Thursday, 17 December 2020

Thomas Cardinal Collins! Have you considered that you are "complicit in murder?"

Cardinal Collins! In your leaked webinar you spoke of "collateral damage." This is about your "collateral damage." Some of those who have died from this "collateral damage" are your flock.


Doug Ford is not our friend no matter how many times he repeats it. You are to be our Shepherd, our spiritual father, where are you? Open our churches now. Give us back the Mass at the previous limits, now! The spiritual struggle added to by those suffering loneliness, despair and depression is profound. 

Cardinal Collins: Stop it now!

You are complicit in the suffering of people. You are complicit in this spiritual murder of your flock. You are complicit in the literal murder by the government diktats because you are not standing up to protest it and to defy it and to demand that they come and arrest you and your priests for defending our rights. 

Cardinal Collins: Wake up!

Catholics of Toronto: wake up!


Viva Cristo Rey said...

"Give us back the Mass at the previous limits, now!"
This is the tactic, wear down opposition slowly. Instead of calling for things to be open we're calling for things to be open to reduced capacity.

Tom A. said...

Yes wake up Catholics! This Collins creep is not Catholic. Let him close his own apostate churches. Go find a Catholic Mass said by a Catholic priest. Hint: you will not find one in any church run by this Collins creep.

Anonymous said...

I rather enjoy the Masses said daily at the Cathedral. The Cardinal’s homily are always quite insightful.
If life hands you a lemon, make lemonade.