Thursday, 24 December 2020

A Merry Christmas rant and wish

This has been quite the year and this Christmas letter is going to be a rant, so be ready. 

My last Christmas activities were greatly curtailed or wiped out completely, including much of the singing and many Masses because of an illness that was no doubt in my mind, the China Virus. It began on or around the 19th of December, on the 23rd I had great trouble with my lungs and was put on azithromycin. On the 24th a fever of 102 which ranged for six days no lower than 100 kept me home from Midnight Mass. The breathing only slightly improved over the week but by the 31st I was in hospital with pericarditis and myocarditis brought on, according to the cardiologist by a "virus which you may have or had, we don't know, we can't find or identify it. A virus which migrated from your lungs to attack your heart." Don't believe our lying politicians and scientists. The China Virus was in Canada in at least November as it was in the United States and Europe. Probably earlier in Italy and certainly in Wuhan itself. The system came crashing down there in early December, remember the doctor who later passed on that was arrested? For that to happen in Wuhan, it must have been building for months, maybe as early as September. The blood test from the ABC Study which I was part of was inconclusive, "unlikely." Then again, the sample was taken in late July 2020, seven months after the infection. They will test again. The consensus seems to be that antibodies last three months. That is very revealing as to how efficacious the vaccine may or may not be. If it was not then the China Virus then I don't know what it could have been. What I can tell you that it was not a cold, not a flu, not bronchitis, not pneumonia. It was all that and more. 

Here we are a year later. In Toronto and many of the surrounding regions, Mass is verboten and will be until at least the end of January in most of Ontario, except for the Diocese of St. Catharines. Not by the Premier and his  ridiculous limit of ten but by our Cardinal who one upped him and made it zero. No Mass for you and Merry Christmas from Cowardinal Thomas "The Grinch" Collins. It seems that all we have left is mocking. They listen not to the little people. They answer no emails, no letters, no calls. They care not about you but you can be assured, they want your money. They discussed in their various webinars pre-authorized chequing and on line donations. All the churches have point of purchase devices. They want your money but won't provide you the Mass and Sacraments. 

No one is coming to save us well no one except our Lord Jesus Christ, certainly nobody in this world, this archdiocese. We have been abandoned by all of them. They are corrupt, compromised, cowardly and in many cases incompetent. 

Cardinal Collins should have been in court over church closings in March, a time when most of us accepted certain restrictions because we did not know what we were dealing with. I regret accepting it so readily. A judge would laugh him out of court now. "Where have you been, Eminence? You come to my court now but you accepted it for nine months and you took the government money to stay solvent. Don't waste my time." 

These episcopal hirelings are wicked. I have seen much over the last dozen years or so and kept quiet about most of it. Shall we consider the invitation to the Priestly Fraternity of St. Peter come to Toronto and the fake promises, granting of a parish - Canadian Martyrs and then the stripping of it away a few days later? How about punishing them because they are called to a higher authority and refused his H1N1 edict to band Holy Communion on the tongue. Did he banish them or were they so disgusted they gave up the next Lent and left? I know the truth, I was the Schola Master and they will never be back in Toronto. 

How about the personal betrayal when I was unjustly threatened by Thomas J. Rosica in a well publicized lawsuit? Do you think my Archbishop reached out to me in any way? Not once. Not directly, not indirectly. Collins would have been happy to see me twist on a vine. Yet, a bishop in an obscure part of a former Soviet satellite reached out to me and my wife directly and personally. Offered holy Mass numerous times  A then Vatican Cardinal made it known that he was praying for us. Where was my bishop? 

How about direct knowledge after complaints of active homosexual priests being left in the parish. You know the saying? "Keep it legal, keep it quiet, keep it going." The rule out of Southdown and the general order in Toronto is "keep it within the presbyterate." Like that? How about the forced early retirement and persecutions of various priests. One happening right now. Not abusers. Not embezzlers but not compromisers with the lavender crowd and the diktats of lesser men. How about his time as Rector of St. Peter's Seminary when student seminarians went to him with complaints over homosexual professors making passes at them and his response was, "you have sex on the brain." Don't think it happened? I have first hand testimony. 

Now here we are at the end of 2020 with just over one year to go until Collins turns 75 and is replaced. Quite the legacy he leaves us. 

