Saturday, 16 July 2016

"The sinister Fr. Rosica?"

Whatever does he mean?

Not even this writer, used such an adjective to describe him. What does Father Hunwicke know that the rest of us do not?


susan said...

I don't think 'sinister' goes quite far enough.

TLM said...

I think Fr. KNOWS that the cabal in the Vatican is real. It's not just some kind of 'conspiracy theory' that has been dreamed up for sensationalism. I think he KNOWS that the Vatican has been more or less 'taken over' by the anti Catholic and even anti Christian NWO group that will do everything in their power to destroy Christianity and Catholicism in particular. These so called prelates are demon controlled and they KNOW that to change the orientation of the Mass from 'MAN WORSHIP' to 'GOD WORSHIP' is anything but good for their cause. When we look at Rome, we are looking at the enemy. It's as simple as that.