Thursday, 3 December 2020

Cardinal Collins and Doug Ford - Trying to keep us safe. Is that their job?


Ontario Premier Douglas Ford attends the Cardinal's Dinner in November 2018
General-secretary Ford of the Ontario Politburo and Comrade John Tory, Mayor of Toronto and the unelected medical officers of public health, (who were never the sharpest scalpels in the tray in medical school) have threatened Cardinal Collins. Having watched the entire video made available to this writer, that is obvious. LifeSiteNews have now put their own view on things and confirm this very impression from the Cardinal's own words. I will not defend Douglas Ford, he has dug himself into a hole and refuses to drop the shovel. He is a scared man, afraid of making a mistake, he is afraid that someone might die. I've heard this from those who have been around him. He is being pulled from both sides but cannot see that he is moving too far off the centre line of the road and being pulled into the ditch. However, Cardinal Collins' usual good sense has given way to the same dark side. They are both trying to steer in the middle of the road but they have both failed. They are both steering us into a ditch, economic and spiritual.

It is not hard to understand them both. They obviously don't want to see people die unnecessarily, neither does this writer. I am sure that Mr. Ford cares about Ontarians. The first duty of the government we consent to, we elect, is the protection of the country or province from those who would do us harm, be it foreign invasion or local criminals. The Cardinal no doubt wants to keep people safe, he does not want us die, but that is not his job. His job is to ensure that we die well!

I do not doubt the sincerity of either of them but it is not their job to keep me safe from this virus. It is my job to keep me safe. It is my wife's job. It is your job. Their job is to establish certain regulations and guidelines and to facilitate them to ensure that those suffering are supported and business can carry on and medications are made available and personal protective equipment by stimulating the market to create it or getting the hell out of the way to let it act. The current uptick in parts of Ontario is not the fault of people going to Mass - there were simply too few going and those that were going were following all protocols because that is what we do. We are Catholics, we follow legitimate authority. It is when this authority becomes illegitimate that those in authority must be opposed and that includes the Collins. 

The vision of a closed frame shop shuttered next to an open government owned liquor store or a crowd of hundreds at Costco or Walmart and a closed cathedral to ten (as long as Mass is not offered, then it is zero as per Cardinal Collins) is simply absurd. It defies credulity.

Ford has quickly lost his base, his conservative backers are abandoning him and lashing out at him. One must never betray the base.

The Cardinal's last year, presumably, will be to hand off a local church to his successor in full collapse. Just how many Catholics have found something better to do on Sunday, if you'll pardon the expression, or find spiritual needs elsewhere at the SSPX or think one can now always watch Mass at home, or are so angry over the abandonment that they will simply not return.  The price to be paid by the Church in Toronto and elsewhere is going to be staggering.

The reality is this. Most deaths here and elsewhere is falling upon those over seventy and in care facilities. In November, sixty-percent of deaths were in long-term care. Sandy Rinaldo in some disputed CTV numbers reported that in the early autumn, only 166 people outside of long-term care died across Canada. For those under sixty the survival rate for those who catch the China Virus is over 99.97%. The vulnerable have been left exposed. Doug Ford's "iron ring around our seniors" is rusty chicken-wire. In order to cover up their own failures and incompetence, they are killing others through depression and suicide, increased alcoholism and drug use and bankruptcies. They know this. both of them do. In the webinar, the Cardinal eludes to this directly and his response is to shut down the one thing the people need - the worship of God and the reception of the Holy Eucharist. 

Cardinal Collins - restore the public Mass now! 

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