Monday, 21 December 2020

Ontario Polituburo General-secretary Doug Ford investigated for family history of drug dealing. What other secrets are there in this blackmailed bumpkin's closet?

Ontario Premier Doug Ford was investigated by a once responsible media for his family's history of drug-dealing. The Globe and Mail stands behind their May 2013 story. They have not retracted it nor has he sued them for defamation. You can't sue for defamation if it's true As an aside, Lin Wood knows this especially and Chief Justice Roberts knows too. 

How much of this is out there? Who has buried this so that it just went away? Well, we've brought it back.

Globe investigation: The Ford family’s history with drug dealing - The Globe and Mail

What other secrets does the Premier have? Is he a sexual deviant? Was he on the Lolita Express to the island of Jeffery Epstein, who didn't kill himself. (Nota Bene: it is not now nor has it ever been nor will it ever be this writer's intention to commit suicide!) Who is blackmailing him, who has the goods on Dougie Ford? Or has he just been promised a seat at the table of the new world order to go along with this disgraceful action to wipe out independent business and the middle class? Has the lust for power - libido dominandi, totally taken him over, a total takeover by Satan himself? As a priest said to me last evening, "Lust is the only sin that cannot be satisfied. Gluttony can be satisfied, until you are hungry again, but lust is continuous, it does not stop." Lust for sex. Lust for money. Lust for power. Which is it Doug because you have been already judged and found wanting.

Someone must know something because it is obvious to me that no Conservative can be this stupid. He must be being blackmailed by those who want this communist shutdown and the elimination of the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass and the inability of people to receive the sacraments notwithstanding Cowardinal Collins' requests. I know for a fact that some priests, pudgy, lazy, immuno-compromised, assembly theology heretics are not providing the sacraments and are cowering out of fear they will get the China Virus. Stinking cowards, all of them. 

So tell us Doug, what's the rest of the story?


Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing, Vox. In that article, one of Doug Ford's former associates describes him as "a terror" -- the article goes on to describe how one of Doug Ford's neighbours was kidnapped and beaten. A connection is inferred. As you say, The Globe stands by the story -- a major paper like The Globe would not publish a story like this, without being prepared to defend it in court.

Ontario entered a State of Emergency under the authority of the Emergency Management and Civil Protection Act. So, the Lt-Gov-in-Council can invoke that power, but has to keep going back to the legislature every 30 days to renew it. The Lt-Gov-in-Council = the Lieutenant-Governor acting on the advice of the cabinet = Doug Ford. Basically, it's Doug Ford issuing edicts as per how he feels.

Except Doug didn't like going back to the Ontario parliament every 30 days, so he passed the ironically-named Reopening Ontario Act -- this was opposed by the NDP, Randy Hillier, and Belinda Karahalios. It allows Ford to keep issuing edicts, without the pretence of going back to the legislature to renew emergency power every 30 days.

So, we have a situation in Ontario where Doug Ford is just issuing orders as he sees fit. Under our parliamentary tradition, the Lieutenant-Governor willow follow his "advice" (orders) so long as he commands the support of the majority of MPPs; in other words, so long as MPPs line up behind him.

They need to speak out.

Evangeline said...

What we are witnessing in the West, is not just a Great Reset coup, but a massive failure of masculinity and virility. Men unwilling to stand up to tyranny, run by nations with cultures now run by women and seeing the fruit of that sad takeover. We descend into chaos.

The men of the American Revolution did not stand around waiting for complicit courts to settle things or give them permission or tell them what to do. They knew tyranny when they saw it and they addressed it. It will take the majority of the community to resist and to fight things, to demand what is rightfully theirs, freedom, given by God, not man. Are the men waiting for the women to do it? Maybe.

The other day in a department store, an older lady, well-dressed and about 75 years old, snapped at me "Pay attention!", because I had walked in the wrong direction in the huge department store, where there was no crowd at all and I was almost alone. I had flouted the Rules of the Mighty Covid, and she was there to remind me I must do better, so as not to upset the Covid Almighty. "What are you laughing at!" she shrieked, before she trotted quickly away to find another law breaker.
We are such willing idiots, trading freedom for perceived safety. As the saying goes, we shall then have neither.

Anonymous said...

Most of politicians and clergy compromised, that is why they are going along with the rona cult.