Friday, 27 November 2020


Confidential sources in Ontario's Progressive-Conservative Government of Douglas Ford have revealed to this writer that following the initial wave of the China Virus in Ontario they were prepared to permit churches to open as early as April 2020. The Cardinal Archbishop of Toronto, Thomas Collins, shuttered all churches and ceased the public celebration of the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass on March 8 and did not reopen for Sunday worship until June 14, at least six weeks later than it needed to be. 

“We were prepared to see churches open as early as late April or early May,” said our source in an email interview. Cardinal Collins shut down the public celebration of Holy Mass leaving churches only open for "private prayer" two weeks before the Ontario government declared a full emergency and recommended churches be closed on March 16

“The Cardinal was among many that relayed to the Ontario government that it was too soon to reopen churches and other places of worship," wrote our source. 

Who were the others with or without the Cardinal present that influenced the provincial government? Were they Anglican "clergy" or "bishops" who, did not open their churches until the first Sunday in September and clearly don't believe the worship is important, even for Anglicans? Was it the “Reverend” Greta Vosper of the United Church of Canada who was tried by that organisation because she is a self-proclaimed atheist? Are these the people with which Cardinal Collins finds common cause and of which this Prince of the Church is just one of many?

According to our source in the Progressive-Conservative government, they "expected church leaders to implement self-developed health and safety protocols" based on convention and cleaning and sanitation routines "adjusted to their own needs." The province had tried to leave much of the safety protocols to the “discretion of each church, as each building is unique and has different challenges.” The government was not interested in micro-managing how a church pastor or group would undertake cleaning. “They (church leaders) wanted the province to come up with the guidance list for all health and safety protocols and cleaning and sanitation routines,” in an apparent attempt to deflect any responsibility or accusations of liability. 

Sing your heart out

In a stunning revelation, we were told that the “Province had permitted singing” and did not attempt to interfere in any way with any liturgical practice or worship, including the distribution method of Holy Communion. However, the source did indicate that “Toronto Public Health prohibited this practice,” without the authority to do so. These unaccountable public health bureaucrats were the ones demanding to the Cardinal and others that there be no singing and demanded an end to Holy Communion completely resulting in the severe modified current method and the complete violation of the rights of the faithful to receive Holy Communion on the tongue rather, it should be dropped in the hand of the person.

I will shut you down

In a November 13, 2020 priest webinar attended by over 800 of which this writer has been
provided with a video copy, Cardinal Collins goes to great lengths to describe nervously how it was very important to public health apparatchiks to know that the Holy Eucharist was only being dropped in one's hands compounding the risk of particle loss and sacrilege and violating the rights of the faithful. The Cardinal repeatedly said to the assembled clergy, "I will shut you down, I will shut you down" recalling a reprimand to one of his priests, lest anyone disobey his orders as "we are hierarchical." 

"I will shut you down, I will shut you down!"

The provincial official could point to no scientific study or indication that singing, particularly whilst wearing a mask or maintaining sufficient distance could cause the spread of any virus. All that they had to go on was a case of multiple infections in one location in the State of Washington in January where a choir director knowingly scheduled a choir practice in close quarters with multiple ill people attending. Scientists now indicate that “viral load” is the greatest factor in catching Sars-Cov-2. The source was emphatic that the Province did not ban singing or Holy Communion.

Shoot me now

Referring to those same public health doctors who have demanded Collins ban singing and put ridiculous demands on the distribution of Holy Communion, in the webinar Cardinal Collins said that our medical officers were "virtuous people." The same people that killed a woman by lethal injection because she could not bear the loneliness of another lockdown or kill babies in the womb or restrict your rights These, in His Eminence's opinion, are "virtuous." It seems we have a different view on true Christian virtue.

For the reopening of churches, delayed by Cardinal Collins, the 30% capacity was considered by the government to be a reasonable approach (this writer three months earlier recommended churches stay open with 40%) as “some churches could only hold 30 persons while others could have a maximum capacity much larger.” 

During various virtual calls with church leaders, the officials we spoke with indicated that “they (church leaders) were reluctant to reopen and that they still harboured some reserved judgements on safety” that extended beyond that of the provincial government of Doug Ford and the Ontario Chief Medical Officer of Health.    

God bless America

Two days ago, the United States Supreme Court, with the key vote swung by Justice Amy Coney Barrett, overruled New York Governor Andrew Cuomo's fascistic restrictions on churches. Oddly, Ontario is in jack-boot lock-step with Cuomo on colour codes and restricting the numbers to ten which the Cardinal reduced to zero. 

