Tuesday, 22 December 2020

Doug Ford steps back from the brink of the abyss - barely! But Cardinal Collins will still say, "No Mass For You!"

Doug Ford looked into the abyss and stepped back from the brink. His original intention was to put Ontario in another China Virus lockdown on Christmas Eve at 12:01 A.M. now delayed until St. Stephen's Day on December 26th. Answering a question from the media to explain why not the original which proved the leak correct as he did not deny it, Ford stated that business needed a few more days to prepare and to reduce inventory and food in restaurants. Really? One day would have done this? No, not the reason. The reason is that most of the province outside of Toronto, Peel, Hamilton and Windsor are not in a serious outbreak, in Ottawa with a million people, only a handful of cases. One hand! He had blowback. Not that he reads this writer, though I do send these to him, his Minister of Health, my local Member of the Provincial Parliament and staff contacts, he heard it clear from the areas beyond greater Toronto. The Mayor of Ottawa railed at him. Remember, he would have, in the bulk of Ontario, shut down Holy Mass and Christian religious services completely (or maybe not so, more on this later) as well as business. From Ottawa and east, Pembroke, Kingston and the north shore of Lake Ontario east of Toronto, much of south western Ontario except for Windsor and the edge of Lake Huron to Barrie, Sudbury, Parry Sound, North Bay, Sault Ste. Maria and more, no religious services of any kind and more. Why? These are ridings held by the Progressive Conservative Party and his base. He got the message and backed down proving he is not consulting with his caucus, the representatives of the people but to unelected bureaucrats and doctor experts who only say what "they put in front of (them)."

So, shall we praise Caesar? No, not at all. He is wrong on the lockdowns for multiple reasons and he has failed to do those things which would have addressed the real problems which I will give in an upcoming post. Yet for now, as distasteful as it is, as much as I am angry at Ford, I must admit that I know what Brian Lilley knows. The alternatives are about as bad as you can imagine. A radical socialist party known as the NDP, a corrupt and devastated moderately less socialist Liberal party and a socialist radical Green. We are in a vice with four jaws squeezing us - bad, worse, worser and worst. 

So, let us be thankful that we have Doug Ford and not one of the others or we'd all be under a curfew. The media was lapping that idea up yesterday. Let's work to bring him back from the edge. The thing is, he is a likeable guy, its one of the reasons he won. He's the guy you'd like to have over for a beer. His problem is that because of that, he is no intellectual and he is being duped. He likes to portray himself as an ordinary guy and while he is wealthy in his own right (or his father's) he is pretty much that. But he has been compromised and possibly blackmailed or he is just not smart enough to consult others and to think this through. He is afraid of people dying from China Virus but not the deaths from the consequences of lockdowns. But then, which of our political leaders anywhere has not been? They've all signed on for this, even conservatives, which is really distressing. They drank the Kool-Aid long ago, many of them are compromised and potentially blackmailed by those who are seeking a massive push to eliminate the nation-state and impose a new world order of fascism.

To a tee, I can't think of many who have done it right. Maybe Taiwan, Maybe those in South Korea. But these are different societies, different cultures. Europe is a disaster especially England, France and Italy. In the provinces and states of Canada and the United States, there is a variant but my American friends, we have done much better on this than you there and you have respected freedoms more than we. This is perhaps because we are more pliant, we didn't en masse reject masks, we didn't have an election and its rallies and we didn't destroy our cities with riots. We are also thankful we did not have the monster Cuomo who deliberately murdered seniors due to his policies. Ford didn't do it deliberately only through ineptitude, at least we can say that. 

One more thing because we cannot, not mention and that is Cardinal Collins and the Ontario bishops. As noted directly below, Doug Ford has not banned religious services. He has reduced province wide to ten for the set time period. Every bishop, I expect, will now shut down whatever Masses are left after Christmas Day. Wrong. As hard as it to organise, proceed with the ten, effectively eight with the priest and server. Carry on. Suspend Holy Communion except by appointment, music only at one Sunday Mass, limit homily to five minutes and command every priest to offer five Masses daily. But they won't. There will be No Mass For You. As for going to court, it really is too late. Cardinal Collins and all the Bishops of Ontario have failed us. The time to go to court was in March. As reported a few days ago, Cardinal Collins asked the Premier to relent on the ten and return to the thirty-percent occupancy in grey zones. The Premier responded in the negative. 

Too little, too late, Your Eminence. Mediocrity in every way will be your legacy.


Phineas said...

Yes, Vox the alternative would be worse. That said, all ten provinces are in the grip of unelected medical bureaucrats who take their cue from the WHO-puppet Teresa Tam.

I would have expected the Conservative-led provinces to be more concerned about civil liberties but they are not. Just look at short pants Kenney in Alberta. At least John Carpay of the JCCF is holding Kenney's feet to the fire. It's crickets in Ontario.

Vox Cantoris said...

Exactly, Phineas.

I am not a China Virus denier, in fact, there is no doubt in my mind that I had it exactly one year ago from about the 19th to hospitalization for three days on the 31st. The virus is real there is no doubt about that. We can debate whether it was from nature or created in a lab which is more likely. We can debate whether it was accidentally released or intentional and I’m not leaning towards intentional. The least we know is that it was used for evil purposes by the Chinese communists and the global one world elitists. Masks are not 100% but to provide protection particularly if one has it and that is simply logic. The virus does not have wings but it does carry on sputum aerosol particles and dust and these are stopped by a mask from getting out. Staying away from sick people and staying home if you’re sick should apply all the time. I am going to work on a post that is in my mind and has been for days on what we should be doing. We should not be locking down at least not in this way because I don’t believe it works at least not long-term and it is a violation of our God-given rights and our state given civil liberties. For conservatives like Doug Ford and Jason Kenney to act in the way they are is a disgrace and a scandal.

Vox Cantoris said...

And one more thing, our cardinal and our bishops are scoundrels they have failed to lead us as Catholics and the greater society. They have failed to stand up for our religious rights and liberties. The cardinal has influence and should have rallied protestants are Jewish friends and Muslim leaders earlier on in March it is far too late now as the cardinal was told and as I referred to above and in articles below.

They have betrayed our Lord Jesus Christ who has the right to be worshipped publicly. They have betrayed us and they are worse than the communist in Poland who as much as they wanted to didn’t have the courage to do what Cardinal Collins and the Ontario bishops have done themselves. They should fear their particular judgement because I don’t believe for one moment that Jesus is going to be very easy on them.