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Friday, 10 February 2017

Bergoglio is at peace with Vatican corruption but worries over young and traditional vocations

You can read it all here. More insults, more degradation to those following a "rigid" life.

Look at these rigid yutes. These who Bergoglio mocks.

Vicar of Christ, you say?

Vicar of the "god of surprises!"

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Image result for young seminarians latin

Image result for young seminarians latin

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Felix M said...

So people are upset that Pope Bergoglio says "When they tell me that there is a Congregation that draws so many vocations, ... I worry".

Presumably, the Pope also worries if a parish draws many of the faithful. Presumably he'd prefer a liturgy and preaching that drive away most of the Faithful.

Ana Milan said...

If he is worried about young Traditional vocations why is he so enthusiastic about regularising the SSPX?

Johnno said...

But your holiness... all those youth are poor refugees from the Novus Ordo Church just looking for an hour of solitude and to gaze upon the face of Jesus... just to find a place where they can express their faith, conscience and truly belong amongst other sheep like themselves without being hunted down for holding fast to their Canons.

Why you gotta put up walls like that? That's not Christian, that's not tolerant, that's not pastoral...

You gonna ban us? You gonna deport us? You gonna gossip about us to the Washington Post? Who are you to judge?

TLM said...

Ana........SO THAT HE CAN CRUSH THEM LIKE A BUG. That's why he's PURSUING the SSPX!!!!!!!!!!!

philipjohnson said...

Bergoglio would hate those pictures!

Anonymous said...

That's Amoris!

Anonymous said...

Zeal of faithful men and women is something very scary for people like him. He is right to be afraid :)

Dorota Mosiewicz-Patalas said...

I know how it was in Poland, when the commies tried to suppress the Church. It only made us stronger. As we had to fight (my father as an army man lost his job over my First Communion) and endure, we became REALLY REALLY rigid. Thousands and millions were flexible and agreeable, and made compromises (known also as dialogue, encounter, tolerance, shades of grey, refinement and prudence). Later, when communism was overthrown, openly bragged about their open Catholicism.

Yes, I abandoned my faith for a while, but it was because I knew it would have to be the driving force of my life, and I had many doctrinal doubts. I couldn't honestly call myself a Catholic, so I left.

The people who did not lose their jobs as my father did, are the kind of people Bergoglio wants. He is not worried about them. Yes, there is an infinite supply of them, but... they are not rigid.

Anonymous said...

You may find this interesting, Vox.

Anonymous said...

His idea of of religious fanaticism is hands joined in prayer.

JayJay said...

Ah, beautiful photos, are they not? THAT is my church - fortunately (or sadly,) NOT the church of Bergoglio. Get thee behind me Jorge.

Johnno said...

The hip modern Vatican II sect is far behind the curve.

Eirene said...

Those pictures really moved my heart, Vox and thank you for finding them and sharing them with us! So beautiful!

Karl Rahner Jr. said...

Was the reigning Pope also "worried" when hundreds of men followed St. Francis of Assisi, or also joined St. Ignatius and the early Jesuits? Oh well.

M. Prodigal said...

Franciscans of the Immaculate: once the fastest growing order of true faithfulness BUT they embraced, prayer, penance, asceticism---oh no!! Must crush them. Try to make up fake charges against the holy founder but none will stick. Remove bishops who sheltered some. Stop ordinations and vocations so they will wither and die.