Friday, 4 December 2020

Cardinal Collins issues Frequently Asked Questions - Can there be any doubt? Come back in a year, it really is just not worth it.

Premier Douglas Ford, in moving Toronto and Peel Regions into the grey lockdown category and perhaps soon York Region, has arbitrarily reduced church capacity to ten, even if the church holds a thousand. It is ludicrous and idiotic and without a basis in science. As you know, Cardinal Collins then one upped him and reduced it to zero for Mass, only allowing ten in to pray privately.

I wrote a few days ago, "No Mass for you, it's just not worth it." Vox Cantoris: NO MASS FOR YOU! - IT'S JUST NOT WORTH IT. Some criticised this writer for thinking so poorly of His Eminence. "Do you really think he believes the Mass is not worth it?"

Well, I will let you be the judge.

In a memorandum to all parishes today issued by the Cardinal through the communications office to all parishes for dissemination which was made available to this writer, I am proved correct.

“Offering public Masses when the civil authorities set a limit of only 10 people (in practice, that would mean 8 or 9 parishioners) creates numerous challenges to do so in a fair manner.” 

I agree, it does present numerous challenges.

Others that think it presents challenges are the good priests at the Church of the Transfiguration under the jurisdiction of the Priestly Society of St. Pius X. They agree with the Cardinal and Mr. MacCarthy, it does present numerous challenges. They have told me so. 

There is, however, one big difference.

To them, it is worth it.

Oh, by the way. You all know the origin of the meme, No Mass for you, right?

or this.

And then

From:      Office of Public Relations & Communications

Sent:        December 4, 2020 1:32 PM
To:           Office of Public Relations & Communications
Subject:  Memo from Neil MacCarthy - Question & Answer Document re Archdiocese of Toronto & Covid-19 Restrictions

To:                 All Priests, Parishes, Catholic Pastoral Centre & Satellite Office Staff

From:           Neil MacCarthy, Director, Public Relations & Communications

Date:             December 4, 2020

Re:                 Q & A document regarding Archdiocese of Toronto & Covid-19 restrictions

I am attaching a document that you are welcome to share or utilize as appropriate with answers to frequently asked questions we have been receiving in recent days. I am including two versions – both the Microsoft Word and PDF versions in the event you wish to cut and paste responses for a bulletin or other communication tool. 

I hope this is helpful in providing accurate information regarding the approach of the archdiocese during this period of pandemic. We are also monitoring announcements this afternoon from the Province of Ontario and will share additional information, if necessary. 

Thank you for your tireless efforts during these challenging days.


Irenaeus said...

Thanks, Vox. It is a sad day when one has been proven correct about one's assertions/misgivings about the Cardinal.

Anonymous said...

The "just not worth it" line is ridiculous. Saying "it's not fair to the rest" to only have eight or nine people elevates equality above the act of worship. Those rare times I have missed mass (broken-down car, ill-health), I was still glad that others were there, even if I wasn't. Those who do attend the liturgy attend on behalf of all those who cannot. So, eight or nine lay people there *is* worth it.

I think of one Evangelical mega-church that I know of (I am sure this is true of many -- I have one in mind) started in someone's garage, with literally a couple of families there. Over time, it grew incrementally, until it had its own building.

Unfortunately, the Roman Catholic Church in North America has grown accustomed (due to the influx of "ethnic" immigrants) to having relatively large attendance at Mass, especially compared to some Protestant churches. This is both a strength and a weakness. In this instance, it is a weakness, in that this "it's not worth it" line of thinking has crept up.

It *is* worth it. Draw names out of a hat, or whatever, but it's very much worth it.

Johnno said...

Will Collins also sign on to cutting us off permanently from the Mass if we refuse to vaccinate?

Chief Medical Officer Says Canadians Who Refuse Vaccine Won't Have "Freedom To Move Around"

Anonymous said...

To make it as a bishop, archbishop or cardinal these days you have to believe in man more than God. That's the only way you get that far.

This is demonic. It is the cult of man.

JEsq2 said...

Defy the Covidiocracy, Resist the Covidiots!

Tom A. said...

In this case I must agree with the apostate Cardinal, the Novus Ordo “just isn’t worth it.”