And what of Premier Doug Ford? A man who on one hand one could have a beer with and on the other rules his caucus with an iron fist and has intimidated every one there into silence by removing any and all opposition from within. As David Warren wrote yesterday, he is a "simpleton." Indeed, a simpleton. He said in March he was putting an "iron ring" around our seniors. Ha! More like rusty chicken wire. The overwhelming majority of China Virus cases and deaths are in long-term care and other congregant living situations and amongst the working poor that cannot work from a computer, do not have a job from which they can work at home. Testing is still taking four days. This is preposterous. He has failed to protect our seniors, he has not quarantined the vulnerable and their caregivers. Personal health support workers still travel between homes and are still functioning in the community. All these should be in our empty hotels on school buses to the nursing homes and then rotated on a cycle. Tested daily. The working poor who have no sick days, no union and cannot, not work and won't go for testing because they can't not work, must be tested with immediate results, ordered into quarantine with full pay from the employer subsidized by the government. with direct help from our churches - where is the Cardinal on this where with the preferential option for the poor? He speaks of "collateral damage" - it is all around us, what has he done? What has Ford done about it? Where is the action for these people to protect them and our communities? Nothing. No thinking outside the box. Just shut down the dress shop on Main Street but let Walmart sell its China made garbage. Let Home Depot sell a refrigerator or stove but not The Hudson's Bay or Leon's. Let Costco sell a big screen television but not Bad Boy. My American readers understand this, the same is happening there. 

Protect the vulnerable, the working poor and let us go to Mass and get on with life. Wear a mask where necessary, (no mask comments will be approved so don't make them, got it?) take your Vitamin D, wash your hands, be reasonable with how close you are to others. These things make sense this time of year whether for cold, flu or the China Virus. 

From Bergoglio to Collins to Ford, Fauci, Tam, - all of them are in the pockets of globalists who are trying to destroy our middle class, our wealth, our power. We must speak truth to this power with no apologies. Forget being polite or as Cowardinal Collins likes to say, "charity with clarity." Enough of this false charity. Enough of these frauds. 

Now, here I am a second Christmas and all its trimmings wiped out due to this virus that came to us from the communist regime in China. Created in a laboratory, accidentally or intentionally released but certainly intentionally used to destroy our societies. We are to believe that yesterday, Canada had 6,845 cases but China had 18? China with 1.4 billion people and Canada with 38 million covid stats world - Bing. If we believe China has only 18 cases, well, we deserve what we get. 

As I wrap up this little rant remember this. Jorge Bergoglio has not offered the Holy Sacrifice on the high altar at St. Peter's since he enthroned that "damned bowl" representative of the demonic pagan earth goddess. All of this that has beset us has come since the worship in the garden and in the basilica of pagan idols. God has been blasphemed. We saw it ourselves. He no longer considers himself the Vicar of Christ and he has spent the last year throwing himself fully into the arms of Sachs and the rest of these globalist monsters. Do not think that all of this is not linked? There are no coincidences. 

My friends, I thank you for your time coming to this blog. I thank you for tolerating my sometimes over the top commentary, it is all I have, all we have at this point. Unless there is something urgent, the next few days I will only post some of my favourite music. I've had enough and need a break. My wife says, I had enough three weeks ago. 

There is no one coming to save us. No one except the baby born in Bethlehem, laid in a manger, as were baby lambs to protect them, a manger from which they would eat and from which we are fed. 

God grant you a holy Christmas.


Tom A. said...

The most merciful thing Bergoglio has done is to NOT offer that abominable Novus Ordo protestant worship service on the High Altar of St Peter’s. That altar was designed, built, and consecrated for the Catholic Mass, not the Bugnini/Montini masonic false mass.

M. Prodigal said...

So sorry Vox. So many are denied the sacraments. I am not. And I offered my Mass and Communion for those who are denied this morning and later today and also tomorrow. I know I am one of the luckiest ones. Our only nod to the agenda is every other pew. And we fill those pretty well. Even though my county is in the 'red' zone, we have not had any (cv) sickness at my parish that I am aware of.

May God use this spiritual suffering from all over the world for the salvation of souls.

Gladstone said...

Blessed Christmas, Vox.

Evangeline said...

Merry Christmas Vox. It's been a rough year. I'm grateful you are on the mend and doing well after your experience. A nightmare, so many are experiencing it. I never pooh-poohed the Blessed Covid. There are too many stories like yours. A nurse friend said that's what is confounding, how it strikes individuals differently. I despise how it's been used by politicians to exert control over us. We are going to have to push back or they will only get more enthusiastic about control. The only answer to tyranny is civil disobedience.
God bless you and all here. May 2021 be a much more blessed and happier year! May God have mercy on us and be with us.
Go take your much deserved rest and enjoy the season with your bride.

Anonymous said...

Enjoying the Cardinal’s homily from the Cathedral.

Mary Ann Kreitzer said...

We'll be praying for you at midnight Mass tonight. May God bless us all in 2021 with joy and the courage to face whatever comes with hope and confidence in the Lord.

Vox Cantoris said...

You were not at Mass.

If you go for an “enjoyable” homily then you need to rethink why we go to Mass.


TLM said...

May the Christ Child BLESS you and all of us with His Peace, Love and Joy, and may Mary keep us all safely tucked under her mantle in 2021. We will all need her motherly protection.

Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas.