Wednesday, 16 December 2020

Veritas Obtains Recording Of Call Between Wikileaks Julian Assange & Law...

So, let me get this straight.

Julian Assange, in 2011, was warning the United States State Department that classified documents were circulating and could cause damage to America or specific individuals.

"Our view is that it is more your problem than ours but we have called the State Department and the (United States) Embassy for over a day trying to explain the urgency and they have not called back other than this call."

Open the floodgates Mr. President. Burn it all down. 



Mary's Child Mariann said...

Why should we be surprised that our Secretary of State Hiliary Clinton would have exposed confidential documentation when she used an unsecured server? It took 9 years to find this out. She should be raided, charged, accused, found guilty and go directly to jail for life.
Thanks for sharing this. I missed it.
God bless your Advent, your Christmas, and your new year!

Unknown said...

Ever since Edward Snowden and Julian Assange were persecuted by various governments I have defended them. Contrary to the lies and disinformation spread by "con"servative (in reality neocon warmongers) Edward Snowden is a heroic man who deserves the highest decoration by his government.

Julian Assange has conducted heroic exposes of the greatest corruption. Wikileaks has a 100% record in everything they have published. This man, an Australian is being persecuted by the United States and Great Britain. It is outrageous.

Where are you Donald Trump??? If you do not pardon Snowden, and drop all charges against Assange, history will not judge you kindly. Already your "prolife" appointments to the Supreme Court have shown that they are more concerned with "politics" and "image" than a strict application of your Constitution. Perhaps your real legacy will only be the various federal level judges you appointed and a brief reprieve for small businesses when you removed many onerous taxes and regulations. Nonetheless, you did NT drain the swamp, you did NOT "lock her up", you did NOT pursue the pedophiles at the highest level, and (unless something incredible happens over the next few weeks) all the forces of the deep State remain. The spy agencies, the media, the war mongers, the military-industrial-congressional complex (your predecessor Eisenhower originally drafted "congressional" into his now-famous utterance, but was - a mistake on his part - to drop that keyword. Yes, the Congress, virtually to a man is a bought and paid for lackies). In January, Georgians are being asked to choose between an admirer of Castro and an admirer of Mao. Some choice, some future.

Donald Trump! Pardon Snowden!!

Boris Johnson - free Assange! Donald Trump drop the charges and extradition!

Be men! Stand up for truth and justice or history will judge you accordingly!!!