Thursday, 9 February 2017

Vatican official close to Pope’s inner circle shares explosive information

Our good friends at LifeSiteNews put out this article again on Twitter, overnight.

Perhaps, the time has come to disclose the identity.

Plane conversation
I boarded the plane and took my seat. An older, rather heavy-set Italian who looked like he’d eaten his fair share of pasta sat down next to me. We exchanged greetings, and he introduced himself as an official of the former Pontifical Council for the Family, headed by Archbishop Vincenzo Paglia.
The official seemed to feel quite free to speak, and was keen to express that he knew Cardinal Lorenzo Baldisseri, secretary general of the Synod of Bishops. There were a couple of moments during our conversation when he admitted he had spoken at length to Cardinal Baldisseri, but he could not reveal the contents of their conversation.
Our conversation quickly turned to the upcoming Synod. I simply asked questions and was sincerely listening and interested in his viewpoint. Also on this account, I think he felt free to speak. The beginning of our conversation focused a lot on the Kasper proposal,* and I was trying to understand the logic behind it.
Question: [After asking repeatedly about how someone can enter a second union when the first marriage is sacramental and valid] I don’t understand. If the first marriage was sacramental and valid, how can someone be admitted to Communion if they are in a second civil union? What about the indissolubility of marriage?
Response: What do you do when the indissolubility is dead, when there’s no more feeling?
[“Come si fa quando l’indissolubilta è morta, quando non c’è piu sentimento?]
I thought to myself: This is the last thing a priest should say to a newly married couple who is experiencing difficulty.
After some back and forth, I asked:
Question: But what about Pope John Paul II’s Familiaris Consortio, 84?**
Response: How can we accept [“ammettere”] it? It was written 30 years ago …
Question: But what about where Pope John Paul II says, in FC 84, that according to the Sacred Scripture and Tradition, someone who’s first marriage is valid and who is in a second union can’t be admitted to Holy Communion unless they live as brother and sister.
Response: We can’t expect a man and woman who are sleeping in the same bed to live as brother and sister.
Our conversation turned to some of the people the Pope had appointed to the Synod.
Question: The Pope chose Cardinal Kasper to attend the Synod. Do you think this means the Pope agrees with Kasper?
Response: [Notable Pause] … Yes
Question: What do you think of Kasper?
Response: “He’s the most intelligent man in the room.”
Question: And Cardinal Burke? …
Response: [Quickly he said] He’s not coming. He doesn’t count for anything; he’s too Lefebvrist.  [“Non conta per niente; è troppo Lefebvrista”]
Question: But I imagine there will be a lot of opposition from some of the bishops and cardinals at the Synod, especially from Africa, America, Poland. What will Pope Francis do?
Response: “He will listen, and then he’ll do what he wants.”
Question: But what about Pope Benedict? I don’t imagine he would agree.
Response: He’s a theologian, but he’s got no pastoral experience.
Question: And the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith?
Response: [With what seemed a disparaging tone] They think they are the guardians of the faith! The Pope is the guardian of the faith.
Question: I heard that the Pope appointed Cardinal Danneels*** to attend the Synod …
Response: Ah, what a good man … he is refined … [“è raffinato”]

Our conversation eventually turned to other more benign topics, then ended until we arrived in Rome. When we landed, he gave me his name and telephone number.

"What a good man," eh? that Cardinal Danneels, a protector of a homosexual priest rapist.

What a perverted mind in this corpulent cleric who spoke so imprudently but revealed so much.

Look at these two. Plotting. Conniving. Would Christ do this?

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ChrisR said...

Chilling. Are you sure this conversation didn't happened during an exorcism?

Ana Milan said...

I have read this before & can't imagine why this Official of the former Pontifical Council for the Family hasn't been named. What's the point in revealing the conversation if no name is given. An investigative journalist should be able to obtain this information from flight records of that day or even from who was in town immediately prior to the Synod on the Family that would fit the description given.

His description of Cardinal Danneels as 'a good man' & 'refined' is risible. His non-acceptance of JPII's Familiaris Consortio is in line with PF's non-acceptance of the Ten Commandments as being non-applicable to the present day. He knows better than the Second Person of the Holy Trinity. What fools!

Michael Dowd said...

This confirms what we already know. It also confirms that Pope Francis disregards the advisory capacity of his Cardinals and staff. The Synod is only a proforma mechanism to do whatever he wishes and consequently an insult to those attending. He is a law unto himself but only listens to the devil within.

susan said...

Danneels....the scumbag who foisted a pornographic 'catechism' on the innocent children of his diocese....."refined"? Well, I guess to a fellow scum-bag maybe so.

A millstone.

Anonymous said...

"How can we accept [“ammettere”] it? It was written 30 years ago"

Obviously, Jesus Christ's words are 2000 years old, i.e. they really are making it up as they wake up each morning. What infernal pride.

Dorota Mosiewicz-Patalas said...

We have arrived at a point when insincere, conniving people, criminals and oath-breakers, show no shame when caught. They brag about it, they call themselves sophisticated.

This abandonment of truth and virtue can be seen everywhere:
- media justifying thuggish rioters;
- young women saying: I am a proud slut, or: Shout your abortion! or: Shout your STD!; ;
- politicians caught in treason showing no sense of wrong-doing while accusing reporters of it;
- baby body-parts traffickers showing pride for contributions to women's health and to science while accusing reporters of wrongdoing for reporting it;
-judges openly abandoning justice to pursue political causes;
- schools teaching immorality;
- family services stealing children from parents for attempts to protect children from indoctrination with immorality

I could go on and on.
What was our so called pope's response to the posters accusing him of ruthless persecution of the faithful? - He said he was at peace - ever since he become pope. Surely, it is undeniable proof that the Holy Spirit is leading him.

Many of us suspect that Beroglio is guided by very unholy entities. The world where everything is turned upside down, where good is evil, and evil is good, serves as a moral guide to this pope. It is not the holy Word of God, it is the world of flesh that he follows.

Of course, he takes tremendous pride in it, his Humbleness. Sleeping very well - he is assuring us. Well, I believe him.

Michael Dowd said...


Don't you think we are due for a divine intervention, at least at the Vatican?

Mike Hurcum said...

Is this a lie even one gram of discernment must tell you this is a truth. What will our courageous prelates and priests tell us. Personally I am exhausted by sucking and so overly full I am going to vomit. Pastoral is not a doctrine or a dogma it comes from the priestly mouths as a reason for cowardice. Grace is only soluble in the brine of tears and I have never see a bishop with compunction, lots of hubris though. Huddle down priests tell us all in your homilies that sanctifying grace is not dependent on atonement and reparation

Mike Hurcum said...

I think perhaps the corpulent priest of a non mystical corpulent body by the description would have known to whom he was talking and was sneering saying you can't do a thing about it.

Karl Rahner Jr. said...

You got our hopes up by the headline. I thought the explosive information would be "Pope intends to resign and go back to Argentina."

Anonymous said...

Pope: troubled by ‘rigid’ religious orders that attract vocations