling Kaine and smiling Francis in front of a tree with the air-conditioner switch set to 'off' will circulate in every American newspaper and newscast... not for any election propaganda, because it's just two decent men who share a certain faith of sorts having a meeting of the minds about concerns for global warming. And maybe just maybe you might want to consider that when voting, eh? Eh?

And of course, you-know-who, will be in the comments here with links and selective quotations to assure us all that Pope Francis is not at all a supporter of abortion. Even though everyone pretty much agrees so the only thing he's burning is a straw man. We all agree Pope Francis finds abortion very distasteful. What we are in fact saying is that abortion is further down the list of Pope Francis' priorities when it comes to saving us from the weather and ensuring the rights of the workers. And if that means he must champion and be photographed with openly pro-abortion people smuggling in abortion, contraception and sterilization in their little green earth programs, then Pope Francis is will to instead focus only on the 'good' and separate that from the 'bad.'

Just as one can find 'good' in adulterers, co-habitors, sodomites, axe-swinging Muslims, Judas Iscariot, Martin Luther & maybe some day even Adolf Hitler himself who I hear appreciated good cuisine and films and was a decent painter who wanted to lift Germans out of poverty. Yes, he will have decent things to say about them all, and this just might have lasting consequences in the real world, but don't worry! Certain quotations prove that Pope Francis is strongly against abortion!

Anonymous said...

Corapi "silenced"?!? That is the best laugh I've had in a long time! I know all about him, don't worry, he is doing just fine.

Michael Dowd said...

Johnno make good point. Pope Francis has one hell of a gig. He is a king, a king maker and a saint maker. Nobody on earth can equal him. With this marvelous power platform and a penchant for progressive causes what better friend could the Democrats have. For a political candidate to get his blessing is to be blessed by God Himself. Catholics for Hillary arise!! Pope Francis supports her agenda: population control, sustainable energy and income redistribution.

Now how about this scenario. As we know, Johnathon Goldsmith, The Most Interesting Man in the World, is no longer doing 'Dos Equis' beer commercials. It is rumored that Pope Francis himself will take his place but with some differences. He will be billed as the 'Wisest Man in the World', do both product, political and religious advertising, and will donate his fees to the poor. One of his confidants, when asked why Pope Francis is engaging in such a commercial activity, offered that Pope Francis is merely maximizing his commercial potential. There is no further information on this latest Pope Francis development.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...@ 11:23 pm, July 23, 2016

Corapi "silenced"?!? That is the best laugh I've had in a long time! I know all about him, don't worry, he is doing just fine.

On the contrary you know nothing about him, if you did you would not be laughing you would be on your knees asking the lord for forgiveness. It is clear you are anti-catholic and one that has always hated the fullness of the truth. By their fruits you will know them, Corapi haters have always been anti-catholic. Evil may have its hour, but God will have His day!-Archbishop sheen