In an interview on Fox News this morning, Father Gerald K. Murray of the Archdiocese of New York, known for his work with Raymond Arroyo of EWTN's The World Over said, 

"People have the right in this country to worship God and not be restricted by arbitrary limitations. Those restrictions in the Red Zone include ten people in St. Patrick's Cathedral. That's an absurdity. If you can go to Home Depot or the liquor store, which the Governor is allowing, why can't you go worship God."

The comparisons between New York State and Ontario and New York City and Toronto are chilling. Doug Ford has morphed into a kindler gentler version of Andrew Cuomo. Toronto Mayor John Tory is only one bulb brighter on the Seasonal Tree than New York Mayor Warren Wilhlem, Jr. who identifies as Bill de Blasio, but that is where the comparisons stop. The difference is, in the Archdiocese of New York, they have Timothy Cardinal Dolan and he not only defends his churches but he allows priests of the caliber of Gerald K. Murray to speak out and defend the faith on national television without threating to "shut you down." Timothy Dolan has not joined the politburo of New York. What does this say about Thomas Collins who has gone beyond Ford and the medical "expert" diktat of ten by ceasing Mass altogether on the cusp of Advent?

It's just not worth it

More than one confidential clerical source has told this writer that Toronto episcopal and diocesan lay leaders indicate that having Mass for ten is "just not worth it." Churches in Toronto can open to a maximum for ten people as per Ford. This is to be at the "pastor's discretion" for private prayer and cannot include the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass on the orders of Collins. It simply makes no sense.

I'm shocked, shocked ...

It is not difficult to see why Premier Douglas Ford had no problem accepting the most recent recommendations of the Chief Medical Officer to reduce church capacity to ten as of last Monday, November 22. He knew the Cardinal would not fight back and would accept it at ten or whatever else he might decree. The source indicated that all were “shocked to discover” that Cardinal Collins’ response was to eliminate public worship completely. 

It is difficult to determine why the Cardinal after having suspended the public celebration of the liturgy before government mandate in March would be so eager to do it again now. One can only speculate - intellectually it is not possible to logically conclude the reasons why he would do this. 

Could it be that he is trying to curry favour with Pope Francis to influence who his successor will be in January 2022? Is he being dangled like a puppet by corporate lawyers? Is he being blackmailed? Are there a significant number of priests who have demanded this out of some irrational fear for their apparent personally compromised immune systems? Have public health minions threatened to charge or arrest? Certainly, his demeanor in the November 13 video is revealing - he is as far from St. John Fisher as you can be, he is a weak man filled with fear and a deer caught in the headlights.

My friends, as Dougie Ford is wont to say, this is not easy for this writer. I had great respect for Cardinal Collins. I know so much that I wish I did not know about stuff here in Toronto, I cannot unlearn it. I have, with intention, for a decade avoided much on this blog about what goes on in this Archdiocese and much of its sordid past. I take no joy in this public challenge to him and I don't wish any ill upon Thomas Collins. The facts are, these people do not respond to private emails or phone calls and they do not bend. They do not care about what you think. They have turned the Holy Church of Christ in Toronto into a "hierarchical" corporation and money machine and they have refused you the Sacraments and the opportunity to give God his due, your public worship. If they ran out of money, they would "vacuum it up from the parishes" as he has been known to say, echoing the late disgraced Cardinal Spellman. The people who have taken your money have built houses for bishops when big rectories such as St. Cecelia are empty and allowed hundreds of thousands to be spent on designer kitchens at Holy Rosary in Toronto and St. Mary Immaculate in Richmond Hill and build retirement estates for episcopal leaders in their favourite Ontario town. Your money which you cannot even give to the building fund free of the cathedraticum - and this is what they give you in Lent, Holy Week, the Triduum, Eastertide, Pentecost, Corpus Christi and now Advent and Christmas - stones when you beg for bread.

Cardinal Thomas Collins has a duty and here is what he must do and do it now and you have a part to play.

-Immediately announce that Public Mass will resume on the First Sunday of Advent as normal with the protocols in place at the Premier's insistence of ten (It is worth it, Eminence, it is worth the effort to find ten).

-If the distribution of Holy Communion is a problem, suspend all public Holy Communion at Mass and order that priests must accommodate all privately for the sacrament during the week using the ritual of Holy Communion outside of Mass and it can it be on the tongue privately, by appointment taking sanitary requirements into account.

