Friday, 11 December 2020

Bergoglio goes full out now on globalism, new capitalism and pro-abortionists. Flee from this evil monster! Dr. Taylor Marshall goes there, "APOCALPTIC!"

O God in heaven, FATHER, SON and HOLY SPIRIT, deliver us from the evil Bergoglio, smite him and confound him in his actions. 

Flea from this Bergoglio. Nearly eight years now we have endured this man, this mocker of Our Lord Jesus Christ and His Mother. Catholics now lulled by his "Year of St. Joseph." Nothing this man does his good. It is a fraud, a charade, a veil so you think he is still Catholic. Never flea the Catholic Church but flea this Bergoglio. The man is a fraud. I now believe that he is an atheist. 

Ralph Martin pleads with us in a video released yesterday to "Flea now - (from) the wrath that is coming."  (183) Ralph Martin - Flee Now! – The Wrath That is Coming - YouTube pleading, "save yourself from this perverse generation." Acts 2:40

The unleashing of God's wrath is upon us and it can no longer be held back. This false Vicar of Christ, this unbelieving atheist monster, Jorge Bergoglio has unleashed the restrainer with his worship of idols. Those complicit bishops and cardinals are easy to find. We know who they are. They have stopped you from going to Mass and they are about to cancel your Christ's Mass.

Was it not bad enough when he permitted the blasphemous lie that the two pregnant idols were Holy Mary and St. Elizabeth or that this satanic image is "Our Lady of the Amazon?" (no such venerated title). He did not denounce these claims. Was it not enough that he blasphemed Our Lady on the Immaculate Conception in 2015? No, it was not enough. For it was on the great Feast of Our Lady that this evil monster was partnering with relations of the Rothchild's and with Sachs and others in this Vatican Council for Inclusive Capitalism which even links to their social media

How much more proof do we need, and for you, there is no Mass!

God in heaven, FATHER SON AND HOLY SPIRIT, deliver us from the evil Bergoglio, smite him and confound him in his actions. Send us a holy shepherd who will fight and lead your people.

Dr. Taylor Marshall goes there - "apocalyptic!"


Anonymous said...

I usually think that it is useless to add a comment or express my opinion because I'm just nobody and I don't have the strength to have a debate with my siblings in faith.

But today when I saw the Vatican Nativity Scene 2020 I jus couldn't resist to say something.

I think this padre bergoglio is kind of King Midas but no precisely with the golden touch. Everything he touches turns to something horrible, disgusting, stinky.

Fr. bergoglio s.j you are guilty of mocking the Christmas Nativity #takeitdown #notmynativity

Dear Divine, Holy and sweet Jesus come, come, come quickly and deliver us from evil.

PD= VoxCantoris,
1) I totally understand all your frustration and sorry (BTW) when I don't say something.
2) Could you please publish any link with the photos? just in case some brave pro-bergoglio has still any doubt about his good taste and fidelity to Almighty God.

Tom A. said...

One way to flee Bergoglio is to stay away from Masses said in union with Bergoglio. You cannot flee the Pope and remain in his Church.

Michael Dowd said...

We need an underground Catholic Church post haste. And I would like to hear what Archbishop Vigano has to say about fleeing.

Anonymous said...

Dear Vox , I rec'd notice for this posting in my email . I was shocked to see a video hosted by Ralph Martin ( the King and founder of charismatic cults)
Knowing people who escaped his so called Catholic cities like the one in Warren ,NJ ,he would be he last one whose direction or advice I would heed. He is NOT Catholic. More like Katholic !!!!

Peter Lamb said...

I'm born stupid, because I honestly, simply can't understand people like Dr. Taylor Marshall and all other Recognize and Resisters. He vehemently says "There is no grey zone", but he lives in a grey zone! His "Pope" is an evil heretic, but still is Christ's Vicar; still is the Temporal Head of Christ's Church; still is the "Pope". No matter what evil he teaches; no matter what evil he does - he always remains the true Pope! People this absurdity is completely contrary to Catholic Doctrine !!! This is an evil lie that is leading trusting souls to hell! Dr. Marshall surely knows the vast, enormous difference between a bad, "Judas" Pope and an heretical "pope"? This is Catholicism 101. A bad "Judas' Pope is a mortal sinner, but he remains a true Pope. An heretical "pope" is excommunicated and is no longer a member of the Church. This evil R&R mockery of theology keeps trusting souls in the false novus ordo non- Catholic "church." We have a Judas Pope, "but stay in the Catholic Church" he says. Does he refute the law of contradictions, or is he just ignorant of it? Something cannot be black and white; big and small; good and evil; the Catholic Church of Christ and the luciferian church of the judeo-masons at the same time !!! The barque of Christ cannot also be the barque of satan! Have logic and the age old teachings of the Church suddenly lost all meaning. ? There has never been a publicly heretical Pope in the history of the Catholic Church. The Pope is the centre of unity in the Church. He is guided and protected from teaching error by the Holy Ghost. The Church is indefectible until the end of time. So speaks Catholic Dogma!
"This is looking apocalyptic." Sure it is ! The whole long planned strategy is coming to a head. The judeo-masonic aim, goal and dream of the new world order of satan is out in the open and caution is now thrown to the wind. The axis of evil is charging!
The willfully blind and the wishful thinkers can go on bewailing the situation whilst going around in endless circles for ever. They will never get anywhere and will end up bewailing and bemoaning their well-deserved fate.
Dr. Taylor Marshall wipe the gum out of your eyes. You have a huge following of trusting souls. Preach to them the truth. Tell them the conciliar"popes" are all heretics. Tell them that the novus bogus church is not the Catholic Church. Tell them that the Catholic Church says in all logic that an heretic cannot be Pope !!! Teach them the true Catholic Faith, or you will answer to Our Lord for misleading them as you are now doing.

