Sunday, 20 December 2020

It's the Fourth Sunday of Advent and

... unlike the clericalist Thomas Cardinal Collins, his clericalist Auxiliaries John Boissonneau, Vincent Nguyen, Robert Kasun and soon to be bishop, Ivan Camilleri who all will worship God and receive the Holy Eucharist today, there is still 

Now, consider this article from Maike Hickson which describes the desolation of the High Altar at St. Peter's Basilica since the blasphemous worship of the Amazonian demon goddess by Bergoglio himself and placed on this same altar with no Mass there since. This was the same as enthroning the blasphemous naked image with the red protruding belly. Msgr. Marini, the Master of Ceremonies betrayed God, he should have dropped it rather than follow Bergoglio's instruction and placing it on the altar where, even in the Novus Ordo, no altar decoration is permitted. (Candles and a crucifix can be placed on the altar, in the EF, only on the gradine/shelf.) Make no mistake, No Mass in Toronto today unjustly determined by Collins has a cause.

A coincidence between that event and No Mass For You? Methinks, not. Nor does Father Z.

"Here a summary of the events since last year's Amazon Synod: First the Pope had blessed a sacrifice that had been offered to a false god, and then he placed it on the very altar on which he usually offers the Son of God to God the Father. In the 2020 Yearbook, he declines to be called “Vicar of Christ.” The coronacrisis breaks out, which is then being used by government authorities to close down churches and restrict Mass attendance, along with the Pope's collaboration and approval. Then the Pope stops altogether celebrating Mass on that very same Papal Altar on which he had earlier placed the Pachamama bowl. His Christmas Vigil Mass is not even a midnight Mass, but will take place at 7.30 p.m., due to the existing curfew rules in Italy (even though the Vatican is its own city-state and the Pope is its head). The result of these papal acts are that now in many places in the whole world the Christmas Midnight Mass, commemorating the birth of the Christ-Child, has been cancelled. One may ask whether there is a connection between all of these events: that is to say, from the Pachamama bowl on the Papal Altar to the cancellation of the Christmas Midnight Masses in many parts of the world."

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