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Wednesday, 22 February 2017

John Vennari

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I met John once, it was at Father Nicholas Gruner's funeral just under two years ago. I've long appreciated his work and wit. All of us owe a debt of gratitude to John.

It's as if the Lord is preserving him from what is to come.

May St. Joseph lead you safely home, Sir!

In the last hour (now nearly 6:00 PM EST), John put this on Facebook

The doctors say I don't have much time left. Please pray for me and for my Purgatory. Was blessed to receive. Last rites yesterday and the apostolic blessing


Karl Rahner Jr. said...

We need 100 more men like him.

George Brenner said...

May God and all of Heaven bless John Vennari for all eternity.

Kathleen1031 said...

God bless him and reward him for his efforts here in this vale of tears. May you recover and stun your doctor, but if not, may you rejoice in the mansion that has been prepared for you! You are in my prayers, and your good family.

Guest said...

Excellent observation, Vox. It seems that God is preserving him from what is to come.

Eirene said...

What absolutely beautiful words prompted by holy thoughts from this blessed man! Thank you, Vox, for sharing. May Almighty God repose his soul!

nazareusrex said...

He is in my Prayers. May God bless him and prepare him for his final meeting with God. Let´s us pray we have a Warrior in heaven to watch for us and help us to defeat with the help of God this Bergoglio heresy.

Anonymous said...

God bless you, God bless you for eternity. Thank you John Vennari. God Bless you.


TLM said...

What a wonderful soldier for Christ! He and his family are in my prayers. I'll offer a Mass for him.

Anonymous said...

Defender of Christ and His Holy Catholic Church. John Vennari you are in good hands with Mary. She has kept you under Her Mantle all these years. God Bless you !

Anonymous said...

Dear Mr. Vennari,
May you be surrounded by all your patron Saints and Holy Angel. May Blessed Mary hold one hand and Good Saint Joseph hold the other. And may Baby Jesus return all the love you ever gave Him and lead you safely Home!
With love and prayers.....amr and mpr

merce1513 said...

I have been thinking on him all these days, his suffering, as a Christian and nurse still I lament his illness and we pray for him, for his family, Mr. Vennari we love you very much!! God Bless