Thursday, 3 December 2020

Bergoglio channels Biden



Irenaeus said...

Oh? Like the unborn? What are either men doing to encourage their inclusion into society, and the efforts to promote their active participation?

I know people say the pontiff is pro-life, but he has not made any great gestures on the matter - at least, not any that are satisfactory enough. Feel free to correct me on that one, Vox.

I think we know where Biden stands on the question of the unborn.

Restore-DC-Catholicism said...

Or is it the other way around? Hard to tell..

Carlos said...

The prisoners at the Gulag system participated very actively in Soviet production. They were very much included, so included that they could not leave the system!

Comrade Bergloglioff is always accurate, I would say he is almost infallible!

Johnno said...

Dear Vulnerable,

You may have heard that Bergolio has been virtue signalling about how much he desires your active participation.

He's lying.

The only participation of yours that he wants is the kind that is willing to dance to his tune.

If that's you, then he's ready to ̶u̶s̶e̶ ̶y̶o̶u̶ include you as participants in his secular globalist play.

But the moment you go off-script and tell him about how things really are and have actual vulnerable needs, then you are not one of his sheep and obviously don't care about the children or the poor, and are probably some capitalist scum who would right now be swimming in a public pool filled with your money like Scrooge McDuck if they didn't lock you down.

Sure, children and the poor have also died thanks to the same lockdowns and stupidity than to any current virus, but those don't matter, see? Because their sacrifices were necessary to build back better towards helping the surviving vulnerable. Their bodies are useful steps towards greater glory! Thus, even in death, or as useful starving thirsty props for our ad campaigns, they are all actively participating.

And you too can participate in the great pyramid building scheme by staying in your homes, praying to the Earth in sorrow for your ecological sins, and awaiting further instructions from the U.N. and the W.E.F. of whom Bergolio is just another public broadcaster for hire, just like Biden and Trudeau.