Vox Cantoris said...

Peter, this is where we are. I absolutely believe Bergolio is evil, a heretic an apostate and an atheist. However, I cannot leave the Catholic faith, nor can you. I think we need to make a distinction between the faith and a church that has been corrupted. Bergoglio is Pope because the Law says he is.

"The law is an ass."

Peter Lamb said...

Dear Miles Christi, You know as well as I do that both you and I would die rather than leave the one true Catholic Faith. But the Catholic Faith and the Pope cannot be separated. The doctrine of Christ is indefectible, as He is immutable. A "pope" cannot teach a doctrine which differs from, or contradicts Divine Revelation, Sacred Tradition, or prior Magisterium of the Church. This is guaranteed by the Presence , Guidance and Protection of God the Holy Ghost. All the conciliar minions of satan have preached divergent doctrines, therefore it is a theological certainty that they cannot be true Popes.
There is no distinction between the Faith and the Church. One cannot belong to the Church without espousing the Faith. One cannot have the Faith without being a Member of the Church. I will never and you, my dear ol' virtual pal, will never leave the Catholic Faith, or the Catholic Church!

Many are the times I have posted the long list of Popes, Saints, Doctors, theologians, and Vatican I which have categorically stated, determined and defined that an heretic cannot become Pope. There has never been a Pope who became an heretic. If such a thing were ever to happen, then he would automatically be deposed and excommunicated by Divine Law. This is our Faith. His power and appointment come from God - not the man made canon law. His selection comes from man. (College of Cardinals.)Divine Law infinitely supersedes canon law. Canon law merely serves to direct good governance of the temporal Church. It maintains correct liturgy, discipline and doctrine.

A true Pope is judged by God alone. An heretic pope can only be judged by Church authorities because he has already been deposed by Divine Law.
The novus bogus church IS NOT the Catholic Church. This is obvious to honest scrutiny. This is the crux of all confusion and deceit. The new world order, or novus bogus church is not the Catholic Church. Until this is known, recognized and accepted, one will blunder around in ever decreasing circles in a world of grey.
We know and recognize the Catholic Church by its four unique marks - One, Holy, Catholic, Apostolic. The novus bogus church does not have these marks, which proves beyond debate that it is not the Catholic Church. Therefore anybody who wants to be a true Catholic; who loves the Catholic Faith of the Catholic Church;who wants to live and die as a faithful Catholic, must refute, deny and desert the false, non-Catholic church of satan and bergoglio.
The Faith has not disappeared. It is alive and well in faithful sedevacantists, who are simply truly faithful Catholics who cling to the never changing immutable Faith of our Fathers. Dear friend this is Catholic truth.

Peter Lamb said...

Ps. Last response: The Catholic Church CANNOT be corrupted. The Church is the Bride of Christ. She is the Mystical Body of Christ, who is her Head. To say the Church has been corrupted is to say that Christ Himself has been corrupted and this is impossible. Christ and His Church are one incorruptible Body. There can be corruption in the Church, as has often been the case, but the Catholic Church cannot be corrupted.

Irenaeus said...


The Church is both a human and a divine institution. It has a divine foundation but is staffed (as it were) by humans. It's a mystery how it all works but it does.

Her divine nature cannot be corrupted. But her human nature? Very much so.

When we say the Church has been corrupted, we need to make a distinction between its human and divine elements. When people are talking about how the Church has been corrupted, it is in relation to its human element. Divinity cannot be corrupted. Humanity can, and is.

In short, the Church in human terms is corrupt, while the Church in divine terms is not corrupt.

Tom A. said...

Irenaeus, did you read that in some papal document on ecclesiology or did you simply assert it to explain the current predicament?

Irenaeus said...

Tom A.,

I heard it an Ignatian retreat given by the SSPX a couple of years ago.


Tom A. said...

Iranaeus, well that doesn’t surprise me. I am sure the SSPX has no traditional source to cite the assertion that the human element can fail and teach heresy while the divine element remains pure. It is true that Catholic sinners continue to sin, but teach error and heresy? No.