-Immediately advise the Premier that effective on Sunday, December 6, Catholic churches will be open to 30% and all previous protocols will apply and that the Premier has until this time to amend his order. 

-Make public the threat that any interference by government or public health officials would result in immediate court challenges under the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

-Advise the Premier and Toronto Public Health that he is prepared to be subject to arrest and imprisonment for defying the politburo diktats and orders his priests to follow his example. Bullies back down in a fight, especially when as with Ford, they are ignoramus'

You as a Catholic will defend the Cardinal and his priests and stand in the way of any jackboot who threatens your church and you will ensure it. "My friends," will you do that?

Cardinal Collins, do your duty to God and man.  


Anonymous said...

All deaths are from COVID!

There is no disease other than COVID!

Blessed be COVID, destroyer of worlds!

Brian said...

Once again, well said. You are a great example of the power and freedom of a layman. What a contrast to "Timid Tommy" and his clerical church mice.

P. O'Brien said...

"... without the authority to do so." As here in America, it's brute power, without any true authority behind it. If these Mass-wreckers don't realize that they are attacking Our Lord, that Evil One behind their actions does.

Anonymous said...

Yes, all deaths are from COVID. In my Diocese all deaths from March 1st to June 30 was from COVID. I know for sure in my Parish 2 of them was related to other issues, but entered for the statistics.

mike said...

if you know as you claim sinful occasions, happenings and behavior, you sin against the Holy Ghost the divine eternal Spirit of supernatural love and sanctifying grace. Are we not to admonish sinners?

Viva Cristo Rey said...

I can see Cardinal Collins being suspect of the Provincial government. Not wanting to give them any reason for a lawsuit if deaths occurred because the virus was contracted at mass. In this day in age it makes sense to have the government either sign off on your plan or provide you with one. That is where my understanding about the actions taken over the year stops.

The ban on singing has never made sense to me and is another example of the ridiculous restrictions being thrown out.

The manner in which we have been commanded to receive Jesus is disgraceful. I saw Jesus dropped TWICE this last weekend in a single mass. I've seen the Blessed Sacrament dropped more over the last five months than ever before.
As long as the "virtuous" health officials are happy then who cares right?

The times that we are living in are when Saints are made. This is why it is a vocation to the priesthood not a career. This is why priests don't marry and remain celibate so they can fearlessly stand up for the faith.

Johnno said...

There's plenty more he can do.

I feel we should openly disobey the government, but okay, let's follow the rules for a small concession's sake, but while also using every organ the Church possesses to investigate this entirely bunk pandemic and magical unprecedented virus that does things and behaves in ways unheard of.

Collins can release actual statistics from Catholic hospitals. Have Catholic press cover and offer a platform to whistle blowers and sceptics. Hold protests. Order BBQ from Adamsons and so much more.

This is likely all about lockdown money, or following the White Tyrant Franky's lead where you must all do what Big Gov says and accept Biden as your saviour, or else you obviously don't care about children deprived of water or something.

Anonymous said...

What side are you on?? In one post you point out we have 166 deaths "from COVID" and in this post you are continuing to feed the bear with "recommended restrictions" as if we're all going to die. PICK A SIDE VOX!!!!! You can't have it both ways. You are talking out of both sides of your mouth.

Instead of writing this post, and telling people "I know so much information you don't know about the diocese" about planning a protest/prayer rally at the Cathedral or at the Cardinal's residence??

Your blog has reach and influence, as you remind us i.e Tom Rosica, which most of us do not. Please, please, please use it for at least something tangible. Where's that fiery "come here and say that to my face" Vox we've come to admire.

Actually, maybe it is better for you to stay home and typee typee typee because you would probably just show up with a mask anyway.


Vox Cantoris said...

Dear Peter,

Thank you for this comment and let me address your points, but first let me say, I hear your pain, your sorrow and it echo's my own.

-What side are you on??

The side of truth and legitimate authority in so far as it is not sinful. The occupancy of 10 is simply idiotic, we both know that. Thirty percent is a little less than reasonable but, it is legally acceptable in so far as other places are under this same guideline or regulation. The problem now is that we have moved beyond what Americans call, "equal protection" under their Constitution, Costco is not limited to ten. We need to find the balance between what is reasonable law and legitimate authority in matters of public health and what is tyrannical diktat. There is a difference and a distinction. The ubiquitous blue mask is not 100% to protect you from getting it but it is about 90% if you have a virus to keep it with you. An N95 will protect you better. But, the mask is not a sin and can reduce spread. So, I am prepared to go along with that for the sake of keeping churches open.

