Monday, 21 December 2020

Ford has not banned religious services but there will still be No Mass for you!

In his announcement today putting the people of Ontario into a lockdown situation beginning at 12:01 A.M. December 26, 2020, Premier Doug Ford has not shut down religious services. 

But you know our bishops will.

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What is the answer?

It's too late for court. Collins and the Bishops of Ontario should have done this in March. It would be laughed away.

Schedule public Mass to the numbers.

Suspend Holy Communion except by appointment (privately on tongue.

Limit homily to 3 to 5 minutes.

Music at one Sunday Mass only.

Every priest to offer five Masses.

Think outside the box!


Tom A. said...

You cannot be Catholic in a non Catholic church.

Anonymous said...

Francis holds “interreligious ceremony for peace” in St. Peter’s basilica

peasant said...

You have probably read the lives of a saint or two. Many saints travelled great distances to get to holy mass, sometimes daily. Most of these didn't even have an ass to sit on. Chastisement is a great time for saint making. You would drive a great distance to work, would you not drive at least that for Him and your salvation. Stop crying. Find a parish within driving distance where the holy sacrifice of the mass is offered and distributed in a manner you approve of. Check with them to make sure you are able to attend drive out there Christmas morning. Should it have to be this way? Perhaps and perhaps not. The wheat is being separated from the chaff, the sheep from the goats, and Almighty God is taking some men from among those in the sheepfold and molding them into saints. Picture a lump of clay being punched, pounded molded by a potter into the shape of a useful object that it was not before. The same must happen with our human flesh and ego and we must will His will to rule our will. This may not be pleasant, it must however be.

Sacred Heart of Jesus Have Mercy on US said...

virtual services permitted. Wow! How generous of them!! This is a mess I am not sure we are going to be able to get out of without a miracle from God himself.

John the Mad said...

I have not been attending mass for a coupe of months. This is on the advise of my (practicing Catholic) specialist, because of my age (a couple of months from my seventieth) and that I have a compromised immune system due to required medical treatments because of chronic illness. I am, however, signed up to attend mass on Christmas. Risk management on my part. The Catholic parishes have shown they operate safely and are not a vector for transmission. Admittedly, most are not in my situation and are not likely to face mortal consequences from the Wuhan flu.

Yesterday here in Durham Region, spread over seven hospitals (some small), there were 32 hospitalized covid patients with nine in the ICUs. There were new 118 positive cases and zero deaths. There have been zero covid deaths for three days. The week before averages one death per day. To date in Durham of the 231 covid deaths in the Region 198 were in long term care homes.

The Chief Medical Officer for Durham says the hospitals are stressed but not overwhelmed. Mayors John Tory and Bonnie Crombie, having failed to get their residents to comply with their lockdown are ecstatic that the rest of us are joining them in Purgatorio.

This means that we go back to mass online. I am one of those who Premier Ford and Cardinal Collins are trying to protect and I respect their motivation, but the actual shutdown makes little sense outstide Toronto, Peel and York.

The 30% capacity rule at mass has demonstrably worked. It is safe. I repeat, Catholic parishes are not a vector of transmission.

When the local much smaller liquor stores can admit more people than my 900 seat church there is something very wrong. (To be clear, I am not opposed to the acquisition and consumption of a "wee drop of the creature.")