Wednesday, 23 December 2020

Merry Christmas Toronto - No Mass for you!



Anonymous said...

Is this characterization fair? Does it help anyone?

Vox Cantoris said...

Well, is it true? Is he not a grinch? Did he not cancel public Mass and on Christmas Day? He did not need to do this, he could have come up with options. It's "just not worth it." Not his words but others, I have this from multiple clerical sources. He could have fought this but it is too late. No court would hear it, they would laugh him away. "Where were you in March, Eminence? You took the government money?"

Shall we talk about the invite to the Priestly Fraternity of St. Peter and fake promises, granting of a parish - Canadian Martyrs and then the stripping of it away a few days later? How about punishing them because they are called to a higher authority and refused his H1N1 edict to band Holy Communion on the tongue. Did he banish them or were they so disgusted they gave up? I know the truth, I was the Schola Master.

How about now?

How about direct knowledge after complaints of active homosexual priests being left in the parish. You know the saying? "Keep it legal, keep it quiet, keep it going." The rule out of Southdown and the general order in Toronto is "keep it within the presbyterate." Like that?

How about the forced retirement of various priests. One happening right now. I won't name them. Not abusers. Not embezzlers but not compromisers with heresy and more.

How about his time as Rector of St. Peter's Seminary when student seminarians went to him with complaints over sodomite professors making passes at them and his response was, "you have sex on the brain." Don't think it happened? I have first hand testimony.

Heck, I'd say I've been more than tolerant and more than generous, fair and tolerant.

Quite the legacy in his last year.

Anonymous said...

I am the creator of the little meme. I sent it to Vox.

Yes it is fair, as evidenced by the fact that Bishop Bertie did NOT deprive people of the opportunity to go to Mass. He is working with the bad hand we have ALL been dealt by this government. The Cowardinal DID steal Christ-Mass from the people and replace it with a contrived drive-thru service that will only serve to continue the sacrilegious communions and further erode the very faith in the real presence that he purports to hold.

He does not believe and he does not love. He dominates and subdues.