See below.

Vox Cantoris said...


-Instead of writing this post, and telling people "I know so much information you don't know about the diocese" ...ooooooo...

Yes, I do, I wish I could unlearn about the Chancellor, a Monsignor, about clerical children about rapes of young men, financial pay-offs, forced signatures on non-disclosures to silence the evidence forever. Oh, they're good it. The problem is writing about it without the actual concrete evidence. I can write that the Cardinal threatened to "shut you down" because I have the evidence and more will be breaking today on LifeSiteNews. Further, if I wrote the gross details of what I know, it would drive people from the Church. I cannot do that.

-how about planning a protest/prayer rally at the Cathedral or at the Cardinal's residence??

Great idea and he lives right next door. Go do it. I will promote it and be there. My wife and I were speaking to a friend about this last evening. I can only do so much. I am not everyman! Go do it, Peter.

-Your blog has reach and influence,

Yes, 8,0020,000 as of yesterday and trust me, they know it. Know also that I have intentionally not for a long time blogged about Toronto in order to keep the lines open. It has done no good. They are wicked.

-Where's that fiery "come here and say that to my face" Vox we've come to admire.

Still here, that is what these last two posts have been about. Why am I the only one? The Sprit's Sword and my Grand Knight is a sniveling coward who by his own admission was afraid to publicly support me during Rosicagate because he was afraid as an anonymous blogger they might come after him. Go write him to find his cojones

-Actually, maybe it is better for you to stay home and typee typee typee because you would probably just show up with a mask anyway.

I would show up, I do not wear a mask outside.

Phineas said...

Revelatory. Thanks, Vox. Agree with you on all counts, especially the next steps. Didn't know about the designer kitchen at Holy Rosary; they must have set aside money for themselves from their massive fundraising drive a few years ago. The large Filipino community at this parish mostly serves the rich Forest Hill types, and receive wages commensurate with that service (i.e. not much). They contribute what they can. I somehow doubt they know about the designer kitchen.

Anonymous said...


I believe my last post caused you to be confused. I did not make the comment "ooooo" because I wanted you to expose what you know but that you were conflating two issues...COVID and what you know about the diocese of Toronto. I see now that the way I placed it in the paragraph caused the confusion.

Anyway, as a final word on this topic (I will not be posting here anymore or even following moving forward, I won't know if you post this) I just want to say without malice or anger...

...this situation is a test. A test of our faithfulness to God, and trust in Him and His Holy Church. Many Catholics have failed miserably in this test. Hilary White and Steve Skojec come to mind. The globalists are sickeningly upfront about what they are planning and the purposes of the scamdemic. They have been outing themselves with impunity since the beginning, including "Francis", because the Devil wants as many people to be damned as possible and in this situation he is making it absolutely CRYSTAL clear that everything going on IS against God.

It was brought home to me just today. Mark Docherty said on his November 25th blog post that "...invincible ignorance will not be accepted as a proper defense." in relation to them outing themselves. I will also add that OBEDIENCE has been used as a club to make Catholics obey and believe they are following "a lawful authority". One word, however, that used to be before the word obedience, and which has been virtually obliterated in society, and the Church, is HOLY. Holy Obedience. The filter that all Catholics should be using has been obliterated. The two main questions to ask yourself when faced with a moral dilemma, or any situation, is "what/who am I obeying and does this break a commandment or the laws of God?". If it doesn't meet God's sniff test, toss it. But that's what Catholics right now are not the millions.

Catholics, who claim the title, need to come out of the dreamworld and start defending Heaven, even with words, from the sacrileges that are occurring and stop supporting, participating or entertaining anything that has to do with the Covidian religion/restrictions, or nothing will bear fruit and may even include risking their Salvation. Fear is from the Devil but courage in the face of fear is from God. Too many Catholics are cowering in fear because they have been told to. They are caring too much for their earthly life than for Heaven because of human respect, which is not a mind directed to God.

Remember, the seven most frightening words in the universe are: DEPART FROM ME, I NEVER KNEW YOU. Those words fill me with dread but have also been a guiding light in my life. And at no more time than during the last nine months.

I will, and do, pray for you and Fox.

Pax, Peter

Vox Cantoris said...


I do hope, sincerely, that you will see this post. I am even more confused.

Why are you leaving? I agree with you. I agree 100% with what you wrote. So where is the problem, what am I missing?

Is it that I should not follow Canon Law or the example of St. Catherine of Sienna?

I really don't understand.